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How To Attract An Aquarius Man? The Secret To Irresistible Aquarius Lover

Are you serious about getting it on with Aquarius man? If you have found a guy you like and he is Aquarius, we have some ideas on how to capture his heart. With a few tricks and tweaks, you can make yourself irresistible to this guy. How to attract an Aquarius man?

Well, if you are looking for a fun and frivolous relationship, give a chance to the Aquarius guy. He might surprise you and turn the relationship into something more serious.

The first and biggest challenge is to get him alone. The problem with Aquarius is that he loves to be surrounded by people. That makes it harder to flirt with him. Keep your eyes open for any chance to get him in a one-on-one session.

With that in mind, read on how to get Aquarius man to love you.

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Aquarius Man Personality Traits

With any guy you want to start a committed relationship with, you have to know his personality. What are Aquarius personality traits? Born between January 21 and February 19, Aquarius is an air sign. Ruled by the planet Uranus, he is all about chaotic energy. He is unconventional, introspective, idealistic, and individualistic.

Simply put, this guy loves to see and be seen. And as an air sign, he is always in the middle of things. He flows through life searching for new people and new experiences. This Aquarian is famous for knowing everyone.

One of his main personality traits is being analytical and opinionated. He has lots of ideas and opinions for almost everything. He will be happy to talk just about everything. But be careful, he doesn’t sugarcoat anything.

Another problem with the Aquarius guy is his stubbornness. He can refuse other perspectives and worry only about his opinion. He thinks his credibility is attacked by someone. This makes it very difficult to communicate with Aquarius.

Intimacy is the challenging point in a healthy relationship with Aquarius. Famous for resisting attempts to connect on a deeper level, do not expect much emotion from this guy.

But on the positive side, if you want a rebel with a heart for the downtrodden and visionary mind, the Aquarius guy is amazing. But you will have to put in the work and break down his walls.

How to Attract Him?

We are now at the most important part of the article, how to attract an Aquarius man. We have a couple of ideas. If you follow these tricks, you can get him to chase you. And he will love to get you and be around you.

Be Mysterious Around Him

Once you get this man alone and talk about important issues, you will start appearing attractive. But the strategy here is to let him observe you and think about you. Do not go upfront and introduce yourself to him.

You need to work the room and make sure he notices you. Once you see him noticing you, give him a bit more time to observe you.

Be Classy And Knowledgeable

This guy loves a classy woman. At the same time, he wants a woman who is ethical and driven. Looks do not matter much here. An Aquarius partner connects with a woman through her brains and interests.

Befriend Him And Let Go Of The Pressure

The best way to start a romantic relationship with Aquarius is to start as friends. Yes, we know, the friendzone. But in this case, it might work in your favor.

As an air sign, this guy loves connections. Do not jump into a relationship with him, that won’t work. Do not expect him to jump into the opportunity and invite you on a date the moment he sees you. Even if he likes you, this Zodiac sign takes his time.

Surprise Him

When you think of surprises, think of small gestures and tiny details that go a long way. Do not go overboard with surprises. Aquarius is not a hopeless romantic. And be careful, his intellect is hard to surprise.

And we have to mention that this Zodiac guy might not react the way you hoped. But it is important that you surprise him. He will love it that it came from you.

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Be Independent

Do not worry about jealousy with this guy. This Zodiac sign will give you freedom. He doesn’t want to do everything together. But if you insist on doing things together all the time, you will lose him.

Aquarius men value their independence a lot.

Be Creative

Aquarius man is intelligent and creative. And he values a woman who can be creative as well. He will always try to show you his imagination. Show him your creative ideas and you will go a long way to a long-term relationship and marriage.

Do Not Be Too Emotional

We said it before, Aquarius is not a hopeless romantic. He is not much into romantic stuff, feelings, and emotion.

He is a logical person and lives with reason. That is why he looks a bit detached from his feelings. Driven from rational decisions, this guy runs away from emotional people.

Keep Him Guessing

We said before this guy is a Uranus sign. And a common trait among these Uranus-based signs is their unpredictability and boredom. He uses his mind 24 x 7. So, he needs to be stimulated. And if you show him that you work the same way, the relationship has a bright future.

Boredom is the death of the relationship for this air sign. The moment he feels bored with you, he will end things.

Don’t Be High Maintenance

We touched on this subject a couple of times. But if you like to get an Aquarius boyfriend, you cannot be high maintenance. He loves independent and strong women who can handle themselves.

Needy persons both financially and emotionally will make him run for his life.

Aquarius Man Compatibility

Now let’s see which Zodiac sign can function with Aquarius. As the eccentric of the Zodiac, he has quirky interests, enjoys having lots of friends, and is always up for an analytical conversation. He works perfectly with fellow Air signs and a fire sign like Sagittarius or Aries.

Aquarius Man Gemini Woman

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These two create once in a lifetime romantic relationship. Love is literally in the air. They are too compatible. These two start as true friends for life, and eventually often end up in a committed relationship.

Their connection goes deep. Why? Because they connect on an intellectual and emotional level like no other. And they both enjoy freedom and space. Gemini woman is one of the few that can provide the intelligent and witty conversations Aquarius man loves and craves for.

Aquarius Man Libra Woman

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Pair these two romantically and you have an interesting couple. This one is a 50/50 relationship. They can either sparkle or sink. There is no middle ground here. They will either have the best relationship of their life or the worst one.

It is a great pairing for two individuals who have the right approach. Because they are air signs, they meet on the same level. Fun fact: Libra woman is one of the few that can bring out the romantic side of this distant male. And she has the patience to wait for Aquarius male.

Aquarius Man Aquarius Woman

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It is an ideal union. They share the same qualities, and unlike signs like Taurus and Aries, they are not stubborn and dominant to try and one-up each other.

The best part about this relationship is that both know what is happening in the partner’s mind. They embody the same aspects. And they are rational thinkers even when they are madly in love.

Aquarius Man Aries Woman

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This is an exciting duo with no dull moments in the relationship. They might not remain in a long-term relationship, but they will have a blast while staying in one.

These two will never get bored of each other. They are too insanely adventurous for that to happen. This relationship will yield hundreds of thrilling ideas.

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