How Does a Crystal Growing Kit Work?

For people who have ever spent time with geodes and other crystals, it can be hard to imagine how these natural wonders came to be.

The process of forming crystals is actually pretty simple, which is why crystal growing kits are perfect for kids. They provide an easy way to get started learning about the world of crystals and minerals.

Kits such as 4M Crystal Growing Kits are a great way to get kids interested in science, and they’re also a fun way for families to spend time together. Kids love learning about crystals and the science behind their formation, so these can be used as a springboard for further exploration into chemistry and other sciences.

The chemicals will form a crystal when mixed with water

These crystals can be created from a wide variety of substances and are composed of solid material with a regular repeating pattern. The most frequent way for crystals to form is when specific chemicals are combined with water and then cooled to a particular temperature.

A seed crystal is provided to assist the chemicals in growing a large crystal.

Although the tiny crystal only makes up a small percentage of the material you are trying to make, the chemicals that make up the seed crystal are purer than the ones in your solution.

For example, if you’re trying to grow quartz crystals from ammonium and barium carbonate solutions, the crystal seed could be made out of quartz (SiO2).

The seed crystal can help your solution develop larger crystals. It acts as an “initiator” for more complex chemical compounds called poly-hydroxides—which are often used in making things like laundry detergent—to form larger poly-hydroxide chains in your solution. These poly-hydroxide chains serve as templates for larger crystals that grow on top of them over time.

Leaving a kit undisturbed will create larger and bigger crystals

If you leave the crystal growing undisturbed in the water, it will create larger and bigger crystals. Remember that the chemicals won’t settle into a single location if the solution is continually shaken and mixed. They can slowly accumulate on top of one another in layers if it is left undisturbed. These layers build on top of one another until they form large crystals.

How aggressively the kit is stirred will determine the size of the crystals (or not). There may be fewer crystals overall or bigger ones that are less dense than if everything had settled evenly during one period when there was no disturbance at all because the longer those chemicals are left undisturbed, the more time they have to swirl around and settle down into layers with other chemicals that may or may not be compatible with them.

One might get nice-sized crystals in 24 hours, but for the best results, wait for four to seven days. This depends on the chemicals in the package. Crystals of various sizes are produced as a result of the liquid medium’s evaporation, which enables the chemicals to bind with one another in accordance with their unique shapes. If you want to produce anything special or when the ingredients are expensive or difficult to locate, you should probably get a crystal growing kit.


Now you may have a better understanding of how a crystal-growing kit functions. Perhaps you can experiment with growing various crystal varieties. You might attempt to create crystal specimens for your workplace or kitchen countertop. There are countless options. With the crystal growing kit, you can easily grow colourful crystals of your choice.

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