What Do Guys Think After You Sleep With Them – Male Psychology Revealed

So you just slept with a man for the first time. You are probably asking what do guys think after you sleep with them for the first time. Or maybe you have slept together a few times now. But you still do not know your partner enough to really understand what is going through his head. Luckily, we are here to reveal some of the male psychology.

What is he thinking while he is in bed with you? Today, we will talk about some of the common questions women have about what is a man thinking in bed.

I Just Got Laid

This is the first thought that comes to mind. And it is their self-pleasure and enjoyment. It seems immature, but it is one of the first things that goes through his mind.

At this point, oxytocin and endorphin are popping off in his head. He is filled with a short burst of joy because he got laid.

He feels great about the experience, so give him a minute or two to get his mind together.


Feeling Lucky

Speaking of that feeling great about the experience, straight men feel lucky after sex. After all, you know how they say, “I got lucky tonight”.

Most guys are happy about the fact they got you into bed. And no, it is not a bed and they will not stop pursuing you after it.

Panicking About What Is Next

Does she want a commitment? Or it was just a one-time thing. Guys can start panicking after that initial burst of joy. It is the second most common response. And this happens only when you sleep with him for the first time.

If you have a long and committed relationship, this thought is off the books.

Wonder If You Enjoyed It As Well

Guys are always worried about their performance in the bedroom. They want to know they did a good job between the bedsheets. So, they start asking questions like did she come, did she really come, did she fake it, did she enjoy it, and so on.

He will be preoccupied with his performance until you tell him. But it is a good thing. It means they want to pleasure you.

They Do Not Care About Your Reputation

If you slept with a guy after the first or second date, do not worry. He will probably not think of you like a slutty and easy woman.

Women should and could do whatever they want with their bodies and sexuality. And when you sleep with them quickly it has zero to do with your reputation.

They Do Not Care About Your Stretch Marks

This is a woman’s thing as well. While women fear that their sexual partner might notice their stretch marks and lumpy bits, men do not care at all.

Your boyfriend is happy you chose him to enjoy in the bedroom and he had a blast. So, do not worry about body hiccups.

Did She Come?

We talked before that whether you come or not is a big thing for your man. He wonders whether you had an orgasm or not. Knowing he helped you reach your climax is a big thing for his ego.

And if you compliment him after, even better.


What Will You Tell Your Friends?

Men wonder and want to know what women talk about with their friends. Do they gossip? How complimentary you will be about his performance in the sack?

We talked about it, but men can get paranoid when it comes to their ability to give you sexual satisfaction and enjoyment.

For straight men, what you tell your friends about him in bed is the single most important thing.

Should He Stay Or Go?

This happens often when you have a sexual encounter in your apartment and you have not been dating for a while. While girls want to get in touch with their emotions after sex, men often want to do random activities after. For example, watch TV or grab something to eat.

So, after sex, he is probably lying in bed and thinking whether he should jump out of bed and grab a sandwich or stay and cuddle.

Is He The Best You Ever Had?

We talked several times about how a man’s ego and his performance in bed is a big thing. Well, most guys want to be the best you ever had. Competition is a big thing among guys.

And because he wants to be an essential part of your life going forward, this is a big question. He knows that despite everything, sex plays a huge role in the relationship.

Hopefully, She Is On Her Pills

When a man doesn’t use protection during sex, he hopes you do. And he is also wondering whether you are genuinely on your medications after having unprotected sex.

And no, he cannot worry about these things during sexual intercourse because he is too thrilled and exhilarated from the experience.

Is She In A Relationship?

Yes, it happens, especially when you sleep with a guy for the first time. If he just had sex with you, he wants to know whether you are in a relationship. Even more, if he enjoyed the experience. He hopes you are not already taken and you two can move forward.



Did He Come Too Fast?

No matter how long the sex lasted, men will always think they finished too fast. For some guys, it is hard to stay longer before reaching climax. And that is often a reason to finish fast.

And even if he lasts more than the average Joe, he is still worried about it.

Did He Wait Too Long?

It is hard to find that striking balance between coming too fast and staying too long. Women are not satisfied with either one.

And he knows it. So, that is why you should talk with your partner about what you like in bed and how both of you can reach climax and enjoy the experience.

What About Another Round?

Guys do not always ask for a second round in a first-time sexual relationship. But it is something that crosses their mind. If he is in the mood and has the energy to go, he will ask for a rematch.

And it is another ego thing for him. He wants to show you his stamina.

Is She Clean As She Says She Is?

In this day and age, guys are also practical. And that means worrying about STDs. That applies to both major and minor ones.

After his erection passed, he most definitely will think about whether you are as clean as you say you are.


I Really Need A Drink

For guys, not every thought is about his emotions and excitement. Sometimes, it is just they need a drink after a good round of sex. Same as some women feeling the need to light up a cigarette afterward.

Maybe I Need A Shower

This is a thought that comes through his mind for sure, “Do I Smell? Maybe I should take a shower”. After all, that sexual intercourse, made both of you sweat. Men are concerned about how clean they are.

And he wants to take a shower before you can cuddle or go for another round.

When Is The Right Moment To Call Back?

Men are confused on the subject of calling a woman after sex. And that is even worse when they were intimate for the first time. He is not clear about decisions in the future. Some men would love to keep things casual, but what if they lose the opportunity for a great relationship?

Or what if he calls you back too soon and you do not want a clingy boyfriend?

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