The Parkers Cast: Where Are the Talented Stars Now?

“The Parkers” is a popular American television sitcom that aired from August 30, 1999, to May 10, 2004, on UPN. Created by Ralph Farquhar, Sara V. Finney, and Vida Spears, the show follows the unique and comedic relationship between a mother-daughter duo, Nikki and Kim Parker, played by Mo’Nique and Countess Vaughn respectively. The show is centered around Nikki and Kim’s journey to obtain their college degrees at Santa Monica College, providing viewers with laughs and relatable moments along the way.

In addition to the leading stars Mo’Nique and Countess Vaughn, the The Parkers cast features talented actors such as Dorien Wilson, Jenna von Oÿ, Ken L., Mari Morrow, and Yvette Wilson. Over the course of five entertaining seasons, the show’s ensemble cast works together to deliver a sequence of engaging episodes that touch upon topics relating to family, education, and personal growth.

As a spinoff of the well-received show “Moesha,” “The Parkers” managed to create its own identity and garner a dedicated fanbase. The combination of memorable storylines and a skillful cast transformed the sitcom into a beloved classic in the world of television comedy.

Main Cast

The main The Parkers cast includes Mo’Nique, Countess Vaughn, Dorien Wilson, Jenna von Oÿ, Ken Lawson, and Yvette Wilson. The TV show showcases the dynamic relationship between a mother and daughter, Nikki and Kim Parker, as they navigate life while pursuing their college degrees at Santa Monica College in California.

Mo’Nique plays the role of Nikki Parker, the fun-loving and determined mother, who decides to go back to college alongside her daughter. As an actress and comedian, Mo’Nique brings her comedic flair to the TV show, making Nikki Parker a memorable and beloved character.

Countess Vaughn stars as Kim Parker, Nikki’s daughter and partner in crime at Santa Monica College. Countess Vaughn, who was also part of the “Moesha” cast, portrays Kim as an ambitious and sometimes naive young woman navigating the ups and downs of college life.

Dorien Wilson plays the role of Professor Stanley Oglevee, a charming and somewhat egotistical faculty member at Santa Monica College. As Professor Oglevee, Dorien Wilson showcases his acting range, portraying a character often caught in humorous situations with his students, particularly with Nikki Parker.

Jenna von Oÿ joins the cast as Stevie Van Lowe, a close friend to Kim Parker and another student at Santa Monica College. Known for her previous role in the sitcom “Blossom,” Jenna von Oÿ brings her acting experience to create a unique and memorable character in the comedy series.

Ken Lawson portrays Tyrell Ellis, a student at Santa Monica College who often finds himself entangled in the lives of the Parkers. Ken Lawson’s performance adds another layer of humor and camaraderie to the show.

Lastly, Yvette Wilson plays Andell Wilkerson, a close friend to both Nikki and Kim Parker, who owns a hangout spot called “The Den” where the main characters often gather. Yvette Wilson’s portrayal of Andell adds depth and a sense of community to the series.

Together, these actors bring life to the unique and engaging world of “The Parkers,” making it a beloved and well-remembered sitcom with a strong connection to its parent series, “Moesha.”

Supporting Cast

The Parkers would not have been the beloved sitcom it was without the talents of its diverse supporting cast. Among these gifted actors are Bill Boulware, who served as a writer and producer, and Gary M. Goodrich, known for his work as a writer on the show. The skills of writers such as Michelle Listenbee Brown, Stacey Evans Morgan, and Dwight Woody also played an essential part in creating the memorable series.

In addition to the remarkable writing team, the acting talents on The Parkers encompassed a wide range of exceptional performers. Some of the most notable guest stars include Paulette Braxton, who played an unforgettable role in multiple episodes, Trent Cameron, Mari Morrow, and the late Thomas Mikal Ford. Renowned comedians Kym Whitley and Kel Mitchell made appearances as well, contributing to the show’s humor-filled atmosphere.

Throughout its five-season run, The Parkers showcased a variety of other prominent actors, such as Lamont Bentley, Cherie Johnson, Shannon Tweed, and Earl Billings. The cast was further enriched by the distinguished performances of Shar Jackson, Lark Voorhies, Aloma Wright, Suzzanne Douglas, and George Wallace.

The series also featured cameos by renowned acting veterans, such as Veronica Redd, Nancy Wilson, and Isabel Sanford. In addition, talented young actors like Porscha Coleman, Vivica A. Fox, and Eric Winter graced the screen, offering their own significant contributions to the show.

In sum, The Parkers’ supporting cast encompassed a wide range of talented individuals from various backgrounds, with each actor adding their own unique flair to the show’s tapestry. Their collaborative efforts created a rich and engaging television experience, leaving a lasting impression on fans and viewers alike.

Sitcom Overview

“The Parkers” is a popular American comedy sitcom originally aired on UPN from 1999 to 2004. Created by Ralph Farquhar, Sara Finney-Johnson, and Vida Spears, the show focuses on the unique relationship between a mother and daughter attending college together. Set in Santa Monica, California, the series follows the duo as they navigate the challenges of academia, friendships, and love lives at Santa Monica College.

The show starred Mo’Nique as the sassy and determined mother, Nikki Parker, alongside Countess Vaughn as her smart and ambitious daughter, Kimberly Ann “Kim” Parker. The cast of “The Parkers” also included noteworthy actors such as Dorien Wilson, Mari Morrow, Jenna von O, Ken L, and Yvette Wilson. Some of the standout characters in the series were Stevie Van Lowe and Andell Wilkerson, who provided comic relief and served as close friends to the main characters.

Throughout its five seasons, “The Parkers” made its mark as a lighthearted comedy sitcom that resonated with audiences. With a total of 110 episodes, the series gained a strong following and garnered mostly favorable reviews for its unique blend of humor and heartwarming moments. As a spin-off from the successful UPN sitcom “Moesha,” “The Parkers” included several crossover episodes and guest appearances from the original cast, further solidifying its place in the television landscape.

In more recent years, the show has found a new home on BET, where it continues to entertain audiences with its timeless comedy. Additionally, it has become available on various streaming platforms, such as Netflix, for fans both old and new to binge-watch and enjoy. Overall, “The Parkers” remains an iconic sitcom that highlighted the power of family, friendship, and perseverance in the face of life’s challenges.

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