Lost in Florence: A Romantic Movie Featuring Stana Katic

Strolling through the charming streets of Florence, we couldn’t help but feel a connection to the romantic escapades of ‘Lost in Florence,’ a film we recently had the pleasure of watching. Featuring Brett Dalton and Alessandra Mastronardi at the helm, this movie takes you on a journey through the allure of Italy, showcasing the beauty and complexities of love.

While the storyline captivates with its blend of drama and romance, what struck us was the picturesque setting that virtually transported us to the heart of Italy. MGM and Orion Pictures have put together a visual feast, which, paired with an engaging narrative, makes for a delightful watch. The film is helmed by Evan Oppenheimer, who weaves a tale that’s both heartwarming and thought-provoking.

Though the movie doesn’t shy away from cliches, the performances by the leads are commendable and inject authenticity into their characters’ experiences. The English subtitles and language options ensure accessibility for a wider audience, enhancing the viewing experience. The film doesn’t boast a list of award-winning credentials, but what it does offer is an enjoyable escape that reminds us of the complexities and the beauty of falling in love.

Bottom Line

‘Lost in Florence’ has a way of imprinting the artistry and emotion of Florence onto your heart with its intimate portrayal of love and personal discovery.

The movie is a cozy evening pick that’ll leave you with a craving for Italian adventures and a deeper appreciation for life’s unexpected turns.

For those longing for a scenic escape and a sweet narrative, it might just be the perfect addition to your movie collection.

Overview of Lost in Florence

When we sat down to watch “Lost in Florence,” we were transported to the beautiful city of Florence, immersing ourselves in a tale of romance and adventure. It was an experience that reminded us just how enchanting Italy can be, especially when seen through the eyes of Eric Lombard, played by the charming Brett Dalton. Alongside him, the talents of Alessandra Mastronardi and Stana Katic added depth to the storyline, creating an engaging dynamic.

The film, brought to life under the direction of Evan Oppenheimer and produced by a skilled team, certainly captured the essence of Florence. What struck us was not only the scenery but also how the production quality of MGM/Orion Pictures gave the story an authentic feel.

However, despite its picturesque setting and capable cast, “Lost in Florence” had its ups and downs. There were moments where the plot felt predictable, often a trap with romantic dramas. Yet, it’s hard not to get swept up in the visuals and culture that the film encapsulates.

Audio and subtitles in English made it accessible, letting us focus on the story without distraction. So, while it may not break new ground, the film does provide a pleasant escape to anyone who’s ever dreamed of losing themselves in the winding streets and rich history of Florence.

Plot Premise

When we talk about the Lost in Florence movie, we have to mention the amazing job Stana Katic does. Most people recognize her from the Castle television series, but she has done so much more work.

Back to the plot. The movie follows Eric Lombard, who is at a crossroads. He must decide between pursuing his long-shot dream of playing professional football or starting the next phase of his life by attending law school.

As he struggles with this decision, Eric, along with his longtime girlfriend, Colleen, visits his cousin in Florence. There, to his surprise, he gets involved with the local sport of Calcio Storico, and everything that Eric has assumed about his life is challenged.

As we said before, Stana Katic headlines the cast. Here is the full list of the movie directed bEvan Oppenheimer: Brett Dalton as Eric Lombard, Stana Katic as his girlfriend Anna, Alessandra Mastronardi as Stefania, Alessandro Preziosi as Paolo, Robert Aramayo as Sal, Marco Bonini as Gianni, and Emily Atack as Collen.

Captivating Storyline

We’ve all been there—curled up on the sofa, looking for that one movie that promises to whisk us away to another world. “Lost in Florence” does just that. It’s not every day that a film manages to beautifully entwine love, self-discovery, and scenic vistas into a compelling narrative, but this one nails it.

As we journey with the main character through the cobblestone alleys of Florence, the story unfolds in a way that feels genuine. There are moments that tug at our hearts, making us root for the characters as if they were old friends. Of course, it’s not without its clichés, but even those are presented with a charm that’s hard to resist.

It’s not perfect, and the plot does stumble at times—an unrealistic turn here, a predictable twist there. Yet, the earnest performances and the gorgeous backdrop of Florence keep us engaged. We forgive the minor faults because the storyline, much like the city it’s set in, has a timeless allure that makes us overlook the flaws and just enjoy the experience.

Stellar Cast and Performances

We were thoroughly impressed by the talent packed into “Lost in Florence.” Having watched it recently, it’s clear the actors poured their hearts into their roles, bringing a sense of authenticity that’s rare in today’s cinema landscape. While we didn’t encounter any big Hollywood names, the ensemble’s commitment was palpable, making us feel every bit of the drama and romance threaded through the narrative.

