Cast of Meru the Succubus: Meet the Characters and Storyline

“Meru the Succubus” is a captivating animated series that first premiered on YouTube in August of 2020. The show, which falls under the animation and comedy genres, has captured the hearts of many fans due to its unique storyline and engaging characters. The show’s main character, Meru, was originally created by the talented Twitter artist meru_nyaa, and the animation itself was the brainchild of artist Skuddbutt.

The series boasts an intriguing cast of voice actors who have contributed to bringing life to these fascinating characters. Among them is Judith Terrell, who provides the voice for Meru, the titular character. Other cast members include Sia Mofu, Oralina Buttgetter, Connor Lingus, Lewd A., Leo Greystone, Hugh Bastank, Randy Lupin, and Lance Hall, who voice a variety of vibrant characters in the show.

Over the course of its airing, “Meru the Succubus” has garnered significant attention for its originality and style. With a total of 5 episodes thus far, it continues to enthuse its audience, and the dedicated work of its cast and crew cannot be overstated.

Main Cast

Meru the Succubus, a popular animated series that aired in 2020, features a talented cast who have contributed to bringing the unique and interesting characters to life. The main character, Meru, is voiced by Judith Terrell. Meru is an original character created by Twitter artist Meru Nyaa.

Jack Pope is not only the director but also contributes to the animation and editing of the series. He directed three episodes of the show between 2020 and 2021. As the show’s animator, Pope plays a critical role in giving life to the characters and the intriguing world of Meru the Succubus.

Other notable voice actors in the series include Erica, Tyler, Sia Mofu, Oralina Buttgetter, and Connor Lingus. Together, they form an ensemble that gives distinctive performances to each of their respective characters.

Additional crew members responsible for the show’s success are Leo Greystone, Judas Salieri, Lance Hall, Randy Lupin, and Hugh Bastank. Their collective skills and expertise contribute to the overall quality and entertainment value of the series.

In summary, the main cast of Meru the Succubus showcase their talents through captivating voice acting, engaging animation, and professional directing, providing the audiences with a memorable and enjoyable viewing experience.

Supporting Cast

Meru the Succubus, a 2020 animated TV series, explores the adventures of Meru, a demon succubus who has many encounters on her journey. Voiced by Judith Terrell, Meru is the main character of the series. The supporting cast of the show not only brings life to the storylines but also enriches the overall experience for the viewers.

In the series, Meru’s human host is an important character who provides a crucial link between the demon world and the human world. This fascinating duality adds depth to the storyline throughout the episodes. The human host, played by Sia Mofu, is tasked with helping Meru navigate the complexities of both worlds.

Another significant character in the series is Oralina Buttgetter, who appears in several episodes throughout the series. As part of the supporting cast, Oralina contributes to the overall plot by providing a different perspective as she interacts with Meru and other characters.

The diverse cast of Meru the Succubus showcases a range of experiences and backgrounds, with each character bringing something unique to the show. Various episodes highlight the interactions with humans and demons alike as Meru traverses both worlds, leading to intriguing situations that keep the audience engaged. Beyond the main characters, the series features numerous secondary characters who add to the rich and immersive universe created by the show’s creators.

The supporting cast has played an essential role in making Meru the Succubus an engaging and memorable series for viewers. With the help of an adept casting department led by Jack Pope, the cast continuously captivates the audience and contributes positively to the overall experience of the show.

Meru as Succubus

Meru, the protagonist of the TV series “Meru the Succubus” (2020), is a succubus demon who originated around 1100 years ago in Northern Italy. Succubi are typically known for their ability to seduce and manipulate their prey through the use of their supernatural powers, and Meru is no exception to this. She is driven by an insatiable thirst for revenge against the priest who took away her powers.

In the show, Meru seeks to find the perfect human host to possess. This host must be a virgin female with a mind full of sexual desires, and once Meru has found her ideal subject, she aims to permanently possess the individual. Her ultimate goal is to empower herself and exact retribution on the priest who stripped her of her abilities. As a spirit, Merudania—or Meru for short—can successfully possess any suitable virgin female, effectively making them her vessel.

While the series is filled with intense moments, Meru’s character proves to be quite nefarious and resourceful. She exhibits a range of abilities typical of a demon succubus, such as telepathy, shapeshifting, and power enchantments. These powers aid her in her mission to seek the ideal host, as well as to eventually confront and reclaim her lost abilities from the priest.

The voice of Meru is portrayed by actress Judith Terrell, who brings forth the essence of the character through her vocal performance. Throughout the episodes, Meru encounters various characters, each influencing her journey to regain her powers and seek her revenge.

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