What Happened To The Cast Of Charmed?

The CW network made a reboot of Charmed in 2018. The show is now in its third season, waiting to make it to the big screen. But what happened to the cast of Charmed? What about the original series that ran from 1998 to 2006. We are all excited to see the witches on screen again, but what happened to the original cast?

Charmed captivated viewers with an all-female cast of spellbinding witches. Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty, Kaley Cuoco, Rose McGowan, and many more made their name on Charmed.

The supernatural fantasy drama series ran for eight seasons. Following a trio of sisters, the show tells a story of good witches trying to protect innocent lives from evil beings.

The debut episode, Something Wicca This Way Comes, amassed more than 7.7 million viewers. That is a record for the WB network debut episode. Charmed managed to achieve a cult following status. Let’s see what happened to the cast of Charmed.

Shannen Doherty – Prue Halliwell

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Shannen portrayed the eldest sister from Season 1 to Season 3. She could move objects with her mind, channeling telekinesis through her eyes. Many fans recognize Doherty as Brenda Walsh. But she got popular even more popular as a witch. In Charmed, her character got killed in the season 3 finale.

Following her departure from the show, she produced and starred in her own reality show, Breaking up with Shannen Doherty.

In 2008, she joined the cast of 90210 for a spinoff on the CW television network. She appeared in four of the initial six episodes.

In the past few years, Doherty battles with cancer. In February 2020, she announced her cancer reached stage four.

Holly Marie Combs – Piper Halliwell

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Holly portrayed the second eldest sister. Her character possessed the power to freeze her surrounding environment. Following the departure of Doherty’s character, Holly played the role of the eldest sister.

Born in 1973, Holly is an American actress and television producer. Before appearing in Charmed, she appeared in Picket Fences from 1992 to 1996.

She landed her first major role in 1988 at the age of 14 in Sweet Hearts Dance. In 1998, she landed a role on Charmed, portraying Piper for the entire run. And from season five onwards, she also worked as a producer for Charmed. AOL named her character the third greatest witch in television history.

During the run of Charmed, she also made an uncredited cameo appearance in Ocean’s Eleven. Following the end of the show, she started a reality road trip show with Doherty, titled Off the Map with Shannen & Holly. It premiered in 2015 and ran for six episodes. The two visited Kentucky, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia.

In 2010, Holly appeared in the series Pretty Little Liars. She portrayed the mother of one of the main characters. For the first three seasons, she played a series regular character. But for the final four seasons, she got credited as a special guest star.

Alyssa Milano – Phoebe Halliwell

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The third eldest sister received the power of premonition, an ability to see into the future and into the past. During the show, she develops martial arts skills to assist her sisters in their fight against evil.

Some might say that Alyssa got the most out of Charmed. The show made her an international star and helped her land major roles following the end of it. During season four, Alyssa also worked as a producer on Charmed.

In the early 2000s, Milano appeared in a number of commercials. She played Eva Savelot in MCI Inc. commercial for the 1-800-Collect campaign.

In 2007, she used her popularity to launch her signature Touch line of team apparel for female baseball fans. She ran a blog on Major League Baseball and used the website to sell merchandise.

In March 2009, she voiced a character in Ghostbusters: The Video Game. In 2013, she created the comic book series, Hacktivist.

In June 2013, she got the role of Savannah Davis in the drama series Mistresses. During her life, she graced the cover of numerous magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Maxim, FHM, Woman’s World, and more. Milano also appeared in pictorials for Playboy and Celebrity Skin.

In 2015, she endorsed Bernie Sanders for president of the US. Following his departure from the race, she supported Hillary Clinton. In October 2017, Milano posted the message the re-launched the MeToo movement. In March 2020, she endorsed Joe Biden for president of the United States.

Rose McGowan – Paige Matthews

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Rose joined the cast of Charmed in Season 4 and stayed until Season 8. She portrayed the youngest half-sister who receives the power to move objects with her mind by orbiting. Paige joined the show following Prue’s funeral at the beginning of season 4. This helped reconstitute the Power of Three.

The American actress, author, and director had a successful career before and after Charmed. In 1995, she appeared in The Doom Generation and received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for a debut performance.

McGowan got her breakthrough performance in Scream in 1996, and then appeared in movies like Phantoms, Devil in the Flesh, Going All the Way, and more.

In the 2000s, she got recognized as Paige Matthews. Following the end of the show, she appeared in a Tarantino movie, Grindhouse. In 2014, she made her directorial debut movie.

By the late 2000s, McGowan started appearing in independent movies. She appeared in Fifty Dead Men Walking, Machete, Dead Awake, Rosewood Lane, and more.

In the 2010s, she started her music career. Rose released her debut single RM486 in September 2015.

In 2018, she released her memoir, Brave. In that, she details her childhood traumas and the assault by Harvey Weinstein. In 2017, Time magazine recognized her as one of the Silence Breakers, Person of the Year for her speaking in regards to the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse case, and the MeToo movement.

She is an activist for LGBT rights and campaigns against California’s Proposition 8. McGowan has two Boston terriers, and many recognize her as an activist for the bred.

Brian Krause – Leo Wyatt

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Brian portrayed the main male character, Leo Wyatt. Initially, writers had him as a love interest in the first season, putting Phoebe and Picker competing for his attention. Brain managed to give the character depth. As a result, he lasted for more than 140 episodes, making him the third longest-tenured character on Charmed.

Due to budget restrictions in season 8, he appeared only in the first 10 and final 2 episodes. Following the end of Charmed, Brian appeared in made for TV movies and TV shows. Some of his credits include Mad Men, The Closer, Devil’s Diary, Party Mom, Ties that Bind, Castle, Dynasty, and more. But he never reprised the success of Charmed.

Dorian Gregory – Darryl Morris

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Fun fact: Dorian appeared in more episodes than Shannen Doherty. He portrayed the police officer to his best capabilities. Dorian did not appear in the final season of the show.

Following the end of the show, he hosted several events like BET Anniversary and Achievement Awards. He is a founding member of the Epiphany Theater Group. Gregory is actively involved in the Jeopardy program. Sponsored by the Los Angeles Police Department, the program helps youth at risk.

As a young child, Gregory got diagnosed with Juvenile Type 1 diabetes. He now works as a motivational speaker and helps raise funds for a diabetes cure.

Kaley Cuoco – Billie Jenkins

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Kaley had a small role on Charmed, appearing in only 22 episodes. She portrayed a character helping The Charmed Ones in the fight against evil.

From the whole cast, Kaley has the most successful career. Penny is the character that marked her career. She appeared in Big Bang Theory from the first episode to the last. Kaley and her co-stars from Big Bang Theory are recorders in the highest salaries on television.

In the past few years, she voiced the fictional character, Harley Quinn. And she will now star in a new show, The Flight Attendant.

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