How To Make Him Miss You – Get His Attention Instantly

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True love is strange. We chase each other. That is the modern dating game. And one thing women want is to make their guy miss them. So, how to make him miss you? How to get his attention and make him crave for you?

You have probably heard the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. But that is not always true. It doesn’t always work.

Today, we will look at a couple of techniques you can use for how to make him miss you.

It is a psychology that works with men. And if you want to make your guy crave for you, here are some tricks.

When Does A Man Start To Miss You?

Before we get to how to make a guy miss you tricks, let’s talk about when he actually starts missing you. To put it shortly, a man starts to miss you when he feels like you are slipping right through his fingers.

Male psychology is all about attraction. And that is fueled by scarcity. So, his attraction and desire for you go up and down depending on how much he thinks he has you. So, for example, if he feels like there is a hurdle he has to overcome and a challenge he has to pass to get your love and attention, he will go for it.

But if he feels like you are available to him no matter what, you have a problem. If he feels he can have you no matter the effort he puts in, your guy will start walking away.

Men love to chase and pursue women. So give them that pleasure.

Different ways to make him miss you

Stop Texting

One surefire way to make him miss you is to stop texting him. Today, everything is online. The one mistake many women make is they reply within seconds their guy sends them a message.

If you are readily available, he will lose interest. It is as simple as that. So, to make your romantic relationship last, take your time away.

You can also show you are online but not text him. This will make him wonder what is going on in your mind.


The Waiting Game

Have you heard the three-day rule? Well, it applies to both men and women. The problem arises when both of you play the dating game. The trick here is to get in touch after a day or two following the night out. Make him wait for you to respond.

A relationship expert might say you need to wait twice as long as he took to respond to your text or call.

Stop Initiating Contact

This is the most important step in getting his attention. You need to be in control of the situation. Usually, if a man becomes distant, the first thing women do, is that they try to reach him.

Well, do not do it. Do not come up with a “valid” reason to contact him. Stop looking for reasons to call or text. Instead, spend some time with friends and keep yourself distracted. He will contact you when he notices something has changed.

Become Your Own Best Friend

Here is one thing you need to understand about attraction. We are all attracted to people who are living a great life. Why? Because we want to be a part of it.

So, you can ask yourself, “why would he want to spend time with you”? You want to show you are having fun and make him crave your company.

If you want to make your boyfriend miss you, he needs to understand that your life doesn’t revolve around him.

Do Not Give Away Everything

This is an important rule about communication and conversation. In the beginning, as you get to know each other, do not give out everything. Do not open up. Wait for a while before you share your life story in just two dates.

Men like surprises and that’s what keeps them interested in a healthy relationship.

Leave Things “Accidentally”

It has happened to all of us. You stumble upon an old movie or concert ticket and you get good memories all over again. Well, the same trick applies to men. They associate memories with a good time. You can do that by leaving an earring or a handkerchief behind.

Make His Time Memorable

There is no better way to make him miss you than making the time you spend together memorable. Who wouldn’t love to get more of that?

You are the woman that makes his life fun. He will love spending more time with you. You want him to smile every time he thinks of you.


Use Social Media

Here is a good idea. We live in the online world. With so many social media apps, you would be a fool not to use them. Keep posting updates or pictures on social media. But do not overdo it.

Post things you know he wants to see. Yes, he is stalking you online. So, use it to your advantage.

Be Busy Sometimes

We are not saying to decline his every idea. But every now and then, be busy when he asks you out. Do not jump up and say yes to every idea he has.

It is okay to turn down some plans. This will make him anxious to meet you and think of a better idea to spend your time together.

Give Him Space

Yes, the heart does grow fonder when you are away. But it only works in small doses. You cannot do this all the time. If you want to know how to make him miss you, the trick is space.

You shouldn’t be always there.

Invest In Your Looks

How you present yourself is very important for your sexual attraction. Yes, the media will always set the beauty standard up. And it is important to look good. We are not saying you should look amazing every day.

But you should definitely invest in your looks. And that will improve your self-confidence, appearance, self-esteem.

Surprise Him

Surprises add excitement to your romantic relationship. And it also prevents it from getting boring. Think of different ways to surprise your guy. See how he reacts.

Share Your Adventures With Him

You can share funny stories that will make him want to spend time with you. He will see you as a fun person it is nice to be around. And he will crave to be included in your inner circle and get to know you better.


Try New Things With Him

It is time to check your bucket list. And allow him to join on an adventure. Ask him whether he has tried some of the things on your list. If he hasn’t, it is time to do it. You can have a great time together. That is the pillar of any committed relationship.

Show Him He Is Not The Only One In Your Life

This is a risky move, but it might work. Yes, it might backfire if you are dating a jealous boyfriend. But you do not want a jealous guy in any case.

So, try to have an accidental encounter with your boyfriend when you are out with a male friend.

Be Yourself

Let’s finish off the list of how to make a man miss you with the most important aspect. Be yourself. Men love women who are independent, confident, fun, entertaining, and who own themselves.

Do not fake your personality to attract him. That will not last. You might get a short-lived toxic relationship. But if you want a long term relationship, be yourself.

How Long Should You Wait?

We said many times that you should not be always available. Speaking about online chatting and online texting, how long is long enough? There is no right answer.

But according to several relationship experts like Michael Fiore and Alex Cormont about the digital world, one to three hours is a good timeframe. You definitely do not want the conversation to go stale.

Does Silence Make A Man Miss You?

Let’s try to answer another common question. Among the frequently asked questions, this one always pops. Yes, the silent treatment has its own benefits. But you should always use it carefully. Do not overdo it. Otherwise, it might backfire.

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