A Wish for Christmas Cast: Unveiling the Stars of the Holiday Classic

“A Wish for Christmas” is a TV movie that premiered in 2016, melding drama, family themes, and fantasy into a festive narrative. Central to the movie’s appeal is its cast, led by the notable Lacey Chabert, who is known for her roles in various television movies and series. In this heartfelt Christmas tale, Chabert portrays Sara Thomas, a character facing the all-too-common issue of having her ideas overlooked in the workplace. It is her journey towards self-assertion, catalyzed by a magical wish, that drives the plot forward.

The supporting cast includes Paul Greene, who plays opposite Chabert, enriching the movie with an engaging dynamic that resonates with viewers. Directed by Christie Will Wolf and crafted through the writing of Helen Frost and Don MacLeod, the movie offers a blend of yuletide cheer and personal growth. The film presents a relatable story that many viewers find endearing, particularly during the holiday season.

Hallmark Channel, known for its festive movie lineup, encompasses themes of love, courage, and the holiday spirit, positioning “A Wish for Christmas” as a quintessential Christmas movie. It captures audiences’ imaginations and hearts through its compelling narrative and the performances of a dedicated cast. Through the experiences of Sara Thomas, viewers are invited to explore themes of self-confidence and the power to effect change within one’s life.

Today, we will take a look at the complete A Wish For Christmas cast.

Overview of ‘A Wish for Christmas’

‘A Wish for Christmas’ is a festive film that embodies the spirit of the holiday season, showcasing a heartwarming story coupled with the charm of Christmas.

Plot Synopsis

Sara Thomas is a reticent woman, often overshadowed at her workplace. When her innovative idea for a Christmas campaign is usurped, she turns to Santa with a Christmas wish for the courage to advocate for herself. Santa grants her this wish, but with a strict timeframe: she has only 48 hours to make her mark.

Film Genre

‘A Wish for Christmas’ falls squarely within the Drama, Family, and Fantasy genres. The movie weaves a tale that resonates with the wishes and dreams that often surface around the holiday season, while also incorporating magical elements that challenge the protagonist to find her voice and assert her worth.

Main Cast

The holiday TV movie “A Wish For Christmas” features a notable cast led by actress Lacey Chabert. Alongside her, Paul Greene plays a significant role, creating a dynamic duo that brings the film’s narrative to life.

Lead Actors

Lacey Chabert portrays Sara Thomas, the protagonist whose modesty is challenged when she yearns for the courage to advocate for herself. Known for her warm performances, Chabert is a hallmark of holiday films and brings a particular charm to the production.

Paul Greene takes on the role of Peter, supporting Sara in her journey. As an actor with a compelling screen presence, Greene complements Chabert’s portrayal, adding depth to the story’s central dynamic.

Supporting Roles

While the lead actors garner much attention, the supporting A Wish For Christmas cast contributes substantially to the film’s festive spirit and emotional depth. The ensemble includes:

  • Andrea Brooks as Molly, who adds layers to the storyline with her performance
  • Colleen Wheeler plays Barb, enhancing the on-screen community with her character’s involvement
  • Naika Toussaint is Chanel, providing additional support to the cast’s collective effort

Unfortunately, neither Hilarie Burton nor an actress named Maddie nor an actor named Andrew is associated with this particular movie, as per the available details.

Production Team

The Production Team of the Hallmark movie played a pivotal role in bringing the film to life. Their collective expertise in producing, directing, and capturing the visual essence of the movie ensured a well-crafted final product that resonated with its audience.


  • Executive Producers: Judith Verno and Eric Jarboe are recognized as the executive producers of the TV movie. They are responsible for overseeing the film’s production and played an influential role in the decision-making process
  • Supervising Producer: Amanda Phillips acted as the supervising producer. She coordinated the production elements, bridging the gap between the creative and logistical ends of the film production


  • Director: The film was directed by Christie Will Wolf. She was the creative force behind the camera, guiding the cast and crew through the directorial vision and narrative of the storyline


  • Director of Photography: Cinematography was helmed by Ronald Paul Richard. As the director of photography, he was tasked with crafting the visual style of the film, translating the director’s vision into the actual imagery that appears on screen

Creative Departments

In the production of Hallmark movie “A Wish For Christmas,” the creative departments played a critical role in bringing the characters and setting to life, notably through the transformative work in costume design and makeup.

Costume Design

Barbara Gregusova took on the responsibility of costume design for the film. Her expertise was pivotal in creating outfits that reflected both the festive spirit and the personal styles of the characters. Well-chosen costumes not only fit the holiday theme but also helped in portraying the character development, especially in the journey of the film’s protagonist, Sara.


The makeup department, tasked with complementing the costumes, was essential in shaping the actors’ on-screen appearance to match the setting and mood of the film. Rebecca Sjonger contributed greatly as the set decorator, collaborating closely with the makeup team to ensure visual continuity and authenticity, enhancing the believability of the Christmas atmosphere that sets the tone for the movie’s narrative.

Technical Crew

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The production quality of “A Wish For Christmas” greatly benefits from the technical crew’s expertise in their respective fields. The crew applied precision and creativity to deliver a movie that sets the right tone and atmosphere for the festive storyline.

Sound and Music

Terry Frewer is the talent behind the movie’s music. He crafted the score that accentuates the film’s emotional and Christmas spirit. The sound department’s efforts ensure that the dialogue, effects, and music harmonize to create an immersive viewing experience.

Camera and Lighting

The Hallmark channel movie’s aesthetics are captured by Cinematographer Ronald Paul Richard, who ensured that each frame conveys the warmth and magic of Christmas through skillful camera work and lighting. His team’s expertise with the camera and grip equipment helped to establish the visual tone that complements the film’s thematic elements.

Script and Continuity

A synergetic script and continuity department, spearheaded by a detail-oriented script supervisor, guarantees that the film’s narrative flow is consistent and error-free. Nick Richardson, who served as the Production Designer, created the visual palette that supports the film’s script and continuity, working alongside the script supervisor, Sofia Phillips, to maintain the integrity of the visual storytelling from scene to scene.

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