Why Do You Love Someone? How Do We Define Love?

Here is a good question for you. Why do we feel an overwhelming emotion that makes us act like complete fools? Yes, we are talking about love. Why do people fall in love? Why do you love someone? How do you know you love someone?

People usually fall in love because they felt a connection or some sort of similarity. Others may say that they fall in love because they felt comfortable with a specific person.

How Do You Define Love?

We commonly define love as “an intense feeling of affection”. But if you have ever felt true love, you know it is much more than that.

Why do we love someone? There are endless reasons for that. Some would say love is a choice. But others say you cannot control it. Love is a feeling and emotion that goes above and beyond joy. True love can create a bond that is incomparable to any other feeling in the world.

That is why you cannot define love. To define it means to strip it of all its magic. It means to put limits on it. Love is different for everyone and in every situation and romantic relationship.


Compatibility – The Key To Falling In Love

While love can feel complicated and many factors contribute to falling in love, compatibility is the common factor. Physical chemistry, sexual attraction, sexual desire, lust, and shared interests, all fuel the initial spark. But the key factor to falling and staying in love is compatibility.

But this is often a misunderstood concept. It doesn’t refer to physical attraction, chemistry, or sometimes even similarity. Compatibility is the ease with which two people communicate and relate to each other.

So, have you found your love compatibility?

Why Do We Fall In Love?

Now let’s talk about why we fall in love in the first place.

Love Connects

As we said before, romantic love creates a bond like no other in the world. The bonding experience you share with your romantic partner is what keeps you together. You might hate your partner sometimes, but there is something that binds you together.


We all want to feel safe and secure with someone. Ideally, you love someone because you find stability, comfort, and safety in that person. Your love partner is your emergency contact. You know you can rely on him/her.

When you are with a man or woman you love, you do not feel at risk of being hurt.

Helps With Trust

You trust someone you love. And as your love grows, so does your trust. You want to be there for someone and you want that someone to be there for you.

And the closer you become, the more trust you earn. And the safer you feel.

Love Makes Life Beautiful

When you are in love, you feel good about yourself. You want to make your life better and more enriched. At the end of the day, we all want full life and feel fulfilled.


Human Nature

At the end of the day, we are wired to seek emotional connection. Even before words and communication, people back in the day formed bonds. And families enjoyed that connection.

Serves As Inspiration

The person you love usually inspires you. You look up to your romantic partner and admire him/her. Your love partner makes you want to be better, both for you and for them. A true partner will inspire you, challenge you, encourage you, and support you at the same time.


Sometimes people might think they are in love with one another. But the reality is they codependent. You feel that person is the yin to your yang or vice versa. You need each other to be who and what you are.

But be careful, codependence isn’t love. Yes, it can grow out to and from something more. But loving someone because you feel nothing without them is no real feeling.


We can get addicted to love. In the same way, we can get addicted to alcohol, drugs, and other things, we can get addicted to love as well. In fact, there is no other rush like this drug. You love to love. This is an addiction to the surge of emotions and your brain chemistry.

Social Standards

Sometimes we fall in real love because we feel the need to comply with social standards. Being a couple satisfies society. And sometimes, this can lead to you loving someone.


Lust and physical attraction are two things that can spill into unconditional love. When you are intimate with someone, you ignite an emotional response. Being attracted to someone and touching that person, kissing that person, or having sex can mimic the sensation of love.

But never mistake lust for love.


Speaking about intimacy, we are not talking about being intimate with someone. Intimacy is not just about sex. It is about closeness. That includes feeling familiar with someone. And the more time you spend together, that feeling of closeness grows.

This is actually one of the reasons why people often fall in love with friends or people they work with. They are naturally in their comfort zone and there is a closeness between them.

Happily Ever After

You can blame Disney for this. We have watched movies and cartoons ever since we were little kids. And at the end of the movie, comes that line, “and they lived happily ever after”. That is something we crave. We all want to be happy.

How to Explain Why You Love Someone?



Let’s try to explain how you know that you love someone. We talked about why you love someone. There are many reasons for that. But how do you know you are in love? Here are a couple of factors to pay attention to.

You Love Them For Who They Are

When you love someone, you accept them. You love their personality. And you love them for exactly who they are. That is the person you fell for. If you do not love his/her personality, you cannot say you are in love. You might feel physical attraction or sexual attraction to someone. But if you do not accept them, you are not loving them.

You Find Them Attractive

Physical attraction is part of love. And no, it is not shallow to find someone really attractive. This might sound like a superficial reason, but being physically attracted to someone is important. Yes, you are allowed to be a little shallow sometimes.

But that doesn’t mean you are attracted to her boobs, his butt, her butt, his six-pack. Sometimes, you might love the eyes, smile, or even his beard. Whatever floats your boat.

You Love Their Sense Of Humor

Being able to laugh and smile is also a huge part of a loving relationship. Making someone laugh is one of the best ways to bond. There is nothing that feels quite as good.

You Feel Free To Be Yourself

We talked about this before but from a different point of view. And now, let’s talk from the most important point of view. You know you love someone when you feel free to be yourself with them and around them. That is what a healthy relationship is all about.

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