We noticed that the chemistry among the cast is particularly noteworthy. You can tell they’re really into their characters, making their interactions feel natural, not forced. It’s not just the lead who shines, either – supporting roles add depth to the story, maintaining our interest scene after scene.

Despite this, performances aren’t without their flaws. At times, some emotional scenes felt a tad overdone, possibly due to direction rather than the actors’ skills. But overall, “Lost in Florence” serves up a performances-driven experience that we found both engaging and immersive. Whether the delivery hits the mark or slightly misses it, the effort is certainly there.

Picturesque Settings

Imagine winding through the cobblestone streets of Florence, the air rich with history and romance—this is the backdrop we’re thrust into with “Lost in Florence.” Without divulging too much, we find ourselves immersed in the stunning scenery that almost becomes a character in itself. The vivid cinematography captures the essence of this historic city, from the sun-kissed piazzas to the serene Arno River. While watching, we couldn’t help but feel the allure of Florence’s architectural marvels and the charming ambiance they create.

Yet, amidst this beauty, there’s a contrast with the protagonist’s turmoil, which serves as a poignant reminder that every pretty picture has its complexities. The film deftly uses its setting to underscore this dichotomy. We must admit, the allure of Florence, as shown through the lens of this film, has us ready to plan our next adventure—or at least dream of it from our couches.

Pros and Cons

Having recently watched “Lost in Florence,” we’re excited to share our thoughts on what makes this movie a worthy watch as well as some aspects that might not appeal to everyone. Our perspective comes from first-hand viewing experience, and we aim to help you figure out if this is your next movie pick.


  • Engaging Plot: One thing we can’t overlook is the intriguing storyline that keeps you hooked. It’s a blend of romance and adventure that whisks you off to the charming streets of Florence.
  • Scenic Views: The cinematography is a feast for the eyes. Florence is captured beautifully, and it gives us a virtual tour of the city’s stunning architecture and landscapes.
  • Cultural Insight: For those of us who love a cultural deep-dive, this movie spotlights the traditional Italian sport of calcio storico, adding an authentic cultural element to the narrative.


  • Pacing Issues: Some of us felt the pacing was uneven, with certain parts that seemed to drag a bit, which affected the overall engagement with the story.
  • Character Development: The characters can sometimes come across as underdeveloped. It might leave us wanting to know more about their backstories and motivations.
  • Predictable Plot Points: Although the story is engaging, a few of us might find some twists and turns a little too predictable, taking away the element of surprise.

Whether “Lost in Florence” is worth adding to your watchlist depends on what you’re looking for in a film. For a lovely escape to Italy and a story that offers romance and a touch of drama, it might just be the ticket. But if you’re in search of complex character arcs or a completely unpredictable narrative, this might not be your cup of tea.

Audience Reception

From our time with “Lost in Florence,” it’s clear that this product has garnered a mix of emotions. We’ve noticed that people are particular about what they love and don’t love. The storyline, set in the heart of Italy, has enchanted many. It’s that feeling of being whisked away to an Italian adventure that sticks with you long after the credits roll.

However, it’s not all a smooth ride; some users have expressed that certain plot points felt predictable. It’s one of those films where you may find yourself forecasting the next twist a bit too readily. This hasn’t necessarily spoiled the experience, but it’s dampened the element of surprise for a handful of viewers.

Despite the ups and downs, one thing’s for sure — “Lost in Florence” has sparked conversations. Whether it’s about the scenic views or the storyline’s depth, people are talking, and we think that’s a win for any film. It may not be perfect, but it’s got the charm to pull us back to that beautiful Tuscan scenery, even just for a rewatch.


After spending some quality time with “Lost in Florence,” we’re truly charmed by the journey it took us on. While it might not be a blockbuster hit, the film has its unique qualities that keep you engaged. We found ourselves immersed in the picturesque Italian setting, which adds a dash of wanderlust to the experience.

That said, the movie does have room for improvement. The storyline, while intriguing, sometimes feels like it could use a bit more depth. Character development is present, yet at times we yearned for a stronger connection with their personal journeys.

Overall, “Lost in Florence” offers an escape into a beautiful city with a story that’s pleasant enough to follow. It’s like taking a mini-vacation from our couch—imperfect, but still a delightful way to spend an evening. Whether it resonates with your heart or not, it manages to bring a slice of Italy into your home.

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