How to Get More Pictures with Your Camera Shy Partner


If you’re a picture lover, there’s nothing worse than being with a partner who’s camera shy. All you want to do is capture pictures and memories (daily), and they shy away. Or, worse, they become a little bit touchy about the subject.

But we know how frustrating it can be. What you need to do is find a balance between respecting their comfort zone and gently (not forced) encouraging your partner to step into the frame more often.

Below are our favorite strategies to help you do that.

Creating Lasting Memories

The main aim is to get more pictures together. These photographs are a beautiful opportunity to create something tangible. We’re thinking along the lines of a photo book. You can find a really good photobook creator online. Old school, we know, but it’s a great idea. And if your partner knows the photos are going in a photo book rather than online, maybe they’ll be more likely to have the picture taken. It’s something cute you can do together.

Discuss the Value of Memories

OK, the first thing to do is have an open conversation about why capturing memories is essential to you. Or at least important. You can explain that photos are a way to look back on special moments and appreciate the journey you’ve had. It’s not about perfection but about preserving the essence of your experiences together. Maybe if you explain it that way, they’ll be more inclined to have a picture or two with you.

Embrace Candid Photography

Often, camera shyness stems from the pressure of posing or not feeling photogenic. Shift the focus to candid photography. The essence is capturing natural, unposed moments. Your partner might be more at ease if they don’t know the camera’s there. It’ll allow their genuine self to shine through. These spontaneous snapshots often turn out to be the most treasured ones.

Make it Fun and Comfortable

Turn the photo-taking process into a fun and stress-free activity. Use humor and props (not always), or choose settings your partner loves and feels comfortable in. When the atmosphere is light-hearted and enjoyable, it can reduce the apprehension of being in front of the camera. The goal is to associate positive feelings with being photographed.

Gradually Increase Camera Exposure

Start small by taking photos in private settings where your partner feels most at ease. You’ll notice if they become more comfortable and can gradually introduce more public or varied environments. To start, you could always take silly photos with filters on Snapchat. At least it’s something!

The key is to take incremental steps without pushing too far or too fast.

So, do you think you can navigate camera shyness now? The main thing is – don’t pressure them and force them. You’ll end up being one of those couples where the man always looks miserable in the photo. But if you value their comfort, embrace the spontaneity, and make it more fun, you should get more pictures out of them.

If anything, don’t make a big deal of it; by following this one golden rule, it will never become a big deal!

Written by Steven

Steven is a young student from San Francisco who is obsessed with computers.

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