Types of Hugs – What Category Your Relationship Falls Into?

There is nothing better than a hug. People who have experienced a truly romantic and intimate hug will tell you this. When you are in love, a hug feels like a safe place. Nothing else matters than the two of you. But there are other types of hugs. The romantic hug is not the only one. There are even different types of romantic hugs. If you wonder what do long hugs from guys mean, we have the answer.

What does the hug mean for your relationship? And what the guy/girl hugging you means? Does he/she want to send you a subtle message? Let’s discuss this. Hugs can have different meanings, and you should be aware of the message you are sending or receiving.

Bear Hug

We start with the most romantic squeeze hug meaning. The bear hug is tight and reassuring. It is a hug worth a million words. This is the hug people who are in love share with each other.

It is also the hug we get from our parents. It is an embrace that relieves you of stress and anxiety. Share it with someone special. When you share it with your partner, you are telling them things are serious. You have deep feelings for the person you are hugging.

Polite Hug

We share hugs with colleagues and acquaintances daily. We give this type of hug daily. You give it sideways, with only a partial-upper body contact. There is no contact in the lower body. This shows there is some discomfort and awkwardness in the hug.

Be careful and try to notice this hug. If your partner hugs you like this, there is some distance in the relationship. Try to fix things before they go south.

One-way Hug

You hug someone with everything you have. But there is not much response on the other side. The other person doesn’t even lift an arm to put around you. Well, someone gave you the one-way hug.

The lack of reciprocation is an obvious sign. The other side doesn’t feel the same for you. You might want him/her to be more into the relationship. But things are clearly different.

Slow Dance Hug

This might be a hug that takes place while dancing. But it is more than that. It is a hug that falls into the category of types of hugs guys like. Men love to hug their partners during dancing to initiate contact and show love.

His arms are on your neck and the other arm is holding your waist. There are notes of romance in the air. You can easily feel it. The strong eye contact shared smiles, it is all there. You can also lead a pleasant conversation while dancing.

Intimate Hug

We said before there are different types of an intimate hug. The classic intimate hug is a close, and full-body embrace. You have strong eye contact. It is to a completely new level. You can feel there is more than just a physical touch here.

What does it mean when a guy initiates a hug? Well, when you experience an intimate hug, you have something special. Hold tight to it.

Naughty Hug

The naughty hug is romantic, intimate, and sexy at the same time. It is similar to the intimate hug, but his hand travels down your back. And it finishes and rests on your buttock. You can say your man is ready for some action in the bedroom.

Some guys use this hug to establish a claim as well. You might not be in a relationship at the time. But he wants to show everyone around you are his prey, and he is trying to get you.

It is hard to distinguish when the behavior demonstrates lust or love. When you are in a relationship, he clearly wants you. And he has the hots for you.

Heart to Heart Hug

This is another type of romantic hug. The tight hug meaning is gentle and tender love for each other. It is a long, and comforting hug. One person leans on the chest of the other. And he/she subconsciously asks for an endorsement.

You have two choices here. You either give back a long hug or stroke the back of the one who needs support.

Buddy Hug

You might think the term buddy hug is something bad. Like, you are in the friendzone. But it is much better than that. It is a sideways hug, with arms over each other’s shoulders. You can also put the arms on the waist. The hug suggests a level of comfort and trust that is more than everyday romance.

The hug shows you are a couple, but also best friends. Couples share this hug when they sit or walk. It means their relationship is going to last

Back Hug

Why do guys hug from behind? Well, they want to show you love. Do not mistake it for something else. An intimate hug from the back is a sign of trust and protection. This is the hug kids give to their parents. But also lovers.

Sometimes, men like to give this hug before even saying “I love you”. This hug means more than those three special words. You can be sure he is in love with you.

London Bridge Hug

If you want to know how to tell if a hug is romantic or not, you need to know all types of hugs. Well, the London Bridge hug might be the most unromantic hug ever.

There is an actual distance between you. Everything looks and feels awkward. The hug happens when two people hug using their upper body. They keep the lower body far apart. There is a clear distance between the two people.

When you are hugging with your partner in this manner, there is a disagreement from a recent argument. Or you might feel uncomfortable at the moment. You are doing it to be polite. But you do not want to have anything at the time. Ask yourself whether you have grown apart? Or it is a moment of impulsion?

A-Shape Hug

This hug happens when two people meet for the first time. They lean toward each other with the upper part of the body. The hug doesn’t last long. Some people call it the teepee hug. This hug can also take place between partners who broke up. They miss each other, but they do not want to show it.

Sometimes, this hug happens between two people who are secretly in love. They try to keep their emotions secret. In that case, the hug lasts a second or two longer.

Men’s Hug

Men greet each other with a hug sometimes. This type of hug lacks eye contact. After the hug, men share back pats. The hug involves only the upper part of the body. It is quick. After the hug, friends step back and continue the greeting in a verbal manner.

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