Viking Blood Movie Review- A Taste of History?

Getting lost in a historical action film is one of our favorite pastimes, especially on those lazy weekend afternoons. We recently curled up with “Viking Blood,” a movie filled with valor and confrontations, reminiscent of ancient Scandinavian warriors. This flick caught our attention with its rugged cast and a storyline that promises a thrilling ride.

Portrayed by actors like Robert Follin, Mia Lerdam, and Uri L. Schwarz, the film delivers on action scenes that are both intense and immersive. We also appreciate the movie’s production quality, courtesy of a team led by Uri L. Schwarz. While some storytelling elements may feel familiar, the film manages to stand apart with its captivating cinematography and powerful scenes of conflict. English subtitles come in handy, and with English audio, it’s easy for us to follow the historically inspired saga.

While we were fully warned about the violence and alcohol use within the movie, these elements were depicted within the context of the era, contributing a layer of authenticity to the harsh living conditions and societal norms of the times.

Bottom Line

“Viking Blood” is our latest recommendation for anyone who’s intrigued by tales of old warrior clans and historical action. It offers a slice of escapism with a potent blend of drama and battle.

Eager for some edge-of-your-seat action? We say give “Viking Blood” a shot.

Viking Blood Overview

Recently, we spent an evening watching “Viking Blood,” a film that whisked us away on a gritty adventure, mingling history with action-packed sequences. It’s a well-crafted production with Robert Follin and Mia Lerdam in leading roles, who both turn in performances that bring a raw energy to the screen.

The movie is housed under the Cinedigm studio banner, and the collective effort of producers including Uri L. Schwarz and Stuart Alson is evident in the quality of the film. Uri L. Schwarz also takes the director’s chair, steering this ship through tumultuous narrative waters with assurance.

In terms of accessibility, English subtitles are available, which we found helpful, and the audio is delivered in clear English. However, keep in mind that “Viking Blood” doesn’t shy away from depicting acts of violence or scenes involving alcohol use, as the content advisory notes—it’s certainly not a pick for a light-hearted movie night.

All in all, our experience with the film was engaging, though its stark portrayal of Viking-era conflict isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a title that demands attention and might just be the right pick for those intrigued by historical dramas that don’t gloss over the era’s harsh realities.

Plot Premise

What happens when a stranger finds himself in the middle of a battle between the old gods and the new? In this action movie, we see how a warrior decides that neither side deserves to win.

The movie follows the story of a lone Viking warrior. Raised in a world of violent superstition, the warrior takes upon himself to change the way of his people. He stands against ancient traditions, sparking a battle between good and evil.

As for the cast, we have Karen Margrethe Gotfredsen as Freya, Mia Lerdam as Astrid, Robert Follin as Tor, martin Hestbaek as Earl Odinsson, Uri L Schwarz as Blacksmith, Pernille Bergendorff as Gudrum, Irina Frankild as Brynhild, and Michael Rajani as Harald.

Captivating Storyline

We’ve all come across books that grab us from the start, pulling us into their world. That’s exactly what happened with “Viking Blood.” True to its name, the narrative immerses us in an intense and robust tale from the get-go.

As someone who’s recently turned the last page, I can tell you the story has its twists and turns, keeping you glued. You feel like you’re right there alongside the characters, experiencing their triumphs and setbacks. However, it’s not all smooth sailing; some sections can feel a bit drawn out, challenging our patience at times.

Nevertheless, “Viking Blood” offers us a journey through its pages rich with conflict, alliances and the rawness of a tumultuous period. Its ability to weave historical elements with the fictional storyline is quite a feat. Honestly, it’s like a longboat adventure without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Dynamic Cast Performances

From our experience with “Viking Blood,” it’s clear that the heart of this movie lies in the strength of its ensemble. The film’s characters come to life through vivid portrayals, with each actor lending a unique flair to the storytelling. While we found some performances truly captivating, others may not have hit the mark as strongly, leaving a bit of inconsistency in the overall experience.

We were drawn in by the lead actor’s powerful presence; they seemed to embody their role with both passion and authenticity. Supporting cast members also had their moments, adding depth and range to the story. However, there were a few instances where the emotional connection could have been deeper. Despite this, we can say the performances largely succeeded in creating an immersive narrative for us.

Remember, no film’s cast is perfect. Yet, “Viking Blood” offers a range of performances that, on the whole, contribute to a richly textured tale. It was, at times, like stepping back into a raw, untamed world, much thanks to the dynamic contributions of its cast.

Cinematography Excellence

Having recently watched “Viking Blood,” we were struck by its visual storytelling. The film uses light and shadow to dramatic effect, giving depth to the rugged landscapes and intense battle scenes. Although there are no extensive reviews detailing the cinematography specifics, our viewing experience highlighted the camera work that brings the historical era to life. Close-up shots bring an intimacy to character interactions, while sweeping panoramas capture the stark beauty of the natural setting.

