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So, you are big into astrology? Well, do not worry, many people are. In the past several years, astrology websites have become quite a thing. People want to get insight into who they are as a person, how they relate with others, have their birth chart, their natal chart, and so on. Well, Astroseek is one such website where you can find astrology charts, horoscope, astro calculation, and more.

How to use it?

We have to mention that the website is quite large and contains many different pages. That means you can spend an entire day browsing through the website and still have more to look for.

From the moment you arrive at the website, you are hit with a number of different pages that you can navigate. Depending on what you want, you can use the website differently.

For example, some of these pages include free horoscopes, charts, and calculations. Yes, you can use it for free and check your horoscope. Now isn’t that nice?

If you want you can check some of the more in-depth Astro tools. There is even a page for famous people, where you can browse through the astro database.

But the thing that most people want to know is love compatibility. There, you can read about how each Zodiac sign is compatible to a different astrological sign. What is your partner horoscope? How do the two of you work together? And more.

The Moon Phase Calendar is another interesting page. We know the four major moon phases are the full moon, new moon, first quarter, and last quarter. But there are four more minor ones. How do these phases affect your moon? The AstroSeek website will help you find out where the moon is at the moment and how it affects your Zodiac.

Last, but not least, the numerology calculator is another point of interest for people visiting the website. Now, let’s go over some of these and explain them in depth.

Try the numerology calculator

Numerology is a belief in a divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. Numerology is also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas.

People have been obsessing with finding their numerology number, or their life path number. It is simple, just take your birthdate and reduce it down to its numerical value.

Now, you might not be aware of it, but your date of birth contains information about your character. It is like an invisible window, but it is actually there. Some areas of numerology include life path number, birthday number, name numerology, and personal year. Here is their meaning.

  • Life path number is the most influential number in your numerological chart. Sometimes, we refer to it as the destiny number, and it is derived from your date of birth. It is similar in a way to your sun sign in astrology, as it reveals your identity, mainly, your strengths, weakness, and ambitions
  • Your birthday number, on the other hand, tells about your personal characteristics, lessons learned, the weakness you should avoid, and so on. It is just as important as the life path number
  • In name numerology, each letter has a numerical vibration. And to determine it, you have to convert each letter to a digit. The goal is to get the digits to a single-digit number, which is your master number
  • Your personal year number is also based on your date of birth, but in correlation, with the year you want to know more about. It can help you find out more about what lies ahead and evaluate the trend of the coming year

Guess the Zodiac Sign

This is one of the fun activities you can try at AstroSeek. We have to be honest, you can spend hours playing this game. Yes, it is a game where you actually try to guess the zodiac sign of the person in the photo.

Does that guy look like an Aries? Or that girl like a Taurus? What does a Gemini look like? Well, put your thoughts to the ultimate test.

The Astrology Forum

People who are huge believers in Astrology love to chat with others who believe in astrology. At the end of the day, it is not fun talking to someone who doesn’t believe in horoscope. You are trying to tell him/her that his sign’s personality trait is this and that, and he replies, heck no.

This is where AstroSeek help you find people who share the same interests as you do. The Astro Seek forum is a place for discussion.

There are many topics in discussions in categories like natal astrology, relationship astrology, transit astrology, general astrology, numerology, tarot reading, and so on.

Introduce yourself first, and then join the discussion.

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The Love Calculator

We mentioned before that many people nowadays use the Love Calculator. There are some of us who believe that we are destined to be with somebody depending on the compatibility.

Let’s be honest, we are all looking for a compatible partner for our romantic relationship. It is just some of us think that astrology plays a large part in it.

The love calculator and love compatibility horoscope can help you find a matching partner based on your date of birth.

The Love compatibility horoscope or Synastry chart, calculates the planet positions of both partners, and then shows their mutual aspects, including some interpretation.

You enter the date of birth, local time, and birth city of Partner A and Partner B. And then, let Astro Seek work its magic to find out whether you and your romantic partner are a match.

Besides the love calculator, you can also try some free partner relationship horoscopes like the Composite chart, Davison Relationship Chart, Progressed Synastry chart, and so on. Yes, there are a lot more astrology charts about love. Surprised?

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