Cast of A Joyful Noise: Unveiling the Stars Behind the Musical Gem

“Joyful Noise” is a 2012 musical comedy-drama that showcases the talent of a diverse ensemble cast. The movie centers around a small-town choir determined to win a national competition despite overwhelming odds and internal conflicts. The film is infused with gospel music and explores themes of faith, friendship, and resilience.

Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton lead the cast of a Joyful Noise, bringing to the screen a dynamic and powerful pairing. Queen Latifah’s character, Vi Rose Hill, takes charge of the choir after the choir director’s untimely death, clashing with Dolly Parton’s character, G.G. Sparrow, the director’s widow, who has her own ideas about the choir’s direction. Supporting them is an array of actors, including Keke Palmer as Vi Rose’s daughter, Olivia, and Jeremy Jordan as G.G.’s rebellious grandson, who brings a contemporary edge to the choir’s traditional sound.

The movie’s music is a significant draw, composed by Mervyn Warren, and serves as the backdrop for the characters’ journey. The cast’s performances blend with the film’s soundtrack to create a lively and spirited narrative that aims to leave audiences both entertained and inspired.

Production Team

The creative minds behind Joyful Noise coalesced to bring the musical comedy-drama to life, ranging from the visionary director and writer to the detail-oriented production designer and costume designer. Each role was pivotal in crafting the film’s celebrated aesthetic and resonant narrative.

Director and Writer

Todd Graff served as both the director and writer of Joyful Noise. Bringing substantial expertise to the project, his dual role ensured a cohesive vision from script to screen.


The film’s production was led by a team of seasoned producers: Timothy M. Bourne, Shakim Compere, Andrew A. Kosove, and Michael G. Nathanson. Their collective experience guided the film through successful completion.

Casting Directors

The casting direction was managed by Tiffany Little Canfield, Mark Fincannon, and Bernard Telsey, who collaborated to assemble a cast that could bring authenticity and dynamism to their roles.


David Boyd was the cinematographer for Joyful Noise, ensuring that every scene was captured with the clarity and vibrancy that the story demanded.


The post-production process was overseen by Kathryn Himoff, whose editing skill sculpted the film’s rhythm and pace; a crucial factor in storytelling.

Costume Designer

Tom Broecker took charge of the costume design, creating outfits that not only represented the characters’ personalities but also echoed the film’s musical themes.

Production Designer

The visual ambiance of Joyful Noise was crafted by Jeff Knipp, with Victoria Ruskin as the art director. Their attention to detail set the stage for the film’s vibrant world.

Set Decorator

Complementing the production design, Frank Galline‘s set decoration work enriched the film’s settings, making them both more believable and immersive.

Principal Cast

The core cast of Joyful Noise brings together a diverse group of accomplished actors and musicians whose performances are central to the film’s narrative. These talented individuals portray characters that range from a strong-willed choir director to a rebellious grandson, each adding depth and dynamism to the plot.

Queen Latifah as Vi Rose Hill

Queen Latifah plays Vi Rose Hill, a mother and choir director who’s steadfast in her traditional ways. She’s known for her commanding presence and strong vocals, which shine through her character’s leadership.

Dolly Parton as G.G. Sparrow

Dolly Parton portrays G.G. Sparrow, the choir’s main benefactor with a flashy personality. Parton’s signature charm and musical talent bring a spirited performance to the character.

Keke Palmer as Olivia Hill

Keke Palmer assumes the role of Olivia Hill, the daughter of Vi Rose Hill. Palmer’s character is at the heart of the film’s younger generation, grappling with her ambitions and her mother’s expectations.

Jeremy Jordan as Randy Garrity

Jeremy Jordan plays Randy Garrity, a newcomer to the choir with a modern music approach. His character’s innovative ideas clash with traditional values, setting the stage for the film’s central conflict.

Kris Kristofferson as Bernard Sparrow

Kris Kristofferson stars as Bernard Sparrow, G.G. Sparrow’s husband, whose passing catalyzes some of the film’s key events. Kristofferson’s seasoned performance adds gravity to the ensemble cast.

Courtney B. Vance as Pastor Dale

Courtney B. Vance takes on the role of Pastor Dale, a figure of authority in the church. Vance’s portrayal provides a measured counterbalance to the strong-willed choir members.

