Signs He’s Falling in Love That Speak Louder than “I Love You”

We all experience love in a different way. We have our own personal lens. Yet, there are certain patterns that tend to display over and over again. For example, men have their own signs he’s falling in love. And these speak more than “I Love You”. Sometimes, you do not need to hear the three magical words. You can look at the actions of a man falling in love.

Keep an eye for early signs he’s falling for you. Not all men display all signs. But the signs are fairly universal, and they are easy to spot. If you have the hots for someone, wait and see. You do not want to come off as desperate. Assess the situation, check his body language, and then make your move.

How does Love feel for a Man?

They say men love deeper than women. And that might be true. Love goes beyond surface attraction for men. They fall to a much deeper level. For men, love makes them feel vulnerable. And it is a polar opposite of their comfort zone. We teach men to toughen up and ignore their emotions. Trying to suppress their feeling can make them uncomfortable.

Men fall in love faster and express their feelings earlier than women. And they do that in two ways. By displaying subtle signs he’s falling for you, and by saying “I love you”.

When men experience love, it affects them deeply. They want to take care of their girlfriend, protect her, and make her happy. These goals often make them do things they wouldn’t do otherwise.

How do men express their love?

Men start showing their love by the actions they perform. Look at the romantic body language when a man falls in love. Some men still put their feelings into words. But actions come much sooner. For men, it is harder to say I love you than it is for women.

Luckily, their body language reveals more than their mouth.

Difference between secure and insecure man

Men can feel insecure and vulnerable when there are feelings involved. Past rejections, past betrayals, and similar past experiences can make them insecure. You might not know his dating history, but you can feel his insecurity. These events shape his outlook on love and his willingness to declare his feelings for you.

This type of insecurity shows in a different way than signs he’s falling in love. He texts you more often than before. He might get jealous easily. In many relationships, insecurity is a deal-breaker. It can often lead to negative patterns.

Top 13 Signs He’s Falling in Love

He asks for the future

He might start asking questions like “What do you plan to do this weekend”. Or go even further like moving to a place or having kids. He is just showing interest in your aspirations. Communicating about these sorts of things creates a certain level of intimacy.

He stares at you

Pay attention to his eyes, and where does he point them. His eyes are a window to the soul. They are the first early sign of falling in love. If he tries to maintain eye contact, he is definitely falling for you. And if they move quickly to your body, he is just lusting for you.

He does things for you

Does he go out of his way to please your quirks? For example, does he go and pick up your favorite snack at the store without any question? Or he helps you with chores at home. When he tries to do things to please you, you can be certain he is in love. Men have an instinctual need to do what makes their partner happy.

He listens to you

If a guy has only a physical interest in you, he pretends to listen. But when a guy truly listens, that is one of the signs he’s starting to fall in love. He takes the time to listen to what you have to say. And he remembers it days after. It is a sign you are important to him.

He puts you first

Does he let you pick the dinner spot? Or he offers to run to the store when you are craving something? The term experts use is compassionate love. These small and selfless acts are one of the best signs he’s falling in love with you.

He is the perfect gentleman

Chivalry is not dead. You can be sure of that. When a man is in love, he is the perfect gentleman. He works hard to make a lasting impression on you. For example, he says the right things, he is careful how he looks and acts. And he wants everything to be perfect. In his eyes, you deserve everything to be right.

A gentleman will respect you, trust you, and make everything for you.

He loves your weird side

If you want to test your man and his feelings for you, just act weird. If he doesn’t run in the other direction, he might be the one. The man who loves you finds your weird act endearing and charming.

He understands you well and has the ability to pick up your weird side.

He laughs with you

For men, one of the best signs the woman he loves cares for him is the laugh. If she laughs at your jokes, you have her. It is the same the other way around. Men try to make a woman laugh. And when she laughs, and they laugh with you, the stars are in place. The more you laugh together, the stronger your chemistry will be.

He reveals intimate details

How does a man act when he’s falling in love? Well, he starts to share intimate details. People often run when they hear the word “intimacy”. It is not all about sex. Intimacy is more about details not many people know. For example, when your partner shares his deepest fears with you. He is trying to show a level of trust.

He smile says it all

You cannot fake happiness. If you see your man flashing a smile at you from across the room, he is yours. Some people might try to fake happiness and a smile, but that will not last long.

He cannot sit still

This is one of the signs he’s falling for you but scared to admit. Men can get nervous around the person they love. You will easily notice him. He will shift positions in the chair often.

He can also laugh nervously and feel insecure. These are all signs he is afraid to fall for you. He wants everything to be perfect.

He says we

What does a man think when he falls in love? This might bother some of your friends and surroundings, but your man says “we” more than “me”. Strong couples think of themselves as a unit. He refers to himself as part of the couple.

He takes you home

Be careful with this one. Some guys do it so that they can fool around with you. But the man who loves you will take you home for different reasons. He wants to spend the night alongside you, and be there when you wake up.

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