Signs He Caught Feelings – Understand His Mixed Signals

So you have been on a couple of dates with some guy. You like this guy, but you want to know whether he feels the same for you? Similar to women, men can sometimes send mixed signals. At one point, he seems head over heels for you. And in the very next moment, he seems disengaged. Well, the best thing you can do is look at some of the signs he caught feelings.

Men are lovely and interesting beings. Their love and curiosity grow when they catch true feelings. And this is where things get interesting. Remember, men have a harder time keeping their feelings a secret.

The thing about men is they often find ways to show care, kindness, and affection. And if he has strong feelings, you will know it.

Why He Might Be Reluctant?

While men are often obvious when they catch real feelings, they might also be reluctant to show them to you. Yes, it can get frustrating having feelings for someone you are dating and not being sure if they are in love with you as well.

Not knowing whether he has feelings can be stressful. It might cause you sleepless nights. But there might be a reason for his reluctance. Why hasn’t he confessed his feelings yet? Here are a couple of reasons.

He might be inexperienced. Some men who haven’t dated for a while, or haven’t dated a lot, might now know what the next move is to make. He may look afraid and reserved, even though he has feelings for you.

The next reason has nothing to do with you. He has been hurt by a past relationship, and he is now afraid of rejection. Men feel vulnerable when it comes to loving someone and their love life. And if they have experienced a broken heart in the past, they are afraid of the future.

You might have met him at the wrong time. Even though sometimes you might have chemistry, timing is another important ingredient for a successful relationship. He might have just gone through a tough breakup. And he is not completely ready to get back in the dating game again.


Signs He Caught Feelings

With that in mind, now let’s take a look at some of the obvious signs he caught feelings. One of these might not be enough. But if you notice a couple of these signs in your man, you can be sure he has the hots for you.

Stares At You, But Then Glances Away

When a guy has feelings for you, he cannot take his eyes off you. He might stare at you for a while. But the moment you catch him staring, he will glance away. That is because he is afraid. But increased visual attention is a clear sign he has feelings for you.

Pay attention to the way he looks at you as well. When a man is in love, there is a different vibe in his eyes.

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He Wants To Spend Time Together But Disappears Out Of The Blue

We talked before about how some men might not be completely sure they want to get in a relationship. Men often get afraid when things are getting closer in their love life. They can shower you with attention and affection, but right when they have to make that final step, they can back down.

This is the case with your great guy as well. It is a clear sign that he wants to spend time together. It is a telltale sign that you should help him and make a move.

He Is Willing To Do Nothingness With You

This means he is not in a rush for sexy time. Nothingness is a term we use when we spend time together doing nothing. This good guy just appreciates and cherishes your presence. He doesn’t need a particular excuse to spend time with you. Your presence is enough for him to feel happy.


Wants To Be Close To You

A man who has caught feelings will want to be as close to you as possible. This might make him nervous as he is trying to sit closer than usual. Or he will look for opportunities to touch your body and get closer to you.

If he does this and keeps longer eye contact, you have him. He is hooked on you. Your friendship has moved to the next level, and he wants more. It is an obvious sign.

Looks For Silly Excuses To Spend Time Together

We talked about nothingness, but there are also the silly excuses that he finds to spend time together. This great man will call you, text you, find some random excuses, and invent reasons to see you. For example, going to the movies, going shopping, or some other things.

When he looks for excuses to spend time with you, he is subconsciously telling himself that he likes you more than a close friend.

Listens To What You Say

If there is one clear sign a man loves you, this is it. He listens to what you say and remembers it in future conversations. It is pleasing and refreshing to meet a guy who actually listens. This guy wants to spend time with you and pays attention to what you have to say.

Appears Genuinely Happy Around You

He might not realize it, but he is truly happy and enthusiastic when you are around. It is a clear indication he has feelings for you. You mean a lot to this guy. He laughs at your jokes, tries to make you smile, and relaxes when you are in his presence.

He Wants To Do Things For You

A man who has caught feelings will try to do things for you. For example, he will help you with shopping, or help you around the house, or anything else that will make you happy and relaxed. This man will try to make things easier for you.

He simply enjoys doing things that make you happy. Because that makes him happy.


Acts Weird Around You

We said it before, men are not the most emotional creatures. They struggle with emotion and feelings. So when they catch feelings, they might act strange and weird. It takes time for men to process their feelings and start acting confident.

This guy will look nervous and act nervous even in situations he is usually confident. Pay attention to his body language signs.

Kissing And More Kissing

Well, if he has caught feelings, you know you will be covered by his mouth fluids. You might not be in a romantic relationship yet, but he will find ways to kiss you. If you haven’t started your exclusive relationship, he will kiss you on the cheek, forehead, and even your eyebrow.

And once you start dating, that is when the mouth-to-mouth kisses come.

He Calls To Hear Your Voice

When a man catches feelings for a woman, he thinks about her a lot. He longs for her presence, even for her voice. This is why he will call you to hear your voice. Even for a short period. He wants to hear you talk and hear you smile.

He Is Protective Of You

Men in love are lovely beings. This guy will be protective, supportive, and providing for you. Think of a perfect man. That is what they describe in the movies.

When he is in love, respect is on the table. He notices how caring and providing he can be.

Loves To Have Conversations With You

We are not talking about small talk only here. He wants to engage in a conversation with you any chance he gets. Sometimes, it might be something trivial. Other times, it might be a meaningful conversation. But he loves chatting with you.

Calls You With Good News

A man in love cannot wait to share any good news with the woman he loves. You will be the first person he texts or calls when he receives any news. This might be anything, from a promotion at work, a bonus, or even a lovely message from a fortune cookie.

Do not ignore this good sign. He wants you in his life.

Introduces You To The Important People In His Life

His friends and family have already heard about you. He cannot stop talking to them about you. If you are in a healthy relationship with a guy, he will take an initiative to introduce you to his close circle of friends and family.


What Can You Do?

We talked about why a man might be reluctant to show real feelings and what are the biggest signs he caught feelings. But let’s talk a bit about what you can do. What if he is acting hot and cold? Should you do something?

Well, it depends whether you like this guy or not. It can be emotionally draining and stressful to receive mixed signals.

Men can get stuck in a holding pattern. They might seem unwilling to commit. So, it might be up to you to take the next step and start a romantic relationship. Take an initiative. Invite him to go out. Kiss him first. And then let him do his thing.

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