Stone Pillow Movie Review: Comfy or Just a Gimmick?

Lately, we’ve been exploring some classic cinema and stumbled upon “Stone Pillow” featuring the legendary Lucille Ball. This isn’t your typical Lucille Ball fare, but it certainly showcases her incredible range as an actress.

“Stone Pillow” paints a poignant picture of life on the streets, with Ball’s character guiding us through the harsh realities faced by the homeless. Daphne Zuniga presents a heartfelt performance that complements Ball’s, and together they make a memorable duo. The movie doesn’t shy away from the gritty details, offering a mix of drama that’s both touching and thought-provoking.

With English subtitles and audio, it’s easy to follow along, and though the content advisory warns of violence and foul language, it serves to enhance the film’s authenticity. Our cozy night in with this film left us reflecting deeply on the social issues it brings to light.

Bottom Line

“Stone Pillow” offers a different perspective on the life and talent of Lucille Ball, and it has the power to stir up a range of emotions. If you feel like diving into a film that tackles tough subjects with grace and a strong performance, this is one to watch.

Tap into the raw energy of Lucille Ball in a role that stands apart from her comedic legacy.

The family drama from 1985 includes an amazing cast. Lucille Ball stars as Florabelle, followed by Daphne Zuniga as Carrie Lang, Stephen Lang as Tim, William Converse Roberts as Max, Anna Maria Horsford as Collins, Susan Batson as Ruby, Rebecca Schull as Mrs Nelson, and Stefan Schnabel as Mr Berman.

Overview of Stone Pillow

After spending a few evenings tucking into ‘Stone Pillow’, we were drawn into a world brought to life by the legendary Lucille Ball. In this heartfelt drama, Ball steps away from her iconic comedic persona, portraying a homeless woman with a story that is as moving as it is eye-opening. Joined by Daphne Zuniga and William Converse-Roberts, the cast delivers performances that resonate with genuine emotion and depth.

The film’s production values are modest, true to the gritty reality it depicts. Under George Schaefer’s direction, the story unfolds with a raw and unfiltered lens, often challenging us to face the uncomfortable truths of society’s fringes. For those of us who appreciate having additional context, the English subtitles are a thoughtful inclusion, ensuring that none of the impactful dialogue is missed.

While ‘Stone Pillow’ doesn’t shy away from tough subjects like violence and the harsh street language, it’s this unwavering realism that gives the film its soul-stirring quality. It’s a viewing experience that sticks with you, prompting reflection and offering a different perspective on life’s hardships. Yes, it’s quite the departure from the lighter roles we’re used to seeing from Ball, but it’s a testament to her versatility and commitment to her craft.

Unique Storytelling

While settling in for movie night recently, we stumbled upon “Stone Pillow” and were intrigued by its narrative grasp. It’s not every day one finds a movie that not just entertains but also leaves a warm, lingering thought. Lucille Ball’s unconventional portrayal in this film bridges the gap between the audience and a world that’s usually ignored—the life of a homeless person in New York City.

This movie compels us to look beyond the surface, understanding that every person has a story worth telling. Lucille’s gritty performance elevates the film, emphasizing that storytelling can indeed be powerful without being overly dramatic. This film captures the essence of a journey, one that might be uncomfortable but is necessary and enlightening.

To be honest, not all moments hit the mark, as some instances feel contrived rather than organic. Nevertheless, the sincerity and the courage to tackle such a sobering theme through a unique lens mostly resonate with us. Despite its flaws, “Stone Pillow” offers a poignant window into struggles that are too easily overlooked.

Enthralling Performances

When we settled in to watch “Stone Pillow,” our expectations were far from set in stone, but we were quickly captivated. Lucille Ball, in a role far removed from her comedic comfort zone, delivers a performance that’s both unexpected and deeply moving. While “Stone Pillow” may not be the latest blockbuster, it has a certain charm that had us glued to the screen.

The raw emotion portrayed as Ball’s character navigates life on the streets brought forward a genuine sense of empathy in us, and we couldn’t help but feel connected to the narrative. It’s not every day you find a film that manages to hold your attention not with special effects, but with the sheer force of its lead actor’s talent.

