Cinematic Cheers: A Toast to Movies About Wine and the Art of Winemaking

For the wine connoisseur and film enthusiast, the intersection of these two worlds presents a captivating blend of education, entertainment, and pure delight. Movies about wine allow us to explore the intricate world of viticulture, the art of winemaking, and the passion that drives vintners and sommeliers across the globe.

Immerse yourself in the rich narratives of winemaking, the breathtaking landscapes of vineyards, and the heartwarming (or heartbreaking) stories that come alive in this unique genre of film. From comedies to dramas, documentaries to thrillers, these films serve as a testament to the enduring allure of wine, its history, and its cultural significance.

A Cinematic Toast to the World of Wine

As we embark on this journey through the world of wine cinema, let’s raise a glass to the creativity, passion, and dedication that goes into both winemaking and filmmaking. Let’s explore the top 23 films that celebrate wine, its allure, and its power to connect people across continents and cultures.

1. A Tale of Ambition and Wine: Uncorked (2020)

Our list begins with “Uncorked,” a heartwarming tale about a young man who dreams of becoming a sommelier, much to the chagrin of his family who expects him to carry on their barbecue business. This film beautifully captures the essence of ambition, familial expectations, and the love for wine. You can stream this movie on Netflix.

A Wine Obsession Meets Midlife Crisis: Sideways (2004)

Next on our list is “Sideways,” a movie that intertwines the complexities of midlife crisis with a profound obsession for wine. This film is both melancholic and comedic, offering a rich exploration of human emotions entwined with a deep appreciation for wine. Interestingly, the release of this film saw a dip in merlot sales, perhaps a testament to the film’s influence on viewers’ wine preferences. You can watch this film on Hulu or Amazon Prime.

A Tale of Inheritance and Doubt: You Will Be My Son (2011)

“You Will Be My Son” presents a poignant narrative of a father, who owns a winery, doubting his son’s ability to take over the business successfully. This film intricately explores the dynamics of family relationships, expectations, and the passion for winemaking. Filmed on location in St. Emilion, this film is available on Amazon Prime and Vudu.

The Dark Side of Wine Auctions: Sour Grapes (2016)

“Sour Grapes” is a gripping documentary that unveils the dark side of the glamorous world of wine auctions. It follows the tale of a con man who defrauded high-end collectors out of millions of dollars. This film serves as a cautionary tale and a fascinating exploration of the wine industry’s less talked about aspects. You can watch this documentary on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The Shift to Natural Winemaking: Wine Calling (2018)

“Wine Calling” is another documentary that offers a unique perspective on winemaking. It chronicles the lives of French vintners as they strive to transition to natural and biodynamic cultivation. If you’re interested in understanding the nuances of natural winemaking, this film is a must-watch. You can stream it on Amazon Prime.

The Beauty of Napa Valley: Decanted (2016)

“Decanted” is a visually stunning documentary that showcases the picturesque Napa Valley wine region. The film features spectacular aerial shots and offers a deep dive into the region’s winemaking process. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

The Impact of Globalization on Wine: Red Obsession (2013)

“Red Obsession” is a thought-provoking film that explores the impact of globalization on the wine business. It follows a French winemaker struggling to meet the skyrocketing demand from China, where wine has become a status symbol. This film offers a unique perspective on the global wine market and is available on Amazon Prime.

A Journey of Self-discovery: A Good Year (2006)

“A Good Year” is an enchanting film that combines romance, self-discovery, and a deep appreciation for wine. It tells the story of a British banker, played by Russell Crowe, who inherits his uncle’s winery in France. As he prepares to sell the property, he finds himself falling in love with the region and its wine. You can watch this film on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

An Unlikely Love Story: A Walk in the Clouds (1995)

“A Walk in the Clouds” is a romantic film that beautifully encapsulates the charm of vineyards and the allure of unexpected love. Keanu Reeves stars as a soldier returning from World War II who poses as a woman’s husband to save her from her family’s wrath. This film is available on Amazon Prime.

