Rogerhub – What it is and How to Use it?

RogerHub is Roger’s website. He created the website on August 26th, 2009. The website has several professional blogs. But the biggest and best feature of the website is the Final Grade Calculator.

We all know grades help to determine a student’s success. And if you are a student, you often wonder what your grades are. Understanding the basic mathematical formulas can help you calculate your final grade yourself.

This way, you can know exactly how well you are doing. RogerHub is a website that helps you with that. It is quite important to calculate your final grade.

Do grades matter?

High school grades are quite important if you have hopes of going to college. Your grade point average, or GPA, is one factor that colleges consider when they decide whether to accept you or deny you as a student.

Most colleges in the US only look at core academic grades when factoring in the grade point average. So, calculating your own final grade can help you understand what your options are moving forward in life.

Why is it important to find your final grade?

Teachers are the ones that give you the final grade. But it is important to know how to calculate them yourself. This way, you know for sure what you have.

Teachers have to calculate as well and keep track of and input a lot of students’ grades every year. They might make a mistake by leaving out a score. What happens then? Your final GPA is lower than it should be, and some colleges might not accept you.

When you maintain a record of the scores from your individual assignments, you can actually double-check your teacher’s grading. It can help you make sure you get the correct grade.

The calculator also helps you know your final grade before you even complete all your assignments and exams. By calculating the grade, you can determine the scores you need to reach or maintain your desired grade.

Say, you have a current grade of C. By using the calculator, you can determine exactly what you need to earn on the final exam to boost that grade to A or B. Or if you already have an A or B, calculations will show you how much you have to score to maintain the grade.

How does the calculator work?

RogerHub is a website created by Roger Chen, an Asian US Berkley guy who also works at Dropbox and Quizlet. He created the website where middle school and high school students go to calculate what they need to get on the final to maintain or get a higher grade.

How does the calculator work? Well, you have to understand that most class grades are made up of several categories. These include classwork, homework, tests, quizzes, and the final exam. In most cases, each category is worth a percentage of your overall grade.

Yet, because the final exam comes at the very end, it doesn’t appear in your current overall grade. With that in mind, the website helps you calculate the minimum grade you need to score on the final exam using the formula below:

Required = (Goal – Current x (100% – Final Weight)) / Final Weight

It is not rocket science, it is just math. And if you are too lazy to calculate on your own, the calculator will do it for you. You can check the formula sheet for an explanation of the formula and other formulas you can find on RogerHub.

Do you need advanced help?

If you need more help, do not worry, the website provides it. There are other calculator modes listed on the website. The advanced calculator mod can calculate situations like:

  • Your final counts as a test grade
  • Dropping the lowest test grades
  • Extra credit
  • You have more tests and homework before the final
  • Missing assignments
  • Makeup assignments or test retakes

Who is Roger Chen?

Roger Chen is the man who created RogerHub. He is a computer programmer currently working at Google as a Site Reliability Engineer. He loves building website infrastructure and programming.

Besides his Final Grade Calculator, he also worked as an intern at Quizlet and Dropbox.

Roger works primarily in Python, Go, and JavaScript. Yet, he still loves working in C++, Ruby, Bash, Lisp, Puppet, Java, Julia, and other programming languages that get the job done.

Roger has worked with web application infrastructure, email infrastructure, server provisioning tools, networking, and more.

He created RogerHub on August 26th, 2009.

Fun fact: besides the final grade calculator, he also created a Love Calculator you can find on the website. That tool calculates whether you and your partner are a match depending only on your names. It is not a compatible calculator like most on the internet. The Love calculator uses well-established algorithms and plots matches on a curve. Try it out.

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Steven is a young student from San Francisco who is obsessed with computers.

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