Unique Tips On How To Get Your Crush To Like You

Everyone would agree that the world would be a happier place if the person we have a crush on returns the same feeling. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. If you have a crush on someone, you would have to work to get their attention and win their affection.

There is no single best way to do this and avoid making a fool of oneself, but there are tips that have worked for others and could work for you too. Follow these ideas and one way or the other you would know how to get your crush to like you.

Get Noticed

The very first step to getting that crush to like you is getting noticed. This is because you can’t get someone to like you if they don’t even know who you are. What you need to do is find a way to be around them, although not in an awkward way.

If you are colleagues (at work or school), drop by each morning to at least say hello. If they have any difficulty, such as trying to fix or lift something, help them out. If you are the shy type, sorry, but you still need to do this. That said, now don’t be a creep, don’t stalk them! Be noticeable but don’t follow them everywhere. Doing so can be annoying, and the last person you’d want to annoy is someone whose affection you are trying to win.

Befriend Them

Well, it just follows that after you have got someone to notice you, you become their friend. The foundation of every relationship is friendship. If you are not good friends with someone, you certainly can’t be good partners.

So try to be the person’s friend first. Present yourself as a trusted person that you really are; someone they can always turn to when they need help. Make small talk with the person, get them to feel relaxed around you.

Be A Nice Person

Don’t be kind to the person but wicked to everyone else. At best, you would come off as a pretender. So, as much as you can, be nice to everyone, especially when you are around the person you have a crush on.

It makes them trust you more and be more comfortable when they are around you. Be a nice person; help those who need help; greet people; be polite and respectful. All these little things count.

Talk to Them

You would win the affection of your crush by holding conversations with them. Real conversations, not just WhatsApp chats or texts. Talk to them and get to know them better. Know what they like and what they don’t; care about how their day went; ask what they are doing; seek their opinion on various issues.

That is how to get more intimate with the person you like. Just talk about anything and everything. Small talk is necessary because as you converse, do well to listen actively. Don’t make the conversation about you alone. Expressing genuine interest in the other person would better your chances.

Be Yourself

Here is another well-known tip but equally important. In the game of trying to win someone over, you need always to be yourself. Let things happen and fall into place by themselves rather than forcing things to happen.

Don’t be too clingy and give the other person space and a reason to miss you. As mentioned above, you should not stalk them as that tanks your chances with them. So be normal and let things flow smoothly. Even if things don’t work out eventually, simply move on. Don’t push too much that you begin to be annoying rather than get the crush to like you.

Go Out With Them

Seek avenues where you both can be alone, relax and talk. Ask them if it’s okay to go out on dates. Go out and have fun seeing movies, attending shows, eating out and every other exciting activity you can think of as these helps to build intimacy.

If the other person likes sports, go with them to watch their favorite team play. It goes a long way to show them that you do care as long as the outtings are fun; you are on the right track.


As you get closer to him or her, your crush would get more comfortable with you flirting with them. This is your opportunity to chip in those nice pick-up lines. A little bit of flirting does not hurt. Use hilarious and creative pick up lines.

If you can’t think of any, a simple Google search would present to you several pick up lines. However, if you want to get the crush to like you, rather than otherwise, you should keep it minimal and original. No one loves it when flirting becomes excessive and familiar pickup lines are used all the time.

Be Well Groomed

Dress to kill, or impress; the point is that you should look nice enough, at least for the crush whose affection you want to get. Pay attention to your hygiene and dress well.

A good tip is to dress in their favorite colors when you go on dates. Apart from that, the color red has been proved to make someone to be perceived as more attractive. In all, colors or not, always look good.

Be Confident

Everyone likes confident people. So always exude confidence in whatever you do. That doesn’t mean you should be arrogant and puffed up. Keep things simple but maintain your boldness. If you are shy, then you really have to work on that. Maintain courage always.

Finally, don’t be discouraged if it does not work out in your favor. Opportunities abound, and you never can tell, they may like you too but may cut off your advances for some genuine reason (maybe they are seeing someone else). When you look carefully, you’ll realize that getting your crush to like you is not such a hard thing to do. Go get your soulmate, fingers crossed.

Written by Steven

Steven is a young student from San Francisco who is obsessed with computers.

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