The Pursuit of the Perfect Vintage: A Heavenly Vintage (2009)

“A Heavenly Vintage,” set in the 19th century, is a historical romance that tells the story of a peasant winemaker who struggles to create the perfect vintage with the help of an angel. This film beautifully intertwines romance and the quest for the perfect wine. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

A Hilarious Wine Country Getaway: Wine Country (2019)

Amy Poehler directed “Wine Country,” a hilarious film about a group of friends who meet in the Napa Valley for a weekend of wine drinking and reminiscing about their past decisions. This film is perfect for a girls’ night in, accompanied by a bottle of your favorite wine. You can watch this film on Netflix.

A Twisted Adventure: Year of the Comet (1992)

“Year of the Comet” is a thrilling caper that tells the story of a rare wine bottle and a couple who tries to keep it away from potential buyers who will go to any lengths to acquire it. This film is filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

A True Story of California Wine: Bottle Shock (2008)

“Bottle Shock” is a film based on the true story of the early days of the California wine industry. It tells the story of a father-and-son team who enter their wine in the 1976 blind taste test that has become known as “the Judgment of Paris.” You can watch this film on Amazon Prime.

An Entertaining Guide to Wine: Wine for the Confused (2004)

“Wine for the Confused,” featuring John Cleese of the Monty Python’s Flying Circus troupe, is both entertaining and informative. Cleese takes viewers on a journey through the Santa Barbara wine country, offering insights into what makes a wine good. You can watch this film on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

A Tale of Bravery: The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969)

“The Secret of Santa Vittoria” is a film that tells the story of an Italian village trying to hide millions of bottles of their wine from the Nazis during World War II. Anthony Quinn stars in this entertaining film that also showcases some beautiful scenery. This film is available on Amazon Prime and Vudu.

The Impact of Globalization on Wine: Mondovino (2004)

“Mondovino” is a documentary that examines the impact of globalization on the production and sales of wine. This film offers a comparison of large wine producers like Robert Mondavi versus small, single winery labels that rely on the local environment for the character of their wines. You can watch this documentary on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

A Funny and Endearing Love Story: An Autumn Tale (1998)

“An Autumn Tale” is a funny and endearing film about friends who turn to matchmaking to find a match for a widow who owns a vineyard. This film, set in France, is a classic example of a romantic wine movie. You can watch this film on Amazon.

A Year in the Life of a Wine-Making Family: A Year in Burgundy (2013)

“A Year in Burgundy” is a documentary that follows seven wine-making families in Burgundy as they navigate the seasonal activities involved in producing wine. This film celebrates the deep ties to the land that shape the character of wine. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime and Fubo.

The Journey to Becoming a Master Sommelier: Somm (2013)

“Somm” is a film that answers the question: What does it take to become a master Sommelier? You can follow four men who attempt to achieve this prestigious title in this 2013 film. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

A Celebration of Champagne: A Year in Champagne (2014)

“A Year in Champagne” is the sequel to “A Year in Burgundy.” This film takes a similar look at the process of making Champagne. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime and Vudu.

A Wine Horror Story: The Vineyard (1989)

“The Vineyard” is a horror film involving wine. It tells the story of a vintner who invites several actors to his estate to audition for a movie. Little do they know, there is no movie – he plans to make wine from their blood. You can enjoy this film on a cold, fall night. It’s available on Amazon Prime and Vudu.

The Stories Behind the Wine: Somm: Into the Bottle (2015)

“Somm: Into the Bottle” is a film that centers around the premise that wine tells a story. This film focuses on 10 bottles of wine and the stories behind them. You can watch “Somm: Into the Bottle” on Amazon Prime and Hulu.

An Off-Beat Wine Story: Blood Into Wine (2010)

“Blood Into Wine” is an off-beat film about Maynard J. Keenan, winemaker and singer in the rock band Tool, as he tries to bring attention to Arizona’s growing wine region. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime and Vudu.

Savoring Wine Films

Whether you’re a wine lover looking to expand your knowledge or just someone who enjoys a good film, these movies about wine offer a wealth of entertainment and insight. So, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, put your feet up, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of wine cinematography.

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