Songs About Anxiety – The Best Playlist to Get Your Through Depression

We often think of celebrities as superheroes. They should be flawless. They should be happy at all times. The reality is different. Celebrities, like us, can be sad and depressed. The difference is when they feel depressed, they write songs about anxiety. Thank God for that. These songs about anxiety and depression help us get through hard times.

We have to appreciate these artists. They open up their music for us. Now, music is not a magical cure for mental illnesses. But sometimes, music for anxiety can work. Music can be therapeutic. The American Music Therapy Association suggests music can address the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of the patients.

Sometimes, listening to music by ourselves can help us relax. It provides natural relief from anxiety and the world around us. What are your go-to songs about depression?

The Science Behind Music for Anxiety

We all have to find a way to manage stress. When things get difficult, you have to get some relief. Some people listen to songs about stress. Sound therapies are popular for quite some time. They offer a way of relaxing and restoring your health. Some indigenous cultures use music therapy for centuries.

A few years ago, neuroscientists out of the UK Created a specific playlist of songs about anxiety. Mindlab International conducted the research. They connected patients with sensors. Patients had to solve difficult puzzles as quickly as possible. Most puzzles involved stress. Participants listened to different songs, and researchers measured their brain activity.

Their best song was Weightless. The song resulted in a 65% reduction in anxiety and a 35% reduction in usual physiological resting rates. Marconi Union made the song collaborating with sound therapists. The song features carefully arranged harmonies, rhythms, and bass lines. They help slow the heart rate of the listener and reduce blood pressure.

In this age of constant news and stress bombs, you have to find a way to relax. The science is clear. Focus on giving your mind and body rest. That is the best way to live a healthier and longer life. Music is a great way to take off pressure from apps, texts, emails, meetings, and so on.

This is the playlist of songs about anxiety by UK researchers.

  • We can Fly by Rue du Soleil
  • Canzonetta Sull’ aria by Mozart
  • Someone Like You by Adele
  • Pure Shores by All Saints
  • Please Don’t Go by Barcelona
  • Strawberry Swing by Coldplay
  • Watermark by Enya
  • Mellomaniac, Chill Out Mix by DJ Shah
  • Electra by Airstream
  • Weightless by Marconi Union

Do not listen to this music while driving. Be careful, the music can get you sleepy. But download the playlist and play it when you are under stress.

Songs that Inspire

In 2019, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America held a contest. They asked subscribers to send a song that inspires them. They also asked for songs that help subscribers with anxiety and depression.

Here is their list.

  • All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran
  • Beautiful by Christina Aguilera
  • Born This Way by Lady Gaga
  • Don’t Stop Believin by Journey
  • FireFly by Ed Sheeran
  • Fooling Yourself by Styx
  • GIRL by Maren Morris
  • Grand Illusion by Styx
  • Hero by Mariah Carey
  • I’m Alive by Kenny Chesney
  • Inner Demons by Julia Brennan
  • I will always love you by Whitney Houston
  • Only Time by Enya
  • Seasons of Love by Rent
  • Somewhere in Time by John Barry
  • This is it by Kenny Loggins
  • You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

Our Top 10 Playlist

Breathin by Ariana Grande

When we talk about songs about overcoming depression, we have so start with this one. Ariana starts inspiring from the first verse. “Just Keep Breathing, and breahtin, and breathin. She sings about the process of overthinking. We know it can be stressful.

Ariana puts her heart and soul into the song. She sings about how she feels, how her blood runs through her veins. But the chorus is the helpful mantra we have to memorize. Keep breathing. Try to do that during panic attacks and stressful moments.

Now I’m In it by Haim

The trio takes matters into their own hands. They try to overcome the fear of stress and anxiety. The lead singer Danielle Haim describes the song as a “way to go through something”. She openly talks about her experience with depression.

We often seek the guidance of someone with experience. Someone who went through it. Well, Danielle has, and she talks about it in the song. She now recognizes the symptoms easier and reminds herself to seek help.

Complicated by Avril Lavigne

The teenage sensation took the world by storm in the 2000s. She sang songs about social anxiety. What can you do when you do not fit in? She was a polar opposite of the pop culture back then. You can listen to this song whenever you feel like overthinking. Stop thinking, and act.

In my Blood by Shawn Mendes

There are inspirational songs, and then there are emotional songs about anxiety. This one falls in the latter category. Mendes sings about needing help. He feels like giving up at times. He also addresses the feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

As you can see, celebrities suffer from anxiety at times as well. Mendes sings “Find a way to chill”, a great mantra.

Hunger by Florence and the Machine

Few people know about the struggles of Florence Welch. She rarely talks about her difficult times. But listen to her songs, and you can feel her emotional struggle and stress. At 17, she started to starve herself. This song represents her battle with eating disorders.

Thanks to music, she learned to manage drugs, alcohol and controlling food.

Numb by Linkin Park

The band is the poster child of music for mental illness. They have so many songs that help you cope with mental problems. Chester Bennington, the lead singer, died by suicide. Their songs resonate that much more.

Most of the lyrics in Numb are great examples of his struggle. Just look at “Can’t you see that you’re smothering me, Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control”. The verse resonates with patients of anxiety attacks. We feel like we cannot breathe. Like something is smoothing us.

Keep Ya Head Up by 2pac

Many people think of hip hop and rap as violent genres. But they are not. Back in the 1990s, hip hop was deeply emotional. Yes, there were rap songs about suicidal thoughts. But there were also inspirational songs.

2pac sings how you have to keep your head up. No matter what happens. Life goes on, and everything passes. But you have to stay strong and smile through everything.

Real Friends by Camila Cabello

Camila is the young star that took the world by storm now. She is just 23 years old. Her songs are more than just pop hits. Take a closer and deeper look, and you will see her struggle. In Real Friends, she sings about feeling alone in a crowded room. Don’t you feel like that at times?

Help by Beatles

John Lennon said that while writing this song, he was fat and depressed. He was crying for help. Some might say John was always asking for help. His whole life was a cry for help. And this song might get you some help.

Breathe Me by Sia

Sia describes the song as a look at difficult emotional experiences. She sings about feeling worried and anxious. Sometimes, you can feel overwhelmed by your inner dialogue. Ask for help, do not hesitate.

Written by Steven

Steven is a young student from San Francisco who is obsessed with computers.

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