Aquarius Facts – What You Need to Know About the Air Romantic Sign

Aquarius can give you the best of two worlds. Some people describe Aquarius as “two sides of the coin”. The unique sign comes with two possible Aquarius personality and characteristics. They can be quiet and introvert, or energetic and eccentric. No matter the type, Aquarius people are deep-thinkers and progressive-oriented. So, what are some Aquarius facts?

Aquarius dates fall between January 21 and February 19. The sign falls into the air element of the Zodiac, along with Gemini and Libra. As for Aquarius man compatibility, they have the best romantic relationship with other air signs.

Aquarius in a nutshell

Aquarius is a humanitarian to his core. He is a progressive and modern thinker, with a broad mind. Aquarius seeks the truth. He is affectionate and friendly by nature, which makes the sign attractive and popular.

Their honesty and frankness can go both ways. Some see it as a positive quality, while others see it as insensitive behavior.

The negative qualities of Aquarius are his tendency to go off-track, as well as his inefficiency. Sometimes, he feels detached and unpredictable. When they are angry, they tend to slide into their corner. Do not try to get to them in those moments.

The positive qualities are curiosity, affectionate personality, creativeness, and imaginative.

Aquarius is prone to addictions, insomnia, and restlessness. Take good care of your diet and get enough sleep. Aquarius needs constant motivation to get in shape.

Myths and Facts

Myth No.1 – They can be recluses

We said before that Aquarius loves to spend time alone. But it is still a misconception. He is in no way recluses. He values his “me time”, but also time with friends and family.

Myth No.2 – Aquarius is preachy

We said before that Aquarius has his opinion. And he shares his opinion. He has something to say about everything, including conspiracy theories and politics. He brings these topics because he wants to start an honest and open conversation.

When an Aquarius asks about beliefs or thoughts, he cares about your opinion.

Myth No.3 – They go with the flow

Yes, Aquarius is a free spirit, but he is not a laid back sign. Just don’t expect him to fall into the structured and controlled type. You cannot structure Aquarius. He is open-minded and lets things come his way.

Fact No.1 – They always inspire others

Aquarius is an innovative zodiac sign. He is a forward-thinker. They see opportunity in everything. They can see opportunities where others give up. This serves as motivation for the people around Aquarius.

Signs like “Road Closed” push Aquarius forward. He doesn’t turn his back or give up.

With such determination, Aquarius will always motivate and inspire people around him. Spend enough time around Aquarius, and you will start pushing forward.

Fact No.2 – Aquarius is a visionary

If there is one sign that can turn your dreams into reality, that is Aquarius. We mentioned how an Aquarius personality male pushes and motivates others. But he is also a visionary. He keeps a list of plans and vacations. With that open-minded attitude, Aquarius believes everything is possible.

Fact No.3 – Aquarius is free-spirited

Aquarius is an air sign. He needs to be free and untethered as the wind. While the community is important to him, he needs his freedom and independence.

Do not try to tell him “NO”. That will make him feel constricted, and he will leave you. Do not try to restraint Aquarius man in love. He needs to stretch his wings and explore the world.

Personality Traits


When Aquarius makes his mind, he sticks to it. You cannot persuade Aquarius. He keeps his viewpoint. The only way to change his mind is to provide enough evidence and data.


He lives in his own head. There, he dissects knowledge, constructs and deconstructs conventions, and dreams his dreams. At times, their analytical mind makes them look detached. For example, you can tell them bad news, and he will look with a blank face.


Some say Aquarius is the eccentric professor of the zodiac. They are so innovative and unique, they can dream up schemes nobody can imagine. You can also see them wearing weird clothes. This makes the sign original and eccentric.


Aquarius has a deep sense of justice and cares about what happens on our planet. But also beyond our planet. They are the liberals and fair individuals. Sometimes, their humanitarian style can make them lead alternative lifestyles. Think of the hippies of the 1960s and 1970s.

What are they into?

Aquarius loves science fiction, namely because it is creative and innovative. Same to them, science fiction explores the impossible. He also loves technology and upgrades. Give him a tech toy, and he can be alone for days.

Last, but not least, they love writing and art. When they have something in their mind, they have to get it out. Their art is usually avant-garde.

Quick Aquarius Facts

  • You can impress Aquarius by making him think
  • Aquarius in love needs to be alone at times, he doesn’t do well with clingy
  • They find it hard to communicate their complex thoughts
  • Do not ask Aquarius for an opinion if you are not ready to hear the truth
  • He is always observing and analyzing
  • He doesn’t hate people, but when he does, he has a reason
  • Aquarius doesn’t try to fit in with people he doesn’t like
  • He doesn’t judge friends
  • When he loses interest in you, do not try to get him back
  • He needs time to make a decision
  • They do not like insecure people and the emotional drama around them
  • Aquarius man in bed doesn’t let others have control over the action
  • They do things at their own pace, do not try to rush them
  • He can stay up all night thinking
  • Aquarius works hard and puts effort into everything
  • He loves pleasant surprises
  • They search for someone who can make vulnerability safe for them
  • Aquarius doesn’t hold back his opinion
  • He might be nice and friendly, but that doesn’t mean he wants to date you
  • Aquarius in love is faithful
  • He has very few close friends
  • When things do not go their way, they can be grumpy
  • When they love, they love with intense passion
  • There is a story behind his smile and face grimaces
  • They prefer simple things
  • He is great at keeping secrets
  • They know instantly when they like and what they don’t
  • They rarely admit they are wrong about something
  • Aquarius is either faithful or single
  • He is prone to overanalyzing
  • He answers to no one
  • They see the good and bad in everything
  • He can be rude when angry, with signs like deafening silence and sudden outburst of temper
  • He gets in trouble by speaking his mind
  • You can impress Aquarius with a good sense of humor
  • He might forgive, but he will remember

Aquarius Eminent personalities

Let’s see some famous Aquarius men and women. This sign is quite present among celebrities and influential people.

  • Neil Diamond
  • Alicia Keys
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Bob Marley
  • Ed Helms
  • Michael Jordan
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Christian Bale
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Virginia Wolf
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Thomas Edison
  • Charles Dickens

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