Spy Dialer – Find Out Who Calls You from an Unknown Number

Do you receive a lot of calls from an unknown number? Are you curious about who the caller is? Or why he is calling you? Well, you might need some help from a tool like Spy Dialer.

Many years ago, when you wanted to track a person or a phone number, you had to access the local authorities and go through a time-consuming process. But that is all history. Now you can use free phone number lookup services.

Nowadays, when you get a telephone call from a number you do not recognize, you have options to find out more. You cannot know who the caller was. But with free reverse telephone apps, and reverse cell phone number search engines, you can find out.

What is it?

Simply put, Spy Dialer is a free reverse phone lookup website collecting billions of phone numbers that include VOIP, cell phones, and landlines. The service uses public data to provide its users with the photos and names of someone they were looking for.

Think of it as a sneaky and fast reverse phone lookup service available on the web.

The Spy Dialer website does searches using email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and landlines to provide you with the correct information about the number that called you. It is 100% free for users and much better than similar services, like Google phone number lookup.

How does it work?

You might think the service Spy Dialer provides are illegal. But that is not the case. What is the Spy Dialer free reverse phone number lookup and how does it work?

The website has collected billions of numbers and created a reverse phone lookup for cell phones, VOIP, and landlines.

The website is sneaky, working with mobile phones, email addresses, and landlines. Even non-published numbers. Yet, at the same time, legal. The website uses public data to find owner names and photos for unknown and suspicious phone number lookups. You can find out who the number is registered to. Who is the person calling and texting you?

If you need a catfish phone number search, Spy Dialer is the way to go. It is sneaky but legal.

It is free. This is your best 100% totally free phone number lookup by name. It is better than Caller ID or cell phone trackers.

What are some other ways to find an unknown number?

In order to fully understand how great Spy Dialer is, we need to explain some of the other ways you can find a person’s number online.

The first way is to use a people search site or people finder tool. These sites and tools have been around for a while and provide information using public records on a person. The problem is with most of these websites and tools, you will have to enter your email at some point or be redirected to a site that requires registration or payment.

Social media is another way to try. If you can find the person on social media, or you are already connected, you can check the profile to look for a phone number. Remember, Facebook requires users to enter their phone number for two-factor authentication. Yet, this data can be made private.

You can always go back to basics and try using Google. Type in a person’s name and other information you have about him/her, and see what will Google deliver. You can use the same concept with a phone number. You might get countless numbers, but the more info you provide, the easier it will be for the search platform to narrow it down.

What Makes it Great?

So, why is Spy Dialer so good at what it does? Well, for starters, it does a frighteningly good job of pulling information and quickly displaying the full name associated with multiple numbers.

Spy Dialer also shows a map with the general location based on the number’s three-digit area code. This might sound jarring for some of you, but area codes have been used to identify where phones were activated for a long time.

Now, if the person with the phone number has moved since acquiring his current cellphone number, Spy Dialer might have outdated information.

Besides the general information, Spy Dialer also pulls up some other information. For example, the length that someone has had phone service and the chances of it being a cellphone versus a landline. But the best thing about the service is that it is completely free.

There is no paid option. Spy Dialer claims it gets the information from public data and user-contributed address books. Now, if you are worried about what the service has on you, here is the best part. You can remove all your info from the Spy Dialer database for free. You can just go to the Remove My Info page.

Yet, it is not possible to change or correct your info.

At the moment, the website is limited to the United States only.

Is it anonymous?

People often ask questions like “my cell phone got spy dialed, can you tell me who did it”. Sadly, as a free service, Spy Dialer does not register its users.

Another common question is “will the person know I checked on them”. Well, all lookups at Spy Dialer are anonymous. But there is one exception, and that is the Spy Dialer voicemail lookup. It often leaves a missed call number that when called plays a message telling the person they’ve been spy dialed. That person will not know who spy dialed them but will know he/she got spy dialed.

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