Cast of Renegades 2022: Meet the Stars of the Action-Packed Film

Renegades” is a 2022 British crime action thriller that takes its audience on a suspenseful journey through the dark underbelly of crime. Directed by Daniel Zirilli, the film boasts an ensemble cast known for their strong screen presences, including Nick Moran, Lee Majors, Ian Ogilvy, Louis Mandylor, and Danny Trejo. This cinematic offering envelopes viewers in a narrative rich with twists, anchored by the performances of its diverse cast.

With a plot that intertwines action with the complexity of its characters’ motivations, “Renegades” delivers a storyline that aims to keep viewers engaged. The film introduces us to a variety of roles, brought to life by an experienced cast featuring Michael Paré, Patsy Kensit, and Billy Murray, among others. Their collective acting prowess shapes the world of “Renegades,” setting the stage for a film that seeks to captivate with every scene.

The production team, responsible for creating the backdrop against which the actors ply their craft, is composed of seasoned professionals. Cinematographer Vince Knight captures the film’s essence through a visual narrative as engaging as the script itself, while the costume design by Alexandra Ziedina aids in defining the distinct look of the characters. Aiding in this cinematic vision is the meticulous work of property master Charlotte Glasgow, a silent yet integral contribution to the film’s atmosphere.

Cast and Characters

The cast of Renegades 2022 film features a diverse ensemble led by notable actors, including Danny Trejo and Lee Majors, who drive the film’s action-packed narrative.

Main Cast

Danny Trejo portrays Sanchez, showcasing his storied acting prowess in a role that resonates with his familiar on-screen persona. Lee Majors takes on the role of the Green Beret, Carver, embodying the character with a gravitas befitting his expansive career. They are joined by Louis Mandylor, who deftly assumes the villainous part of Goram, and Nick Moran, Ian Ogilvy, Michael Paré, and Billy Murray, who round out the film’s primary heroes, each contributing to the film’s central theme of retribution and comradery.

Besides the main cast of Renegades 2022, the supporting cast does a magnificent job.

Supporting Cast

Jonathan Sothcott plays a substantial role behind the scenes and on-screen, while Patsy Kensit delivers a poignant performance as the daughter of Lee Majors’ character. The film also benefits from the performances of a talented supporting cast: Paul Barber, Tom Lister Jr., and Jon Xue Zhang deliver solid portrayals that add depth to the film’s narrative. Stephanie Beacham and Michael Brandon offer strong renditions of their characters, enhancing the storyline’s dimensionality, supported by James Chalke, Andy Gatenby, Paul Kennedy, Lara Pictet, Nick Khan, and Danny Bear who play significant roles in driving the plot forward.

Plot and Themes

A futuristic cityscape with towering skyscrapers and sleek flying vehicles, set against a backdrop of a dramatic sunset sky

The 2022 film “Renegades” is an action-packed crime thriller that delves into themes of justice and revenge on the backdrop of London’s mean streets. After a retired Green Beret soldier falls victim to a brutal murder by an international drug gang, his squad, comprised of veteran SAS members, embark on a perilous mission. They seek to honor their fallen comrade and deliver retribution against those responsible.

Setting: The streets of London are a central element in the film, serving as a battleground where the SAS veterans confront the drug gang’s corruption.

Major Themes:

  • Justice: The protagonist team takes the law into their own hands as the official channels fall short, posing moral questions about the right means to achieve just ends.
  • Revenge: It forms the emotional core , fueling the veterans’ determination to confront the gang.
  • Crime and Punishment: Alongside the action, the film probes the consequences of crime within the drug trade and the vengeance it incites from those impacted.

Action Sequences: These are crucial in the movie, with the characters engaging in intense confrontations with the drug gang.

Key Characters:

  • Rifleman Carl Burton (Nick Moran)
  • Maj. Carver (Lee Majors)
  • Maj. Frederick Peck (Ian Ogilvy)
  • Anthony Goram (Louis Mandylor)

Motif: The legacy of a war hero forces the remaining members of his squad to re-evaluate their own moral compasses as they navigate the criminal underworld.

By intertwining the raw grit of crime with the aggressive pursuit of justice through vigilantism, “Renegades” positions itself firmly within the thriller genre while commenting on the complex dynamics between crime, punishment, and the quest to uphold personal honor.

Director and Production Team

The production team of “Renegades” (2022) was spearheaded by talented individuals who brought the action thriller to life, with a focus on creating a potent narrative and gripping visual experience.


Daniel Zirilli served as the director for “Renegades,” orchestrating the production’s creative vision. His directorial expertise was pivotal to the film’s execution, aligning performance, cinematography, and storytelling.


“Renegades” was produced by Jonathan Sothcott, a name known for delivering engaging action films. The production value reflects Sothcott’s commitment to the genre and steady guidance throughout the film’s development.


The script of “Renegades” was the product of a collaborative effort between Tom Jolliffe and producer Jonathan Sothcott, with Jolliffe’s writing laying down the narrative foundation. The compelling screenplay provided a rich backdrop for the characters’ dynamic interactions.

Special Effects Team

The special effects were a crucial element in bringing the film’s action sequences to life, with Tom Tidiman likely playing a key role. The team’s ability to create realistic effects showcased their technical skills and contributed significantly to the film’s immersive quality.

Filming and Locations

The production of the 2022 British crime action thriller film Renegades primarily took place in London, United Kingdom. The city’s urban landscape provided a fitting backdrop for the film’s gritty narrative, which focuses on a team of former Special Air Service (SAS) operatives. These operatives band together to seek justice in London’s criminal underworld after the murder of one of their comrades, a Green Beret.

London’s diverse locales served to enrich the visual storytelling of the film. The filmmakers utilized the contrast between London’s historic landmarks and modern architecture to reflect the film’s themes of old bonds and new challenges. The specific locations within London used for filming remain unspecified, but the metropolis’s characteristic streets and buildings feature prominently as the veterans navigate their way through their mission, providing an authentic and tangible setting for the action sequences and dramatic confrontations.

The use of tactical gear and military themes is underscored by the presence of the Green Beret character. This detail adds an element of realism to the film, positioning it within the familiar context of London while also hinting at the international implications of the crime and action depicted. The selection of London as the primary filming location solidifies Renegades within the British film domain, melding the sensibilities of a crime thriller with the unique flavors of the United Kingdom’s capital.

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