Things to Do in Melbourne If You’re Single

Being single can sometimes create feelings of loneliness and joylessness if you can’t find any creative and fun ways to spend your time. However, looking in the right places could offer so many opportunities to explore new things and make new friends. If you’re single in Melbourne, you can still have a lot of fun because the city is full of creativity and has lots of paid and free events you could enjoy. Also, the city has plenty of galleries, eateries, coffee shops, live performances and so much more to keep you occupied.

Here are some of the things you could do in Melbourne if you’re single:

Spend time in St Kilda

You can visit St Kilda and do several exciting things and have fun — even on a solo trip. To get to St Kilda, hop onto a tram from the Central Business District and it will take you to the lovely suburbs within a short time. Some of the things you could try in St Kilda include enjoying sumptuous meals in one of the eateries along Acland Street, swimming and basking on St Kilda Beach trying some of the exciting rides at the Luna Park, or strolling along the pier.

Additionally, you will not be able to get enough of the awesome views of the skyline as captured from the pier. Moreover, you can take a moment after dusk to watch the penguins as St Kilda houses a colony of penguins, whose living place is in the rocks found at the end.

Although Melbourne has many great places to visit, St Kilda is certainly one of the best, and you will have lots of fun even if you’re single.

Catch views of the city from the Eureka Tower

If you have not gone up the Eureka Tower, you may not yet realise just how beautiful Melbourne is, especially as the sun goes down. To enjoy breath-taking views of the city, head up to the Eureka Skydeck on the Eureka Tower’s 88th floor. The Skydeck is 285 meters above sea level. Perched at the observation deck, preferably on a clear day, you will get to truly appreciate how expansive the city is. You should consider hiring one of the best Melbourne escorts to keep you company as you enjoy the great sights of the city, and later spend some intimate moments together creating lasting memories.

Go back in time at the Melbourne Museum

If you would like to revisit days gone by and get an idea of Australia’s history, take your time and check out the Melbourne Museum. This is an incredible place rich with a combination of exhibits of science, natural history and Australia’s past.  Additionally, the museum has a real live forest, a lovely gallery and hosts the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest IMAX movie theatre. With all these things, you have more than enough activities to fill your time at the museum.

Enjoy some of the best coffee

Unless you don’t like coffee, you cannot miss enjoying a cup of coffee in Melbourne, with cafés all over the city. You can read a book, listen to some music on your earphones or just enjoy people watching as the world goes by as you sip your coffee in some of the best spots such as Seven Seeds, St Ali, Industry Beans or one of many others.


Melbourne is certainly one of the most beautiful and exciting cities if you’re single because it has so much to offer. You can spend time at St Kilda swimming or basking on the beach, tour the Melbourne Museum, and enjoy meals and coffees in some of the best spots as well as climbing the Eureka Tower to catch some great views of the city.

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