Roisin Waters: Meet the Daughter of Sinéad O’Connor

Roisin Waters, born on March 6, 1996, is the daughter of the iconic Irish singer Sinéad OConnor and the renowned Irish journalist John Waters. As the youngest of O’Connor’s four children and her only daughter, Roisin has grown up with a rich and diverse cultural background, having spent time living in Dublin, London, and Paris.

Like her mother, Roisin has pursued her passion for music by following in her footsteps and becoming a singer and guitarist. In addition to her musical talents, she has also developed a strong interest in the culinary arts, choosing to apprentice as a confectioner. As of 2023, Waters has been carving out her identity as an artist and a culinary professional, navigating the unique challenges and opportunities that come along with being part of such a creative and talented family.

In her journey so far, Roisin Waters has showcased her skills as a singer, guitarist, and apprentice confectioner, demonstrating a commitment to mastering her crafts and making her mark in the worlds of both music and gastronomy. With a strong foundation from her upbringing in London and Ireland, and now living in Paris, her story continues to unfold as she cultivates her unique path in life.

Early Life

Roisin Waters was born in Dublin, Ireland, on March 6, 1996. Although some sources state that she was born in 1995, the majority confirm her birth year as 1996. As the daughter of two iconic Irish figures, she has always been a part of the spotlight. Her mother, Sinéad O’Connor, is a renowned Irish singer-songwriter, and her father, John Waters, is a well-respected Irish journalist.

Growing up, Roisin was exposed to a deeply creative and artistic family environment. She spent her childhood years between London and Ireland, surrounded by music and culture. Roisin’s mother, Sinéad O’Connor, gained international fame with her debut album, The Lion and the Cobra, which was released in 1987. Her father, John Waters, is known for his significant contributions to the world of journalism, engaging with various forms of social and cultural commentary.

In her family life, Roisin has three half-siblings from her mother’s previous relationships. Her eldest half-brother, Jake Reynolds, works as a chef in Dublin. The other two siblings also have their own distinct lives. As the children of talented artists and thinkers, these siblings have grown up immersed in creativity and inspiration.

Throughout Roisin’s early life, she was exposed to the ups and downs that came with being the child of famous parents. However, she managed to find her own footing in the world. The combination of her Irish heritage, artistic influences from both her parents, and her personal experiences in Dublin and London have undoubtedly shaped the person she has become today.


Roisin Waters, the daughter of Irish singer Sinead OConnor, has established a career in the culinary world. She attended the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, where she graduated with a diploma in patisserie in 2018. Although her mother Sinead O’Connor is a well-known musician who gained recognition for her cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” Roisin chose to pursue her passion for cooking, demonstrating that she has carved her path in life.

In addition to her culinary career, Roisin has also shown a flair for writing. She once penned an article for the Independent, making her columnist father proud. Though her writing ventures are not music-related, this accomplishment serves as another example of Roisin’s talents and determination to succeed in her chosen fields.

While there have been no publicly available reports of Roisin venturing into singing or music production like her mother, it is clear that she is committed to her pursuits in the culinary and writing arenas. Despite the fame and reputation of her family in the music industry, Roisin has successfully forged her path and demonstrated her skills in other areas.

Roisin Waters’ net worth is unknown, as it remains undisclosed to the public. However, it can be assumed that she has garnered her income through her career as a trained patissier and potential writer, separate from any influence or inheritance from her famous musical family.

As of now, Roisin does not have a debut album, given that she has not pursued a singing career like her mother. Instead, she has focused on her culinary talents and writing endeavors, both of which have provided her with a distinguished and unique identity.

Marriages and Relationships

Roisin Waters, the daughter of renowned Irish musicians Sinéad O’Connor and John Waters, found love and companionship with Leo O’Shea, a talented musician and producer. They met in Ireland through mutual friends and quickly formed a bond. After three years of dating, Roisin and Leo tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in 2019. Despite being born to famous Irish musicians, Roisin’s parents, Sinéad and John, were never married to each other.

In contrast, Roisin’s mother, Sinéad O’Connor, experienced a tumultuous love life. She has married four times, with each marriage ending in divorce. Her first marriage was to musician and producer John Reynolds in 1989, followed by her second marriage to journalist Nick Sommerlad in 2001. Sinéad’s third marriage to musician Steve Cooney in 2010 was short-lived, and they divorced within a year. She then married Barry Herridge, an Irish therapist, in 2011.

Apart from her marriages, Sinéad was also in relationships with other notable figures. She has a son, Shane Lunny, with musician and Irish singer Donal Lunny, though they were never married. Furthermore, she was in a relationship with entrepreneur Frank Bonadio, with whom she shares a child.

Throughout their married life, Leo has remained a devoted and steadfast source of support for Roisin. As they continue their journey together, the couple manages to keep their private life away from the limelight, focusing instead on their love and growing bond with each other.


Roisin Waters is the second of four children born to Irish singer Sinead O’Connor. Born on March 6, 1996, she is the daughter of Sinead and Irish journalist John Waters. Roisin grew up in the spotlight as her parents, both prominent figures in the media, were involved in a high-profile three-year custody battle that concluded in 1999 with Roisin residing with her father, John Waters.

Her siblings include her elder brother Jake Reynolds, son of Sinead O’Connor and music producer John Reynolds; younger brother Shane Lunny, son of Sinead and Irish musician Donal Lunny; and the youngest, Yeshua Bonadio, born from Sinead’s relationship with drummer Frank Bonadio. Their mother, Sinead O’Connor, is widely known for her influential music career that started in the late 1980s.

Growing up with a musically gifted family, the siblings have had brushes with the music world, as their mother’s career had a significant impact on their upbringing. Roisin, in particular, has showcased her talents as a chef and a partial musician.

It’s interesting to see all four children have different fathers, but they all share a strong connection to their mother, Sinead O’Connor, and her musical background. As they continue to grow and find their own paths, it’s clear that the influence of their family’s accomplishments will likely play a role in shaping their individual talents and passions.

Disputes and Legal Issues

Roisin Waters, the daughter of singer Sinéad O’Connor and Irish journalist John Waters, has experienced her share of family turmoil, often playing out in the public eye. Custody battles and conflicts surrounding her family have made headlines and noted several of the entities mentioned.

Custody disputes arose between Sinéad O’Connor and John Waters, making their relationship rather contentious. This caused the family to face regular scrutiny, further adding to their challenges. As a result, Roisin Waters has found herself at the center of these issues more than once.


Beyond the custody battles, the family has also experienced some tragic situations. In January 2022, Irish police found Roisin’s 17-year-old half-brother, Shane Lunny, dead after he was reported missing from Newbridge, County Kildare. The devastating news struck the family deeply, creating yet another painful chapter in their lives.

Further complicating matters, Sinéad O’Connor herself has openly struggled with mental health issues, resulting in instances where she was placed on suicide watch. These moments of vulnerability added to the family’s existing challenges and were often highly publicized.

Lastly, Tusla, the Child and Family Agency in Ireland, has occasionally been involved in Roisin Waters’ family affairs. While specifics are not openly available, their role in addressing family difficulties highlights the complex legal landscape that has played a part in Roisin Waters’ life.

Despite these various legal issues and family disputes, Roisin Waters has managed to maintain her own identity and career, stepping away from the constant attention on her family’s struggles.

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