PRF / PRP Treatments for COVID Hair Loss

Hair loss can affect the hair on the head or body and it can be temporary or permanent. Many professionals give numerous reasons like unmanaged diet, inherited disease, stress, sleep disturbance, even childbirth for this affliction. Recently, many cases are being reported in which people have noticed that two to three months after having contracted the coronavirus, they began losing their hair.

According to experts, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing an upsurge in hair loss. The coronavirus or COVID frequently causes a fever that leads the body to launch a significant inflammatory reaction. All of these stress hormones and proteins that the body releases energise the organs to combat the illness. As a result, the body is being put under a great deal of stress that may cause hair loss. Although it may be one of the most concerning side effects of COVID, it can pass quickly.

COVID hair loss and other types of hair loss can indiscriminately affect both sexes. More importantly, there have been reports of hair loss in individuals who have not yet had a positive test, and experts claim that their clients have seen more hair falling out than usual in recent months. It is well recognised that alopecia and hair loss are signs of stress, which can result in considerably more hair falling out than usual and make the hair appear thinner overall.

Telogen effluvium is the most typical type of hair loss experienced by post-COVID patients. There was a significant list of COVID-19 medical adverse effects when it first appeared in early 2020. Pulmonary, cardiovascular, and clotting diseases are a few well-known examples. Additionally, there have been changes to the skin, such as hair loss. The number of patients who experienced significant diffuse hair loss on their scalp and had COVID-19 is on the increase.

Unlike other diseases, hair loss is not something to be worried about. Generally, it takes time and persistence to treat issues like hair loss. But modern technology has evolved so much and adopted many updated and efficient ways to treat such problems and disorders.

PRP and PRF Treatments are popular cosmetics treatments commonly used as an alternative to injectables or fillers. They are used to Improved Skin Tone, Rectifying UV damage, to Treating General Ageing & Preventative Ageing, Acne Scarring, Uneven Skin Tone, Enlarged Pores, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Sagging Skin, Thinning Skin, Uneven Skin tone and for Pigmentation. PRP stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. The process creates a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, helping to minimise scarring, pigmentation while improving the overall tone and texture of the skin. Some of the most popular treatment areas include Dark Under Eye Circles, for Overall Face Glow, Smooth Complexion, Neck Tightening, Lines around the Mouth, Crepey Skin and in this case for Hair Loss.

Renowned for their affordable PRP treatments for skin and hair, Hair Skin Science Clinics specialises in PRP platelet-rich plasma. PRP is a well-liked and natural treatment at our clinics which uses your body’s own cells from your blood for rejuvenation, skin maintenance, and to combat and delay ageing. PRP is a less invasive alternative to dermal fillers and the results can be better than you get with dermal filler or injectables. PRP is also known as an effective treatment for hair loss.

PRP and PRF are efficient clinic treatments that can help with hair loss. There is much hope for patients suffering post COVID hair loss, that their hair will recover. Things to consider are if the scalp shows no inflammation, indications of scarring, or infection. PRP (platelet-rich plasma), along with low-level light laser therapy, and minoxidil are a few medical alternatives that can aid in the expedited regrowth of hair.

To create either PRP or PRF, a blood sample from the patient is spun rapidly so that the lighter components (such as platelets and plasma) stay at the top while the heavier ones sink to the bottom. When it comes time to do so, this makes it simpler to separate the plasma from the platelets. To prevent injury to the individual cells, PRF is processed more slowly than PRP since it contains more healing elements.

PRF is a 100% autologous biomaterial which can accelerate wound healing and tissue regeneration and increase the stimulation of osteogenesis and new blood vessel formation. PRF can contain approximately 10 times more platelet concentration than normal blood, therefore providing great healing and regenerative properties. With traditional PRP, blood is collected and mixed with an anti-coagulant called acid citrate dextrose (ACD). The key difference with PRF is, no anticoagulant is used during the spinning of the blood. The main reason PRF gets better results than PRP is that it gives clients the same benefits as PRP, but with the added benefit of releasing more growth factors so it goes on working long after the procedure is completed.

These two therapies are far different from the traditional hair treatments because, in these, a sample of your blood is used to create platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), which is then extracted using a specialised centrifuge machine.

After that, derma pen micro-needling is used to prepare the scalp before applying plasma. This allows the plasma to penetrate the skin deeply and release potent therapeutic chemicals. For moderate to severe balding, it is highly advised to use this approach, which offers significant stimulation.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment & Skin Clinics are Australia wide and provide you with the best professional user experience for these therapies. Hair and Skin Science is the first clinic in Australia to provide PRF hair loss treatments (Platelet Rich Fibrin) which was pioneered in the US and is now available in Australia. Hair Skin and Science clinics are the first in Australia to offer PRF.

Hair and Skin Science clinic’s are one of the largest providers of hair loss treatments in Australia and proudly brings you the best PRF and PRP hair loss therapies. For more details, have a look at their website and book a free consultation Hair and Skin Science.

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