The most common travel mistakes and how to avoid them

After two years of on/off lockdowns and holidays being out of the question, it is safe to say that we are all a bit out of practice with travelling. Once seasoned travellers are now struggling to familiarise themselves with the process. Below, travel experts from Wizz Air reveal the most common travel mistakes and advise on how best to avoid them.


It’s your first holiday after almost two years of lockdown, so, understandably, you would like to bring enough clothes and supplies in preparation for anything, however, Wizz warns that this can cause unnecessary expense. “Make sure you check the baggage allowance that you’ve purchased with your plane ticket,” Wizz advise. “Assuming all airlines offer the same baggage allowance is incorrect, as each one offers a different amount. Most flight tickets include a free carry-on bag, placed under the seat, and offer upgrades for bigger trolley and checked-in bags. Always check what your ticket includes and whether or not you require an upgrade.”

Disregarding your documents

Ensure you double-check all your travel documents before travelling, as the last thing you want is finding out your passport is about to expire. Wizz advises, “if you hold a UK passport, from the day of travel your passport will need to have at least 6 months left on it. Otherwise, you risk not being allowed to board your plane.”

Wizz continues “simply double, even triple check, your plane ticket and ensure all the information is correct. It is also worth checking with your airline to see if any insurance or cancellation policy comes with the ticket, in case of cancellation due to covid-19 restrictions.”

Neglecting to purchase insurance

It has always been advisable to take out travel insurance but especially with covid still being present around the world, it is necessary now more than ever. Wizz advises “if you do not have appropriate insurance before you travel and have a medical emergency while abroad, then you may be liable for thousands of pounds. If you do already have a travel insurance plan in place, then you should check what cover it provides for any coronavirus related events, for example, travel disruption.”

Forgoing a budget

It’s understandable to want to make up for lost time and having a big blowout on holiday, however, Wizz advises travel can be done on a smaller budget. “Plan a loose itinerary before you depart and work out how much money you need to bring,” Wizz advise. “Shop around for the best currency conversion rates and look for a fee-free international debit or credit card to use while abroad.”

Not utilising technology

Many of us seem to prefer sticking to the “traditional” ways of working, despite technology taking a lot of stress and planning out of travel. “Check your airline and see whether they provide apps which allow you to check in to your flight, store your boarding passes and even make changes to your reservations,” Wizz explain. “Using apps allow you to save time at the airport and sends you up to date notifications on flight information and status.”

Wizz continues “to access boarding passes, most apps won’t require internet connection, meaning you don’t need to worry about having to connect to Wi-Fi or using mobile data.”

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