How to Find Entertainment for Your Special Event

A special occasion should always be celebrated in style, whether that’s your wedding, an anniversary party, the birth of a new baby, or even a milestone birthday. For these types of events, you might want to invite all of your loved ones to come and join you in your celebrations, and perhaps even hire a venue out for the day or evening for your party to take place. Another way to add some additional flair to your event is by hiring some entertainers to lift the spirits of your guests, whether that is some live music, a novelty photo booth, face painting, or something else a little more unique. If you would like to hire entertainers for your special event, here are some tips on how you can find the right ones for you.

Ask for Recommendations

A good place to start is by asking for some recommendations from friends or family who might have had entertainers at their wedding or another party in the last few years. Getting a referral from someone you trust can sometimes be more beneficial than relying on online reviews, as you’re likely to get a more honest opinion about their experience. When you’re paying an entertainer for their services, you want to know that they will be reliable and can deliver the quality entertainment that you’re looking for.

Use Websites

If you don’t know anyone who can recommend an entertainer for you, using websites such as to source entertainers near you is another great idea. These platforms are specifically designed to help event planners connect with local bands, DJs, magicians, celebrity lookalikes, caricaturists, and other types of entertainment that would be perfect for your special event. They can also provide you with reviews from previous clients to help you with the vetting process.

Be Mindful of Your Budget

When you are looking for entertainment for your special occasion, it is a good idea to decide what your budget is before you begin your search. This way, you can look at entertainment options within your price range, and otherwise, you might end up feeling disappointed if you can’t afford a particular entertainer’s rates. Also, knowing how much you can spend is better for the entertainers you’re reaching out to, as this way no one’s time is being wasted in talks if ultimately you can’t afford them.

How Do They Fit in With Your Event?

Another thing to consider when choosing entertainers is how well they will fit in with the overall theme of your party. Live music, whether that is a band, DJ, or solo artist can work well for most occasions, but some will play a certain type of music, such as blues, jazz, 50s Rock’n’roll, or are cover bands. Think about how their style of music will suit the overall atmosphere of the party that you’re trying to organize so that your entertainment complements this well.

If you are looking for entertainment for your special occasion, consider these tips to help you find the right people for the job.

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