What Happened To The Cast Of Sex And The City?

Who can forget Sex and the City? The show everyone watched. Men even watched it because of their girlfriends. And we know women all around the world watched to see what Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda will do next. Heck, we even impersonated them. You can find thousands of quizzes “Which Sex and the City character you are”. But what happened to the cast of Sex and the City?

Following the end of the show, they had two successful movies together. The first one earned more than $400 million at the box office, and the second one close to $300 million.

The show, an adaptation of a Candace Bushnell 1997 book of the same name, followed four women and their life in the Big Apple.

Sex and the City ran for six seasons, 94 episodes, and received acclaim and criticism for its characters along the way. And at the end of the day, it vastly increased the popularity of the HBO network. At the end of its run, the show won 7 Emmy awards, 8 Golden Globes, and 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards. And it earned 54 Emmy nominations, 24 Golden Globe nominations, and 11 Screen Actors Guild nominations.

You can still watch the series in syndication worldwide. But let’s see what happened to the cast of Sex and the City? What are Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte up to these days?

Sarah Jessica Parker – Carrier Bradshaw

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Parker was hesitant at the beginning to accept the role. She got the script but didn’t want to make a long-term commitment to a show. Thankfully, creator Darren Star managed to persuade her. He wanted Sarah to play the role of Carrie, the narrator, and the main protagonist of the show.

The show made her an icon. The Guardian named her “icon of the decade”. The newspaper stated that Carrie shifted the culture around women’s issues and served as a real-life groundbreaker. For his part, Parker won two Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Following the end of the show, she appeared in the movie The Family Stone. She found out there is life after Sex in the City. But she also accepted to reprise the role of Carrie.

Talks about a movie started immediately after the show ended. The first movie came out in 2008, with its sequel in 2010.

After the movies ended, she returned to television again. This time, as a guest-star on the musical comedy series, Glee. In 2016, she starred in the HBO drama series Divorce.

By the end of the 2010s, she returned to Broadway. In 2018, she produced the independent drama Here and Now. And in February 2020, she starred in a revival of Plaza Suite. But the Covid-19 pandemic postponed many of the premiers.

Besides her success in the television and movie business, Sarah Jessica Parker found success in other ventures as well. In 2004, she signed a $38 million contract with Gap. She appeared in a couple of the company’s ads and campaigns. The next year, she released her perfume, Lovely. And in March 2007, Sarah announced the launch of her fashion line, Bitten.

In 2005, she founded her production company. Parker runs it since 2009, creating content for HBO and other channels.

Kim Cattrall – Samantha Jones

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Many fans considered Samantha the true star of the show. But we all have preferences. We can say one thing for sure. Kim nailed the character.

Kim had a successful career long before appearing in Sex and the City. She worked as a stage actress before. But Samantha helped her gain international recognition. She managed to capitalize on the popularity of the show by getting commercials for Pepsi, and other brands.

By portraying Samantha, Kim won a Golden Globe and earned five Emmy nominations. Following the end of the show, she followed the path of Sarah Jessica Parker. Cattrall appeared in a movie, a Disney one. In Ice Princess, she played an ice skating coach, a totally different character than Samantha.

And the next year, she portrayed a paralyzed woman that wants to die in a drama revival of Whose Life Is it Anyway. In 2009, Kim appeared in Roman Polanski’s movie, The Ghost Writer.

At the beginning of the 2010s, she returned to the stage. She portrayed Cleopatra in a production of Antony and Cleopatra.

In 2015, Kim took a small break from work due to chronic insomnia. She went to therapy so that she can sleep better.

Kristin Davis – Charlotte

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Davis moved to New York City and waited tables in 1983. Then, she opened a yoga studio. You can say she experienced the city even before starting in the Sex and the City show.

Before getting the role of Charlotte, Davis had a couple of guest-starring roles. She appeared in ER, Melrose Place, and Seinfeld.

After the end of the show, she appeared in the movie The Winning Season. And in 2003, she hosted the VH1 show 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons. In 2005, Kristin tried to return to television. She appeared in the pilot for the show Soccer Moms. But the show didn’t pick up.

She appeared in both Sex and the City movies. And in 2009, she also appeared in the comedy movie Couples Retreat.

In 2012, Davis made her Broadway debut, replacing Kerry Butler in the revival of The Best Man. By this point, she also tried other ventures. In 2008, she partnered with Belk, the largest privately owned department store chain.

She now works as a Global Ambassador for Oxfam. Davis campaigns in support of their work since 2004, traveling to different locations in the world.

In 2010, Kristin won the Humane Society’s Wyler Award. She also worked with UNHCR and is one of their High Profile Supporters. In 2015, Davis visited the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda and filmed a campaign to promote UNHCR’s work.

Cynthia Nixon – Miranda

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Cynthia had minor roles before appearing on the show. Sex and the City helped her raise her profile. For her appearance, she earned three Emmy nominations, winning one in 2004.

That helped her land a feature role in big movies. During her time on Sex and the City, Cynthia appeared in Advice from a Caterpillar.

Following the end of the show, she made a guest appearance on ER. In 2006, she appeared in the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, Rabbit Hole. And in 2008, she won an Emmy for a guest appearance in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

In April 2017, she appeared in a Broadway revival of The Little Foxes. She will star in the upcoming Netflix series, Ratched.

Nixon is a long-time advocate for public education. She also advocates in support of women’s health. In 2018, she wanted to challenge Andrew Cuomo for the spot, governor of New York. And in March the same year, she announced her run for governor. But she withdrew from the elections after failing to meet the 25% state delegate threshold.

Chris Noth – Mr. Big

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There were a lot of men on the show. But none bigger than Mr. Big. He served as Carrie’s love interest from season 1 until the end of the show and the movies. In the meantime, Carrie dated different men, but Big always stayed in the shadows, lurking, and waiting for his chance.

Before appearing on the show, he had minor roles in movies like Baby Boom, Another World, and Smithereens. But nothing major.

Following the end of the show, he returned to Law & Order: Criminal Intent, portraying Mike Logan. He kept the role from 2005 to 2008.

And then in 2009, he got another major role in the series The Good Wife. From 2009 to 2016, he portrayed Peter Florrick. In 2016, he joined the third season of Tyrant.

He will appear in the CBS reboot crime drama series The Equalizer. Noah will play the lead role, as soon as the show starts.

Chris owns The Cutting Room, a New York lounge and music venue that opened in 1999.

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