However, it’s important to note that while the film pulls at the heartstrings, some scenes might feel paced slower than what we’re accustomed to in today’s cinema, which could test the patience of viewers expecting constant action.

Still, “Stone Pillow” is a testament to Ball’s range as an actress and a refreshing reminder of the powerful impact that a well-depicted story can have on us.

The family drama from 1985 includes an amazing cast. Lucille Ball stars as Florabelle, followed by Daphne Zuniga as Carrie Lang, Stephen Lang as Tim, William Converse Roberts as Max, Anna Maria Horsford as Collins, Susan Batson as Ruby, Rebecca Schull as Mrs Nelson, and Stefan Schnabel as Mr Berman.

Audio and Subtitle Features

After curling up for a movie night with “Stone Pillow,” we noticed a few audio and subtitle features that stand out. First off, the audio quality is solid—it’s available solely in English, and it does a good job immersing us in the story without any notable distractions. The dialogue comes through clear, so no straining our ears to catch the plot.

Subtitles can be hugely helpful, and “Stone Pillow” offers English [CC], which we found accurate. For anyone hard of hearing or watching where audio isn’t an option, these subtitles are spot on. They keep up with the dialogue well, ensuring we don’t miss any of Lucille Ball’s witty lines.

On the downside, these are the only options available; there aren’t multiple language tracks or subtitle options, which might limit some viewers. However, for English speakers, our viewing experience was smooth and enjoyable.


Recently, we cuddled up with the Stone Pillow for a movie night and were struck by its unexpected charm. This gem from the ’80s, featuring Lucille Ball in a heartfelt role, is a poignant departure from her usual comedic persona. It’s an emotional ride, highlighting the actress’s range and giving us a deeper look into the struggles of homelessness.

Here’s the good stuff we noticed: the plot is incredibly immersive, often pulling us right into the streets where the story unfolds—quite the emotional journey. The production quality, while reflective of its time, has a certain nostalgia that really adds to the viewing experience. We also appreciate that the DVD offers decent video and audio quality, ensuring we don’t miss a beat of Lucille’s powerful performance.

It’s refreshing to see a piece that sheds light on important social issues with such grace. It resonates with a broad audience, proving a classic can still tug at our heartstrings. For anyone who’s a fan of Ball or touching narratives, this film is a beautiful reminder of the joys and sorrows that connect us all.


First off, let’s talk about what could be better with the Stone Pillow. Now, we’re not saying it’s not a worthwhile watch – just that nothing’s perfect. If you’re planning a movie marathon, the pacing might seem a bit slow. We found ourselves checking the clock a few times, which is never a great sign when you’re trying to get lost in a story.

The film quality itself can feel a bit dated. It’s like that old VHS tape vibe – nostalgic, sure, but also a reminder that it’s not quite keeping up with today’s HD standards. To some of us, this adds charm, but for those who love that crisp image, it might be a bit of a letdown.

Lastly, while Lucille Ball’s performance is impressive, it’s a sharp turn from her usual comedic roles. It takes a minute to adjust your expectations – which is not a bad thing, but worth mentioning if you’re used to seeing her make you laugh.

Overall, a few hiccups here and there, but we think it’s important you know about them before diving in.

Customer Reviews

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We’ve spent some quality time with the Stone Pillow and it’s been quite an experience. It’s safe to say this isn’t your run-of-the-mill movie; it’s something that sticks with you. Lucille Ball, known for her comedic genius, takes a dramatic turn here, delivering a powerful performance that’s both heart-wrenching and inspiring. While it can be a tough watch due to its raw portrayal of life on the streets, the film doesn’t shy away from reality, which is commendable.

Yes, it’s not perfect – parts of the narrative could have been fleshed out more, and some may find it slightly dated. However, the authenticity that Ball brings to her character makes up for any shortcomings. It’s a film that’s likely to spark a lot of discussion and reflection, which is always the sign of a story that means something. If you’re in the mood for a film with depth and a standout performance, the Stone Pillow might just be worth your time.

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