One thing we noticed was the use of color grading, which seems carefully chosen to reflect the mood and tone at different points in the story. The contrast and saturation are well-balanced, never overselling the drama but enhancing the narrative’s emotional core. What did stand out could have been a more ambitious composition in some scenes to further push the visual envelope.

In essence, the cinematography enlivens the narrative without overshadowing it, a testament to thoughtful filmmaking. It’s clear that the team behind “Viking Blood” has paid attention to the visual aspects that contribute to an engaging historical epic.

Audio and Subtitles

Recently, we got the chance to experience “Viking Blood,” and the audio quality truly impressed us. With the English audio track, every clash of swords and intense dialogue was crystal clear—immersive is the word that comes to mind. We were equally grateful for the English closed captions; they were spot-on and really helpful for those moments when the action got so intense we wanted to make sure we caught every line.

Despite the positives, we have to be honest—there aren’t any alternative language tracks, which might be a letdown for non-English speakers. But for anyone okay with English, the sound design won’t disappoint. It’s like being right there in the scene, feeling every pulse-racing moment of the action drama. It may not have a ton of bells and whistles in this department, but what “Viking Blood” offers is solid and supports the film well.

Pros and Cons


After having some time with “Viking Blood,” we found a few stand-out advantages that might catch your interest. The book’s writing style is highly engaging, pulling us in from the very first page. It’s apparent that the author has a way with words, creating vivid imagery that makes it easy for us to visualize the world within the story.

  • Character Development: The characters are well fleshed out, with clear motivations that make us empathize with their journeys
  • Pacing: The narrative moves at a brisk pace, keeping our interest piqued without overwhelming us with too much action too quickly

It’s also worth mentioning the book’s quality binding. We noticed it’s made to withstand regular use, so you won’t have to worry about pages falling out after a few read-throughs.


However, “Viking Blood” isn’t without its shortcomings. We’ve faced a couple of issues that could be potential deal-breakers for some readers.

  • Complex Terminology: First, as enthusiastic as the storytelling can be, it occasionally includes complex terminology that might require a quick search to fully understand, interrupting the flow of reading
  • Predictable Plot Points: Additionally, while the story is generally engaging, some plot twists can feel a bit predictable if you’re an experienced reader of the genre

In summary, “Viking Blood” offers a compelling reading experience with a few minor hiccups along the way. If you’re looking for a new adventure to dive into and don’t mind the occasional familiar trope, this book might just be worthy of a spot on your shelf.

Content Advisory

After spending some time with “Viking Blood,” we’ve formed a pretty clear view of what to expect. It’s a thrilling read, but we’d like to share a few notes you might want to consider before you dive in. If you’re a history buff or someone who appreciates a good saga, this book’s rich narrative should suit you perfectly.

However, for those sensitive to violence or in search of lighter themes, caution is advised, as the book contains its fair share of battle scenes reflective of its namesake era. It’s not all rough seas and raids, though; there are also moments of camaraderie and hints of the mythology that draw you into the Viking world. That said, the writing style is immersive without being overwhelming, ensuring a balanced experience.

Remember, while the book is a work of fiction, it doesn’t shy away from the gritty realism of the times, so it’s best suited for mature audiences ready for an unfiltered glimpse into Viking life.

Customer Reviews

It’s always intriguing to see what others think after getting their hands on the Viking Blood. Sifting through the feedback, a pattern emerges: many appreciate the unique storyline and how it brings history to life with a twist of fiction. Some moments in the book genuinely transport us to another time, making the experience quite immersive. It’s not only about the action and adventure; the characters have depth, and we find ourselves getting attached to their fates.

However, let’s not overlook the handful of concerns. A few readers find certain plot points predictable, while others wish for more character development. As with any product, not everyone’s experience aligns; a story that enthralls one may not captivate another. But, these differing views provide a well-rounded perspective for potential readers like us, allowing for an informed decision without the rose-colored glasses of marketing hype.


After giving “Viking Blood” a shot, we’re pretty taken with its gripping storyline. While the author, Robert Follin, weaves a tale that’s fascinating, we have to admit, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us were completely engrossed, imagining the clashing swords and the drama of Norse mythology coming alive. Yet, for others, it felt like the saga could have used a bit more oomph in character development.

However, what stands out is Follin’s ability to paint a vivid picture of the ancient world that’s hard to find elsewhere. The book has that “just one more page” quality to it, making it a friend on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But let’s keep it real – if you’re not into historical fiction with a hefty helping of Viking lore, this might not sail your longship.

In short, “Viking Blood” is a solid choice if you’re into the genre. It’s got its flaws, sure, but it’s a journey worth taking for the right reader. Keep those expectations in check, and you might just find yourself on an epic adventure.

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