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Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. In astrology, Saturn is associated with restriction and limitation. He knows the limits of time and matter. When we talk about Saturn, we talk about our view on boundaries, responsibilities, and commitment. Simply put, Saturn brings definition to our lives. Today, we will talk more about what does Saturn means in astrology.

The planet brings structure and meaning to our world. Saturn is often associated with our father and father/authority figure. But the position of Saturn in our charts can help us see where we may experience energetic blocks. The trick is to face your fears in those areas to get the most rewarding feeling.

Saturn, The Ruling Planet Of Capricorn


When we talk about planet Saturn, we have to talk about the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Capricorn. Because Saturn rules the Capricorn sign, we know that this Earth sign loves rules.

For Capricorn, Saturn as a personal planet represents responsibility, hard work, and determination. Many astrology experts call Saturn the taskmaster of the planets. He is the one keeping everyone in check and ensuring direct routes to the finish line.

This is why Capricorn is self-critical. He is hard on himself when things do not go according to plan. Capricorn men and Capricorn women often learn from their mistakes. That is why they rarely do it again.

Because of all this, you definitely want a Capricorn friend or Capricorn partner on your team. And you do not want to let them down.

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What does it mean for the rest of us? Capricorn season is from December 22 until January 19. It is a busy time of the year. That period includes the new year, many family dinners, holidays, and everything in between. Simply put, Capricorn season is a time of reflection and deep thought. No matter your Zodiac sign, you celebrate the successes, mourn the failures and make amends for the upcoming year.

Saturn In Your Birth Chart

Saturn transits one sign every 2-2 ½ years. It takes the planet between 27 and 29 years to travel through all Zodiac signs and make one full transit around the sun. The planet is considered good in houses 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. At the same time, 1st house, 4th house, 5th house, and 6th house, Saturn is considered bad.

If you are lucky, you might witness a Saturn return. It is an astrological transit that occurs when Saturn placement returns to the same place in the sky it occupied at the moment of your birth. More on this later on. For now, let’s see the meaning of Saturn in your birth chart house.

Saturn in Aries

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Aries is the first house, as the first sign of the zodiac. When planet Saturn is in Aries birth chart, you will find that you have been taking lots of responsibilities early in your life. Usually, this applies to your child period.

And as a result, you are plagued by anxiety, anger issue, and worries. Yet, you try to appear as if nothing stresses you.

Saturn in Taurus

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The second house is a good house as we said earlier. When Saturn is in Taurus birth chart, you need guarantees in life. You are thrifty with your money and you crave financial stability. Stay patient and work hard if you want to feel stable in life.

Saturn in Gemini

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When Saturn is in 3rd house, the Gemini birth chart, you are creative and adaptable in life. You keep control over your life and you take every obstacle easily. You do not let anything get to you. Gemini is a strong person.

Saturn in Cancer

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When Saturn is in Cancer birth chart, it means you are going to try and close yourself off from the world. That means both emotionally and physically. At that moment, you want to hide and focus on your family.

Saturn in Leo

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Saturn in Leo birth chart or the 5th house is a sign you will yearn for attention, recognition, and fame. Leo is strict on himself and likes discipline. Remember to keep yourself level-headed and grounded.

Saturn in Virgo

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Saturn in Virgo birth chart is the sixth house, and we said it is a bad sign. Saturn in Virgo means you are very practical and focused deeply. You might find out that you worry about the little things in life.

Saturn in Libra

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We are getting to the 7th house, or Saturn in Libra birth chart. You are committed to finding justice in life. And you are cooperative and love working with others to get there.

To make relationships work, you have to work hard and commit yourself.

Saturn in Scorpio

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When Saturn is in Scorpio birth chart, you have a feeling of impatience. You may be feeling intense. At this point, you will find out that you take responsibilities way too seriously and you need to tone it down.

Saturn in Sagittarius

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The 9th house is Saturn in Sagittarius birth chart. You will be highly interested in philosophy and religion. Because of that, you will strive to obtain a higher and better reputation in your society.

Saturn in Capricorn

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When Saturn is in Capricorn birth chart or the 10th house, you will find a greater emotional intensity and drive for power and authority. As a result, you will not shy away from responsibilities.

Saturn in Aquarius

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When Saturn is in Aquarius birth chart, you will make conservative choices in life. Your concentration is stronger. But you are also pessimistic. These feelings will clash often.

Saturn in Pisces

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Let’s finish with the 12th house or Saturn in Pisces birth chart. This means you are going to be very sensitive and vulnerable. Because of that, you have to learn to channel your sensitivity. Otherwise, it will overtake you.

What Is A Saturn Return?

We touched on this subject before, but let’s try to explain it further. Every 27 to 29 years, the Saturn planet returns to the degree and sign that it was at the time you were born. Saturn is your cosmic entryway into adulthood.

Depending on your Saturn’s placement, you will have a different Saturn return experience. Check your natal chart to see what house Saturn falls in.

The house indicates what you may be dealing with during the Saturn return. The sign is important as well.

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