25 Vegan Coffee Recipes So Healthy And Oh So Tasty

Regular old black coffee is vegan. However, coffee recipes like cappuccino, and similar lattes with milk are not. Vegans have to come up with substitutes and alternatives for milk in their coffee.

Luckily for them, and for you if you are a vegan, there are many tasty and flavorful substitutes for milk. Most vegan milk substitutes are made of nuts, like almond milk and cashew milk. They deliver the same creamy consistency similar as milk, but not the same taste.

These substitutes for dairy milk are best in non-savory dishes, and coffee fits that bill. Here are some recipes how to prepare your vegan coffee in the morning.

1. Paleo Mocha Frappe

vegan coffee paleo mocha frappe vegan gluten free paleo dairy free beamingbaker

You can even have some chocolate on this paleo mocha coffee. Isn’t that something delightful? Anyway, let’s start the vegan coffee recipes list with a classic one. Mocha is a classic latte drink, and now you can learn how to prepare the perfect one.

2. Vegan Caramel Frappuccino

vegan coffee vegan caramel frappuccino liveeatlearn

Caramel Frappuccino is one of the best-sellers at Starbucks. People love it. But if you are a vegan, you will have to find an alternative for the milk inside. Tell the guys at Starbucks, or prepare your own.

3. Coffee Masala Latte

vegan coffee coffee masala latte connoisseurusveg

Just look at the colors going from dark brown to light brown, to milky white. Now, this is a coffee worthy of an Instagram post. Right? And not only that, it comes without any dairy milk, perfect for vegans.

4. Turkish Coffee Milkshake

vegan coffee turkish coffee milkshake thenutfreevegan

Turkish coffee is a classic in Southeastern Europe, mainly the Balkans. What espresso is to the Italians, Turkish coffee is to the people at the Balkans. Now, you can have the taste of Turkish coffee, with the consistency of a milkshake.

5. Iced Fresh Mint Mocha

vegan coffee iced fresh mint mocha darngoodveggies

There are just so many ways to prepare a mocha coffee. We started the list with a classic recipe, and now we continue to the more fancy drinks. This one delivers a refreshing kick thanks to the mint leaves. Serve it iced for the summer days.

6. Date Sweetened On The Go Coffee

vegan coffee ealthy date sweetened on the go iced coffee dairy free mychefsapron

Dates are some of the perfect natural sweeteners for vegans. Since chocolate is out of the list, especially milk chocolate, you need something natural for the sweet tooth of yours. Enter dates, loaded with sugar, but in a natural form.

7. Chai Tea Latte

vegan coffee chai tea latte livveganstrong

Chai tea latte is another classic drink that comes in many variations. We start off with the classic one, which is a flavored black tea with a mixture of aromatic spices and herbs. A staple in many coffee and tea houses, chai tea latte is also available in vegan form. Try it.

8. Herbal Healing Coffee Latte

vegan coffee spring detox liver healing nettle herbal coffee latte mytinylagunakitchen

Here is another version of the chai latte, this one made with more herbs than usual. Not only it will help you get your daily dose of caffeine, but it will also deliver some healing benefits. Great two in one combination, to be fair.

9. Cinnamon Cashew Coffee

vegan coffee cinnamon cashew coffee homebakedbliss

We said at the beginning that milk made of nuts, like cashews, is a perfect alternative to dairy milk. And if you want a bit more flavor to your daily dose of caffeine, cinnamon gives you a sweet, but delightful taste.

10. Skinny Coffee Smoothie

vegan coffee rise shine skinny coffee smoothie inkatrinaskitchen

Skinny coffee means no fat. Or in other words, coffee made with skinny milk. Perfect for those who want to drink coffee, but lose some weight as well. Now, don’t think you can shed 10 pounds per week by drinking skinny coffee.

11. Iced Activated Charcoal Latte

vegan coffee iced activated charcoal latte nyssaskitchen

You will be surprised by all of the uses and benefits of activated charcoal. Yes, you can even make a coffee with it. With that in mind, this iced coffee is perfect for the hot summer days. Need of refreshing? There you go!

