Justin Cassotta: Meet the Love Partner of Taylor Dooley

Justin Cassotta rose to public attention through his marriage to actress Taylor Dooley, best known for her portrayal of Lavagirl in Robert Rodriguez’s film “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D.” Despite having a relatively private life compared to his spouse, the union with Dooley and his limited exposure in the media as her partner has placed him in the public eye. They have two children together, a son and a daughter.

Before tying the knot with Dooley, Cassotta’s life and career were not widely covered in the media. The couple’s relationship began in 2010, and they made the decision to marry in May 2016. Since then, Cassotta has occasionally appeared in the public domain, primarily as a result of his connection with Dooley.

In addition to his role as a husband and father, Cassotta has also been recognized for his online presence, albeit his activities on social media and other platforms are not extensively documented. The relationship between Justin Cassotta and Taylor Dooley gradually became a focal point for fans of the actress, drawing more attention to Cassotta’s personal life and background.

Early Life and Education

Justin Cassotta’s formative years show a blend of a Californian upbringing with noteworthy academic pursuits that would later define his professional trajectory.


Justin Cassotta was born on November 14, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. From an early age, he demonstrated an interest in sports, a potential indicator of his active lifestyle. He holds American citizenship and spent his adolescent years in the state of California, which is known for its diverse cultural and educational opportunities.

Academic Achievements

Cassotta’s educational background includes his time at Valencia High School, where he completed his secondary education. Following high school, he advanced his academic career at California State University, Northridge. His time in university laid a foundational role for his later professional endeavors, though the specifics of his degree and involvement in campus activities remain undisclosed.

Professional Career

Justin Cassotta is recognized for his work in the elevator industry, particularly his history with ThyssenKrupp Elevator, and his participation in business ventures is evident from his professional footprint.

Industry Involvement

Cassotta’s career in the elevator industry is marked by his tenure at ThyssenKrupp Elevator, where he has made contributions to the company’s operations. His experience includes diverse roles, providing a solid understanding of the technological and service-related aspects of the elevator business.

Business Ventures

Beyond his role in the elevator industry, Justin Cassotta has been associated with Amtech Elevator Services. While specific details about his involvement are not widely documented, his connection with business ventures suggests an engagement with strategic development or operational management within this field. His professional activities in this area reflect a commitment to growth and excellence in service provision.

Personal Life

Justin Cassotta’s personal life gained public attention through his marriage to actress Taylor Dooley, known for playing Lavagirl in various films. As a father of two, Cassotta maintains an active role in his family’s life, balancing privacy with the dynamics of a relationship with a public figure.

Marriage with Taylor Dooley

Justin Cassotta and Taylor Dooley’s relationship transitioned from dating to engagement, culminating in a wedding on May 14, 2016. Their union, which began when Dooley was 17, has been a subject of interest alongside her career.


Cassotta takes pride in his role as a father to two children—a daughter named Adaline Joan Cassotta and a son named Jack Alexander Cassotta. His commitment to fatherhood is apparent despite maintaining a low profile regarding his personal affairs.

Relationship Dynamics

The dynamics of Justin Cassotta’s relationship with Taylor Dooley reflect a balancing act between private life and the inherent publicity of being married to an actress. Cassotta supports Dooley’s career while ensuring family values remain a top priority.

Public Persona

Justin Cassotta maintains a relatively low-profile public persona in comparison to his ex-wife, actress Taylor Dooley, who is well known for her role as Lavagirl. Cassotta’s presence in the public eye primarily stems from his association with Dooley.

Social Media Presence

Although Justin Cassotta is known to the public due to his marriage with Taylor Dooley, his own social media presence is limited. Cassotta does not have a widely recognized personal brand on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Details about his activities on social media are not prominently featured in the public domain, and therefore, specific insights into his social media engagement are scarce.

Financial Overview

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The financial aspects of Justin Cassotta’s life, particularly his net worth and real estate holdings, reflect his status as a figure associated with the entertainment industry.

Net Worth and Earnings

Justin Cassotta has managed to keep the details of his income sources and financial assets relatively private. While specific figures related to his earnings are not publicly disclosed, some sources speculate that his net worth may be influenced by his association with the film industry through his marriage to Taylor Dooley. It’s important to take net worth estimations with caution as they can vary widely and are often based on public perception and limited information.

  • Estimated Net Worth: Unverified reports suggest a figure in the vicinity of $3 million
  • Income Sources: Speculated to be a combination of earnings from his career and any potential investments

Real Estate Investments

Real estate is often a significant component of an individual’s asset portfolio. For Justin Cassotta, information regarding his investments in property is not detailed in the public domain.

  • House: Ownership of personal residence or investment properties would contribute to his overall fortune, but specifics are not available

Life Events and Announcements

Justin Cassotta became known to the public primarily through his marriage to actress Taylor Dooley, famous for her role as Lavagirl. The couple married on May 14, 2016, but later separated. Despite the separation, Cassotta maintains an active role in the lives of his two children.

  • Family Developments:
    • Divorce: Cassotta and Dooley’s recent separation implies a significant shift in their family structure
    • Children: They have two children, and Cassotta is involved in their upbringing
  • Notable Dates:
    • Daughter’s Birthday: Their first child, a son, was born followed by the arrival of their second child, a daughter. The daughter’s birthday is noted as May 15, 2019

Cassotta’s life events, including his engagement with his family and recent personal changes, are pertinent to his current narrative. His commitment to his son and daughter remains steadfast amid the transitions.

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