Judd Lormand as Mr. Hsu

Judd Lormand appears as Mr. Hsu, a choir member whose role supports the film’s choral scenes. Lormand contributes to the community dynamic within the choir.

Supporting Cast

The film Joyful Noise features a diverse supporting cast that brings depth and vitality to the choir-centric storyline. Each actor delivers a performance that contributes to the movie’s overall narrative of competition, conflict, and musical harmony.

Dexter Darden as Walter Hill

Dexter Darden plays Walter Hill, a role depicting a member of the choir with a unique personal story. His character adds a meaningful layer to the film’s exploration of community and belonging.

Jesse L. Martin as Marcus Hill

Renowned for his theatrical and screen performances, Jesse L. Martin portrays Marcus Hill, lending his seasoned acting prowess to the role of a family man entangled in the film’s central conflicts.

Kirk Franklin as Baylor Sykes

Kirk Franklin, a giant in the gospel music industry, assumes the role of Baylor Sykes. His natural charisma enhances the authenticity of the music-centric elements of the movie.

Andy Karl as Caleb

Versatile actor Andy Karl takes on the role of Caleb, infusing the character with a relatable charm and a down-to-earth presence within the vibrant ensemble.

Dequina Moore as Devonne

Dequina Moore enlivens the cast as Devonne, showcasing her character’s multifaceted personality and contributing to the dynamic interactions within the choir.

Angela Grovey as Earla

Angela Grovey portrays Earla, bringing her to life with enthusiasm and representing another integral member of the eclectic group assembled for competition.

Paul Woolfolk as Manny

Paul Woolfolk appears as Manny, a youthful and passionate singer, adding to the film’s generational diversity and the energy of the competitive choir.

Roy Huang as Justin

Roy Huang is cast as Justin, who demonstrates the inclusive nature of the choir, uniting people from varied backgrounds in the pursuit of a common musical goal.

Chloe Bailey as Teenager

Chloe Bailey is featured as a teenager in the choir, contributing a sense of youthful ambition and energy to the story’s central themes of hope and aspiration.

Shameik Moore as Teenager

Shameik Moore also stars as a teenager, embodying the aspirations of the younger generation striving for recognition and success in the music world.

Musical Aspects

The “A Joyful Noise” cast is defined by its vibrant and dynamic musical components, including the pivotal role of gospel choirs, the central Pacashau Sacred Divinity Choir, and their journey to a national competition.

Gospel Choirs

In “A Joyful Noise”, gospel choirs form the backbone of the musical’s auditory experience. They infuse the production with power and authenticity, employing a rich blend of voices that range from deep, resonant basses to soaring sopranos. The intricate harmonies and rhythms are a testament to the genre’s roots in African-American spirituals and church music.

Pacashau Sacred Divinity Choir

The Pacashau Sacred Divinity Choir stands at the heart of the narrative as the main ensemble of characters. Its members are richly drawn, each bringing their own stories and backgrounds to the harmonious collective. The choir’s repertory showcases a spirited mix of traditional and contemporary gospel music, with the orchestrations highlighting not only vocal talent but also the skillful use of instrumentation.

National Competition

The climax of “A Joyful Noise” revolves around the National Competition, a high-stakes event that brings together the very best of gospel choirs. Here, the Pacashau Sacred Divinity Choir must rise to the occasion, overcoming internal and external challenges to deliver a performance that underscores their unity and musical prowess. Spectators and judges alike expect precision, passion, and the intangible quality that makes a choir stand out from the rest.

Locations and Setting

The film “Joyful Noise” brought to life its heartfelt narrative by choosing authentic locations that resonate with its musical and dramatic themes. The setting plays a pivotal role in framing the context and ambiance of the story, shaping both the characters and the plot.


The movie’s production selected various locations within Georgia, transforming them into the charming fictional town of Pacashau, where much of the story unfolds. With its long history and rich culture, Georgia offers a vast palette of settings suitable for creating the film’s desired small-town Southern atmosphere.


Pacashau, Georgia, although fictional, is depicted in the movie as a tight-knit community where music and choir competitions are a significant part of the local culture. The film captures the essence of Southern towns, and Georgia’s real-life locales provided a credible backdrop for Pacashau’s community spirit and scenic charm.

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