12. Comomelo Coffee Melon Molasses

vegan coffee comomelo coffee melon molasses plantydelights

Melons are summer fruits. And once the summer is here, we cannot get enough of it. Regular melon, or watermelon, we all need and want some. With that in mind, you can also use melons to get your vegan coffee. Here is one recipe to try.

13. Almond Joy Frappuccino

vegan coffee skinny almond joy frappuccino amyshealthybaking

The Frappuccino is a trademark drink of Starbucks. Basically, it is iced and blended coffee drink. But it comes served with dairy milk. And as a vegan, you do not want that. Almond milk is a perfect alternative, and one with a bit sweeter taste.

14. Avocado Coffee

vegan coffee avocado coffee wickedhealthyfood

It is time for a super drink. Made of superfoods, the avocado coffee will satisfy your craving for caffeine, but also bring some healthy benefits to the table. Avocados are high in healthy fats, and you need those for heart health.

15. Pistachio Coffee Latte

vegan coffee pistachio coffee latte recipe zestfulkitchen

Pistachios are underrated nuts, only because it is a bit boring to clean the shell and eat them. But if you buy cleaned pistachios, they can be great for your dairy milk alternative. The nutty flavor is definitely a refreshing for a coffee drink.

16. Cocoa Cold Brew Smoothie

vegan coffee cocoa cold brew smoothie foodtofeelgood

Cocoa powder is one of the staple ingredients in a vegan diet. Why? Because it can be used in so many different recipes. Need a drink in the morning that is not coffee? Cocoa is the answer. This is more of a smoothie than a cocoa drink, but it is still made of cocoa beans/powder.

17. Coconut Mocha Frappuccino

vegan coffee mocha frappuccino coconut fooddonelight

The coconut frappuccino is another drink you can easily prepare at home. All you need is some coconut milk or water, and you have a vegan latte. It is that simple.

18. Healthy Vanilla Protein Frappe

vegan coffee healthy vanilla protein frappe lisasdinnertimedish

If you need caffeine, but also some protein, we have the recipe for you. This energetic drink will give you enough boost to go through the day, but also get some workout done. Consume it post-workout for refreshment of your muscles.

19. Cloud Macchiato

vegan coffee cloud mocchiato bittersweetblog

The signature look of macchiato is foam. If your macchiato is not foamed, feel free to return it to the waiter. Basically, a macchiato is an espresso drink with just a small amount of milk, which is foamed. In Italian, the drink is translated as stained coffee. Enjoy it.

20. Vegan Frappuccino

vegan coffee vegan frappuccino riseshinecook

The popularity of Starbucks made Frappuccino one of the most well-known drinks in the world. And now we have a recipe for a healthier version. Prepare it at home.

21. Iced Golden Milk Mocha Latte

vegan coffee iced golden milk mocha latte

Milky white is a color we all know. It refers to the white color of milk. But in some cases, like this one, milk can take on other colors. This drink is not only healthy, but also fancy. Take a picture of it after you prepare it, and post it on Instagram. Your friends will envy you for sure.

22. Paleo Caramel Macchiato

vegan coffee paleo caramel macchiato sabrinassinlesssecrets

There are just so many ways you can prepare a macchiato. As long as the end result is foamed coffee, you are good to go. This is the best paleo version you can find.

23. Espresso Maca Banana Smoothie

vegan coffee espresso maca banana smoothie nourisheveryday

Vegan coffee recipes can sometimes include a smoothie, as long as the basis is a type of coffee. Espresso smoothies are quite popular, as they give you a kick to start off the day. Just don’t add milk and you are good to go.

24. Coffee Mocha Smoothie

vegan coffee cafe mocha smoothie annacookingconcept

For all your mocha fans out there, here is a smoothie that is a great alternative for the morning dose cup. You even get some healthy benefits and nutritional value.

25. Chocolate Peanut Butter Latte

vegan coffee homemade chocolate peanut butter latte sinfulnutrition

Drinking vegan coffee with a touch of chocolate. Now isn’t that the dream? There is no reason to ditch chocolate if you are vegan. And this coffee shows you exactly that.

With that in mind, we would love to hear how you start off the day. What is your favorite vegan coffee?

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