How To Not Be Boring? Learn The Secrets To Fun Behavior

Let’s say it out loud. Everyone wants to be funny. But it doesn’t come naturally to all of us. We might be shy to admit it, but everyone wants to be that guy or that girl who makes everyone laugh. When you have those social skills, you are the popular person everyone wants to be around. How to achieve that. How to not be boring?

Let’s just say that sometimes it is just a façade. Remember, some of the greatest comics in history have struggled with depression and anxiety. For example, Robin Williams. Humor can be temporary relief.

But with that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can learn the secrets to be fun, cool, and entertaining to be around.

How to Recognize a Boring Person?

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Let’s take a look at some of the signs of a boring person. You do not want to display any of these! Here they are:

– Always do the same

– You are always bored, unhappy, and restless

– Hanging with the wrong crowd

– Too focused on your problems

– Cannot make people laugh

– Do not have anything interesting to say

– Do not have balanced conversations

– You cannot include others in the conversation

– Lacks personality

– Lacks the ability to become a good storyteller

– Do not understand when others are engaged in the conversation

– Poor improvisational skills

– Lose the sense of imagination

– Never put the phone down for a minute

– Repeat the same things when talking

– Stuck inside a comfort zone

– Constantly negative

How Not To Be Boring

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make yourself interesting. Nobody wants to be boring. Right? Here are some ways to up your interesting personality.

Set Bigger Goals

Think about your goals for this month. For this year and life. Do they make feel tired and bored? Well, that is how they make others around you feel. So, set bigger goals for yourself.

Know When To Stop When Telling Stories

You always want to leave the public looking for more. Starving for more. That is a talent not many have. Telling a great story will bring people like a magnet. A good story will make you a people magnet. But if you do not know when to stop, you will go the opposite way.

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Stop Complaining

When you are out with friends, nobody wants to hear you complain. People want to have a good time. So, curb your complaints. Yes, we all need to let off steam every now and then. But there is a time and place for that. Your friends are not your psychiatric session. Do not turn them into it.

Complaining will turn any activity with friends into a boring conversation.

Take Control Of The Conversation

The most important part of being fun and interesting is being part of the conversation. You should talk about things that interest people. But try to speak about intelligent topics when you are in such a company.

The trick here is to recognize the company, read the room, and see what works. Not many people have it. But you can learn it. Trial and error.

Put Your Phone Away

If you want to be considered a boring person, keep your phone close. But if you want to be an interesting person, do not use your phone in social gatherings. Yes, there are times when you have to answer a call, message, or anything else.

But scrolling through Instagram feed and Facebook feed while out with friends is a big NO. And no, you should not post stories while you are out. Unless you are all OKAY with that.

Do Not Waste Time On Things That Do Not Matter

These include the Internet, television, and similar things that occupy your brain and mind. They make you less carefree and stop you from being an interesting person.

Initiate Something

If you want to be fun and entertaining, it is easy. Just get off that couch and initiate something. ANYTHING. When was the last time you came up with a spontaneous activity for you and your friends, family, partner?

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Ask A Follow-up Question

These questions are great for keeping the conversation going. Do not shy away from asking questions. No, asking questions will not make you come across as nosy or rude. Of course, unless it is a sensitive topic.

People enjoy being asked follow-up questions. It shows you paid attention. Listen closely and be curious. And you can turn any boring question into a fun one. For example, after asking someone where is he/she from, follow up with “did you like growing up there”.

Change The Topic

You can prevent a subject from going stale by quickly changing the topic to something more interesting. But you have to notice these moments. There is always a time when one topic has run its course. No matter how fun and entertaining, any topic goes “out of fashion”.

So, at that key moment, be the one who changes the topic to something else. Shifting topics doesn’t mean you have to replace the most interesting topic of the night with something more interesting. Just recognize when one topic has run its course and go to the next one.

Engage The Brain

Our brain is like a hungry toddler. He demands to be fed with entertaining nuggets. Remember, our brain has a short attention span. Our brain is attracted to intriguing, interesting, and engaging people and things.

So, feed the brain of the people around you.

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Voice Your Opinion

There is a fine line here. Yes, you should voice your opinion on a certain topic. But do not be the inner critic. Keep that inner critic in a cage.

Remember, you cannot go through life saying all the right things. You cannot make everyone love you, you are not ice cream. But you cannot also piss everyone out.

Try To Be Open-Minded

When you are narrow-minded, life automatically becomes boring and less interesting. You should always be willing to try new things. Try to enjoy new things and join the adventure your friends suggest.

Throw The Routine Out Of The Window

Do not be the same old, same old, every day. Change your routine now and then. Spice it up. Stop being satisfied with your boring life. You deserve an interesting thing.

Improve Your Body Language

Anytime you speak with someone, there are two types of conversations happening. One is the verbal conversation. The second one is body language or non-verbal conversation.

Pay attention to the second one and improve it as much as possible. The first step is simple, do not keep your hands crossed. Be more responsive and gesticulate if you can.


This is the single most important thing if you want to be interesting. When you see someone smiling and laughing, it is infectious. The world will be a much better place if everyone could smile more.

So, if you want to be interesting, start with the simple stuff. Smile more.

Written by Steven

Steven is a young student from San Francisco who is obsessed with computers.

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