RH Negative Blood Type Characteristics – Everything You Should Know

There are many theories and myths about RH negative blood type. Some of them go as far as claiming people with RH negative have an alien origin. Let’s not fool ourselves. The reality is here are distinct RH negative blood type characteristics.

Your blood type doesn’t drive your personality. Yet, people with certain blood types do have certain personality traits. There are four blood types. RH is a protein that provides these influences.

When you do not have the protein, you have RH negative blood. There are more people with RH positive group. RH negative, however, is a rare blood type. Thus, people with RH Negative blood type characteristics are uncommon and rare.

Distinctive characteristics of RH negative

You might say these characteristics add to the theory of alien origin. But that is not true. The reality is people with RH negative blood type are rare. The blood type is uncommon. And they have distinct physical and mental characteristics. What are the characteristics of RH negative blood type? Let’s discuss.


  • Red or auburn tint to hair
  • Striking blue or green eyes
  • Extra rib or vertebrae
  • Cold to the touch
  • Extremely sensitive to light or heat
  • Sensitive vision, sensitive smelling and hearing


  • Empathy for others
  • A feeling of being different
  • Higher than average IQ
  • They experience unexplained phenomena
  • Increased psychic abilities
  • Increased intuitive abilities
  • They need to have all the facts and know the truth

Common Personality Traits

You prefer facts over opinions

As we said before, people with RH negative blood group prefer facts over opinions. That applies when they conduct research or speak with others. They form their opinion only on facts. Yes, they can keep an open mind, but that is only when new information comes to life. This is the main reason they clash with people who treat opinions as facts.

The goal for RH negative blood type people is to seek the authentic truth. They do not believe in the perceived reality.

They feel separated

People with RH negative blood feel like they live on their own island. One of the reasons is they have a distinct mental nature. They stand out from the crowd. This is why they pursue creative careers where they can lock inside their own world. Engineering, astronomy, and creative painting are great examples.

They struggle to form a friendship

Because they feel separated from others, they have trouble forming a relationship. They often seek friendships in interaction with others. They test people to see if they strike an authentic conversation. That is their priority. Do not try to fool them. They will see right through you, and stop any further communication.

Most people with RH negative blood type personalities have one to five friends. And they are fine with that.

You are the smartest person

This might come as arrogance, but people with RH negative blood highly intelligent. Their intelligence comes as rude and cocky. But only to people who do not understand them. RH negative people tend to have the highest IQ levels. They excel in school and do great in entrepreneurship. This is why they are often the smartest person they know.

You might be an empath

RH negative people have high empathy. They walk into any room and pick up all the vibes. You know who is laughing, who is crying, and who is sad. They might deny the fact they are sad, but you know it inside. You can tune your feelings, and you can take on other persons’ emotions. It is important to learn to hold back.

You might be psychic

In the same way, you can pick up emotions, you can sense what is going to happen. How often do you find yourself in a situation you know something will happen? And you were right? This can become irritating.

You feel like you know what is going to happen next. And nobody can surprise you.

You experience unusual events

People with RH negative blood describe these events as strange and unexplained. For example, they have vivid dreams that feel like an alternative reality. Some say they aliens abducted them. Others say the government abducted them.

You are mysterious

Did someone ever tell you they cannot figure you out? Well, that happens often if you have RH negative blood. Others will think you are too nice. Some will say you are hiding something. There is just something mysterious about you. And sometimes, that can attract unwanted attention and stalkers.

You have one major phobia

You constantly go through every possible scenario. And you do that with common daily events. This is why people with RH negative have a fear of heights and fear of flying. Anything that puts your life out of your personal control is frightening. You have to have control. Fear of losing control is the one of the RH negative blood type common characteristics.

Deep thinkers

You can go and let your minds free. And you think about the universe, the planets, atoms, or anything else. And you do it in a deep contemplative way. Just try not to talk about those thoughts with your peers. They will think you are crazy.

You are not crazy. You are just a deep thinker. This is why most people with RH negative blood feel lonely.

You feel comfortable in isolation

We said before that people with RH negative blood type characteristics can feel separated at times. But they do not mind it. They are comfortable in isolation. Yes, people are social creatures. But that doesn’t apply to everyone.

You love finding things to do in isolation.

You are insanely creative

People with RH negative blood are creative, and not just in art. The same applies to writing, poetry, baking, designing, crafts, music, rituals, and more.

The Alien Abduction Myth

Let’s finish off the article with the biggest myth about people with RH negative blood type. Are they aliens? Some might say the RH negative blood type features suggest alien origin. But that is not true.

The biggest claim to the alien abduction theory is the extra vertebrae. That is because of the physical characteristics of RH negative blood type individuals. Many people with the RH negative blood type are born with extra bone. Some call it a tail. People that believe in the alien race on Earth myth tend to agree they have reptilian features. Reptiles have tails. They are cold-blooded.

So far there is no scientific claim to the theory. It remains nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

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