Number 4 Meaning – Spiritual and Real-World Significance

In the spiritual world, number four is very important. When our guardian angels try to communicate with us, they use uncanny means. They try to communicate with us on a subconscious level. The number 4 is a sign that your angels are working hard for you. But what is the exact number 4 meaning?

The number four is more than just a message from your angels. It is a message what you need to do to achieve your goals. Open your mind, and prepare to receive guidance.

Numbers in numerology have an important role. But they are also important in the biblical and spiritual world. What are some of the facts about the number 4? Read on.

The Significance of Numbers

Numerology is a science. In the past few years, numerology rose in popularity. Science believes there is a relationship between numbers and coinciding events. It studies the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas. We associate numerology with the paranormal, but it is a common idea.

At least this is what books like “The Ultimate Guide to Numerology” by Tania Gabrielle or “A Little Bit of Numerology” by Novalee Wilder show us. Apart from books, many professionals have teamed up to create websites like “Numerologist” to keep the enthusiasts up to date about numerology and its secrets. Another easy way to understand the significance of the number 4 in your life is to have a look at the 444 angel number meaning and its connection with happiness, love, family, and career.

There is also a special part of numerology called biblical numerology. This is the science that tries to explain the angel number 4 meaning.

Today, we will try to explain the biblical meaning of numbers, specifically number four.

Biblical meaning of Number 4

The number four is a practical number. Our angels use it to communicate with us, and they do it daily. You can take number 4 quite literally. It means your angel is near you, on Earth, and he is working on your behalf. It is important to keep your mind and heart open.

The number is very important in the Bible. For starters, there is a connection between number four and the creation of the world. There are other secret meanings. One thing is certain. Seeing number four is not a coincidence. There are higher forces behind it.

In the Bible, you can find number four many times. The number 4 meaning in the Bible is important. For starters, the number relates to the cross and crucifixion of Jesus. There are four letters in the name of God (JHVH, the name for God in the old testament).

The fourth day of the Creation is the completion of the material universe. On this day, God created the sun, the moon, and the stars.

There are also four elements in the universe. We know them as earth, air, fire, and water. You can go further, and say there are four directions on the Earth. Those are South, North, West, and East. Another number 4 meaning is the four seasons, winter, spring, summer, and autumn. The Bible teaches us that God created all that on the fourth day of the Creation.

The hidden meaning is Eve. She is the woman mentioned more than any other woman in the Bible. The Holy Book references her only four times.

Last, but not least, there are 4 gospels about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ on Earth. Each writer describes a certain aspect of Jesus’s life.

Why do you see Number 4?

You might be wondering, why do you see the number. Why it is appearing in many situations in your life? Well, that is a sign from the universe. The number sends you a message that it is time to start your spiritual journey.

When you see number 4 around you, your angels will bring stability in your life. They will make you feel safe. And they can help you make decisions. It is your job to accept the presence of the number in your life.

The number is important since ancient times. It is time to turn to your spiritual life. This way, you can realize happiness is not in the material things.

How the number can appear?

There are different ways number 4 makes an entrance to your life. Many of them seem ordinary. For example, you might notice the number on the clock throughout the day. Or it may come in monetary transactions. Some people notice there are four messages in their inbox. Or see the number in work-related documents, and more.

It is time to become more organized and diligent. Your guardian angel is trying to reach you. Accept his presence.

What do you need to do?

The urgency of the messages increases through repetition. Seeing the number, again and again, is a sign of communication from your guardian angel. And if you wonder what you need to do, let’s try and give you some ideas.

With dedication and perseverance, you can change your life.

Organize your life

This is one of the most common meanings of number four. You need to be more organized. This will help you accomplish more. You will also become more successful. You need to organize yourself in all areas.

With proper organization, you will notice more positive energies entering your life. Try to set your goals and plans and organize yourself to finish them. Be more detailed and clear in your plans. The same applies to personal life. Organize yourself to make more space and order. More things will come.


This might be one of the most important skills for achieving goals. Your angels know that you lack determination. When you see number 4, remind yourself to keep persevering and keep your determination up. You can reach your desired point.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to. This might seem like a cliché motivational quote, but it is true. When you put hard work and devotion, rewards follow. Does it feel great to achieve your goals? Or receive a reward for your work?

True potential

Unlocking your true potential is a challenging task. But with guidance from your angels, you can do it. We all have unique talents and skills. We practice some of them. Others, we leave behind. But we came on this earth to fulfill our true potential and unique skills.

The number 4 meaning relates to realizing your potential. You are capable of much more. Try to rediscover some talents, or learn new skills. Now it is the perfect time for that task. Open yourself to new ideas and possibilities. What does the number 4 mean in numerology? Well, it represents success, achievement, and rewards. It is time to unlock your full potential.

Chinese Numerology

Chinese numbers are different than numbers in numerology. The number 4 meaning in Chinese is completely different. The number is an unlucky number in Chinese. It is homophonous to the word “death”. Thus, some buildings in East Asia omit floors and room numbers with the number 4. It is the same as the number 13 in Western Culture.

In countries where Asian and Western culture blend, things go to the extreme. For example, in Hong Kong, there is no 13 and 4 in buildings. Thus, a building with the top floor numbered 100 has only 81 floors.

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