Miguel Cazarez Mora: Looking at the New Young Star

Miguel Cazarez Mora is an emerging talent in the entertainment industry, gaining recognition for his role as Robin in the horror film “The Black Phone.” At just 16 years old, he has established a presence that extends beyond acting into the realms of modeling and social media influence. Born and raised in Arizona, Mora’s Mexican heritage enriches his performances and connects him to a diverse fan base.

Active on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Mora engages with over a million followers by sharing glimpses of his life and work. His involvement in the entertainment field is underscored by his dedication to education, as he balances his rising career with studies at Arizona State University. Known among his followers for his down-to-earth personality, he goes by the nickname of Mickey, which endears him to his audience and adds a personal touch to his public persona.

Beyond his breakout role in “The Black Phone,” Mora has expressed a keen interest in expanding his acting repertoire. With aspirations to tackle diverse and challenging roles, including that of a villain in future horror projects, Mora’s ambition signals his potential for a varied and successful career in acting. His early accomplishments hint at the promise of greater achievements as he continues to navigate the demands of both his education and the spotlight.

Early Life and Background

Miguel Cazarez Mora’s journey began in Arizona, where he was born on March 1, 2007. From an early age, his interests paved the way for his entry into the creative industry as an actor and model.


Miguel Cazarez Mora was born in Arizona, USA, and celebrates his birthday on the 1st of March. His mother, Wendy Cazarez, is occasionally featured on his social media platforms. Specific details about his siblings or early childhood experiences have not been made public, preserving his family’s privacy.


At 16 years old, it is likely that Miguel Cazarez Mora is balancing his high school education with his burgeoning career in acting and modeling. There is no public information on whether he has any affiliations with educational institutions like Arizona State University or the specifics of his academic pursuits.

Career Milestones

Miguel Cazarez Mora’s career milestones are marked by his impactful entrance into acting, quick ascendancy to recognition, and adept engagement with the digital audience through social media.

Acting Debut

Miguel Cazarez Mora began his acting career with The Black Phone, portraying Robin Arellano, a victim of the antagonist known as The Grabber, played by Ethan Hawke. This role was his cinematic debut and his only film credit as of 2023.

Rise to Fame

Through his performance in The Black Phone, Miguel caught the attention of the public and film critics alike. The film, featuring lead actors such as Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw, acted as a catalyst for his rise, showcasing his acting capabilities in a challenging and significant role.

Social Media Ventures

Outside of acting, Miguel Cazarez Mora has established himself as a social media personality. With a presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, he connects with fans, sharing aspects of his work and personal life, further cementing his status as an up-and-coming actor and model in the entertainment industry.

Notable Works

Miguel Cazarez Mora has made significant strides in the entertainment industry with a couple of standout roles. His appearance in “The Black Phone” has been particularly influential in establishing his presence in Hollywood.

The Black Phone

“The Black Phone” (2021): In this gripping supernatural horror film, Miguel Cazarez Mora portrayed the character of Robin. The movie, starring Ethan Hawke as the antagonist known as The Grabber, centers around a kidnapped boy, Finney (played by Mason Thames), who finds a mysterious phone through which he communicates with the past victims of The Grabber. Miguel’s performance, along with the overall cast, received positive reviews following the film’s premier in the United States.

Other Projects

  • Additional Appearances: While “The Black Phone” is a highlight of Miguel Cazarez Mora’s career, he has also ventured into other projects showcasing his versatility. His body of work includes various roles that reflect his commitment to exploring different characters and narratives. These projects have contributed to his growing reputation as a promising actor in the industry

Public Persona

Miguel Cazarez Mora has established a notable public persona, primarily built through his activity on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. As an actor and model, his online presence reflects his professional endeavors and personal style.

Social Media Influence

Miguel Cazarez Mora has leveraged Instagram and TikTok to grow a substantial following. On Instagram, his account, @official_miguelcazarezmora, showcases a mix of behind-the-scenes footage from his acting projects, modeling photos, and personal selfies. His content strategy has helped him secure over 1 million followers who engage with his posts regularly. His presence on TikTok further supports his status as an influencer, where he shares snippets of his everyday life and creative content that resonates with a younger audience.

Platform Followers Content Focus
Instagram 1.3M Acting, modeling, personal
TikTok Not listed Entertainment, personal life

Mora’s social media activity not only promotes his current work but also has a pivotal role in shaping his public image as an accessible and relatable figure in the entertainment industry.

Personal Branding

He has crafted a personal brand that aligns with his professional image as an actor known for his role in “The Black Phone” and his work as a model. Through strategic postings, Miguel Cazarez Mora portrays a multifaceted persona—the up-and-coming Hollywood actor with an edge of relatability. By actively engaging with fans and sharing aspects of his life, he fosters a sense of community and authenticity around his brand.

His personal branding extends to event appearances, which are often documented on his social media platforms, providing further insight into his professional journey and reinforcing his presence in the entertainment sphere.

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