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If you are new to astrology or have not yet had your natal chart drawn, Cafeastrology is the place to go. You can find anything you like, even articles with some info and tips.

The CafeAstrology website is brimming with articles, features, and tools that will appeal to people who have an interest in Astrology.

The most popular pages include daily horoscopes, forecasts, monthly horoscopes, natal astrology, love sign compatibility, and more.

We will try to explain each of them separately.

Get Your Horoscope

The first association people have with astrology is horoscope. CafeAstrology website offers several different types of Zodiac horoscopes.

Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular ones.

The daily horoscope offers overviews of today, yesterday, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow for each Zodiac sign. You can also look at astrology overviews of planetary energy and activity.

If you like to look a bit further down the road, you can check your monthly horoscope, which is basically a guide to the month ahead. These horoscopes include overviews of the current month, highlights of key dates in the future, and more that will help you use the current planetary energy. In the monthly horoscopes, each Zodiac sign is divided into three groups for more accuracy.

The yearly horoscope or annual horoscope gives you an overview or preview of the major influences of each sign over the course of the year. It covers general trends, love, career, money, and family.

There is also the 2022 Yearly Love Horoscope, which will give you a guide for the best days for love, romance, and relationships. You will also get some predictions.

The exclusive Yearly Love Horoscope is a guide to attracting and enhancing love. Each sign gets its own guide for when, where, and how to find love.

Are you compatible with your partner?

Among the many free tools and features, you will find at CafeAstrology is the compatibility rating. It is a simple tool for calculating the overall Zodiac compatibility of two birth dates. It does not consider birth times.

This tool has become quite popular in recent years, with people analyzing their romantic relationship through the lenses of the Zodiac.

Free Reports

Many people who are interested in astrology are not interested in paying for premium products. Do not worry, CafeAstrology has you covered. There are many free reports and calculations, including charts, free natal chart report, numerology report, ascendant report, and many more.

For the free reports, you just have to input your birth date and then get a free report. You can find your rising sign, planet signs and houses, and many more aspects. Here are interesting free products.

The numerology report will give you your life path number, lucky number, soul number, karmic lesson, and karmic debt numbers.

The free interactive birth chart wheel offers a chart wheel with data and interpretations when you hover over the different elements of the birth chart.

Love oracle is a place where you can ask a question, and the fun online oracle answers them via randomly selecting a playing card and giving you the meaning of the card.

An ascendant calculator is a free tool that will calculate your ascendant and offer you an interpretation.

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The Shop

We said before there are a lot of free features you can find on the CafeAstrology website. But if you want to go further down the road and find out more, you can buy some of the premium products. All of these premium reports are delivered via email attachment within 24 hours of order placement and full details.

The categories for these premium reports include future forecast report, personality profile report, and compatibility report.

Here is a breakdown of a couple of the products found on the website.

Sky Within

This unique personality report reads like a narrative. Think of it as a conversation with a trusted friend. The report is filled with truth and presented in a manner that will allow you to acknowledge the truths about yourself.

Sometimes, we are not ready to reveal things about ourselves even to a close friend. This computerized report does that, it allows you to read things about yourself you are not ready to share with others.

Astro Journey Transits

This report is a transit forecast report running for one year. It speaks to the youth population between 18 and 29 years of age.

Written specifically for young adults, the report addresses issues and concerns for people in their late teenage years and early twenties. Or if you like, up to 29 years of age, prior to the Saturn Return at age 29. This is the period when full astrological adulthood sets in unequivocally.

During this period, growth and change occur as we search for self-realization, financial independence, marriage, family, end of childhood, and more.

Kiddie Gram Report

The Kiddie Gram Report is an astrological portrait of your child. It is designed to give you some insight into the unique gifts and challenges of your baby. Thanks to the report, you learn more about acceptance, appreciation of your child’s nature, awareness of places of stress, and more.

It can definitely help you in your parenting.

If you prefer a briefer report, you can get options like Kid Zone and Child Star reports.

For each of these products, you have to enter your name, gender, birth date, birth time, and birth place. For name, initial, nickname, or first name works.

There is also an option for extra notes.

Get Your Natal Chart

One of the most important things people want to know about astrology is their natal chart. Once you have your natal chart, you can learn more about the positions of planets and points by different Zodiac sign.

You can get one free at CafeAstrology and calculate your birth chart. You will also receive a free report, including the position of your planets by sign, house, and aspects.

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