Where to Watch Queenpins Movie: Your Easy Guide to Streaming

“Queenpins” is a comedy film featuring Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste as a dynamic duo who turn the world of couponing upside down. The movie presents a clever plot based on a true story. In the story, a suburban homemaker and her best friend start an illegal coupon club, leading to a lucrative multimillion-dollar scam. Their criminal mastermind status is presented with wit and charm, attracting both critics and audiences alike.

Finding where to watch “Queenpins” is made easy for viewers with various streaming preferences. Initially released in 2021, the movie has found its way to multiple platforms. As of now, it is available on streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, giving movie enthusiasts the opportunity to watch it from the comfort of their own home.

Here is where to watch Queenpins movie.

Key Takeaways

  • “Queenpins” blends comedy with crime in a story featuring Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell Baptiste
  • The movie can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix
  • Based on a true story, it has garnered attention from both critics and audiences

Where to Watch

Looking to catch the coupon crime caper ‘Queenpins’? Whether someone is in the mood to stream it at home or purchase it for repeated laughs, there are plenty of options available. Let’s explore where viewers can watch this comedic heist unfold.

Streaming Services

For fans of streaming, ‘Queenpins’ is available on a couple of platforms:

  • Netflix: The movie can be streamed on Netflix for those with a subscription
  • Paramount+: Paramount+ acquired the streaming rights and added the movie to its collection starting September 30, 2021

Rental and Purchase Options

If someone prefers to rent or purchase ‘Queenpins’, here are the places where it’s possible:

  • Amazon Prime Video: ‘Queenpins’ can be rented or purchased on Amazon Prime Video
  • Other Providers: The Streamable mentions that the movie is also available to buy, rent, or stream from various other services. Checking their latest update might help find the most affordable or convenient option

Cast and Crew

When you settle in to watch “Queenpins,” you’re treated to a lineup of familiar faces and the creative minds that brought this quirky story to life. Let’s get to know the team in front of and behind the camera.

Main Cast

  • Kristen Bell: Lights up the screen as Connie, a suburban housewife with a knack for couponing that spirals into the wild world of illegal coupon clubs
  • Kirby Howell Baptiste: Brings charm and wit as JoJo, Connie’s best pal and partner-in-crime
  • Paul Walter Hauser: Makes an appearance as a loss prevention officer who’s on a mission to uncover the coupon scam
  • Vince Vaughn: Plays the determined postal inspector who’s tracking the trail of the counterfeit coupons

Directors and Production

  • Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly: The duo who directed the film, infusing it with comedy and heart as it tackles a true-crime narrative

Their collaborative efforts in directing and writing shine through, ensuring every scene they craft is as engaging as it is authentic. With a story as outlandish as this, the directors’ guiding hands keep the movie grounded and relatable, despite the absurdity of the scam unfolding on screen.

Plot and True Story Background

In “Queenpins,” a seemingly ordinary initiative spirals into an audacious venture that captivates and baffles. Let’s dive into what makes this storyline so intriguing, and the real-life mischief that sparked its creation. Let’s also talk about where to watch Queenpins movie.


In the film, a suburban homemaker named Connie and her best friend JoJo turn their penny-pinching hobby into an illicit windfall. Fueled by the desire to break free from financial constraints, they hatch an illegal coupon club scheme that delivers deals to fellow coupon clippers, but with one catch – the coupons are counterfeit. Their operation doesn’t just save a few bucks; it amasses a whopping $40 million before the law catches on.

Inspiration from Real Events

While Connie and JoJo bring humor to the screen, their escapades are rooted in a true story that’s just as bold. “Queenpins” pulls from the thread of reality where two resourceful women orchestrated one of the most peculiar scams in recent history, trading in fake coupons and raising questions about real-life morality along their ride through the extreme world of couponing.

Critics and Audiences Reception

Queenpins, the coupon caper comedy, has stirred quite a buzz. Critics have had their say, while audiences have let their laughter and ticket purchases speak for themselves. Below is a more detailed look at how the film fared in reviews and at the box office.


Queenpins has received a mixed bag of reviews from critics and audiences alike. The Cinemaholic mentioned its premise, inspired by a true coupon forgery scam. This R-rated comedy has elicited responses that range from enjoyment to criticism for its approach to its subject matter. For those seeking ratings, sites like IMDb offer a collective opinion, with the film holding an IMDb score that reflects varied viewer reactions. Those invested in comedy movies might compare it against others in the genre for a more balanced view.

Box Office Performance

The film’s box office performance is part of its story. After a limited release in theaters, it transitioned to streaming on platforms such as Paramount+. Without grandiose box office numbers, one might assume that the pivot to streaming was aimed at reaching a more digitally inclined audience, possibly reflecting the viewing habits for comedies today.

Additional Information

Exploring the layers beyond the “Queenpins” movie reveals an interesting soundtrack and the film’s ripples through pop culture. For those seeking a deeper dive, a variety of resources provide further insights.

Soundtrack and Cultural Impact

“Queenpins,” a comedy that delves into the audacious world of coupon scams, is bolstered by a dynamic soundtrack featuring artists like Bebe Rexha. The catchy tunes compliment the movie’s light-hearted yet illicit adventures. Bebe Rexha’s music adds a certain energy to the film that resonates with the audience, impacting the pop culture landscape, especially amongst fans in Latin America where her influence is notable.

The movie showcases a vlogger character who reflects current societal trends around content creation and the pursuit of alternative success paths. The inclusion of this role speaks to the movie’s finger on the pulse of digital age professions.

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