23 Brilliantly Delicious Banana Smoothie Recipes

Bananas are a common feature on the breakfast menu. And that is not a coincidence. You can easily say bananas are some of the healthiest foods on the market, not just fruits.

Rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber, eating two bananas per day will completely change your life. Two bananas per day will help you control blood pressure, improve your bowel movement, lose weight, and protect your eyes health and improve vision. When it comes to popularity, bananas are some of the most popular foods. But they are still some of the most underrated fruits, as bananas are not considered a superfood.

With that in mind, some of the benefits of bananas include controlling blood sugar level, improving digestive health, helping lose weight, supporting heart health, improve skin health, provide more energy, and control gastrointestinal issues.

Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, bananas are perfect source for beating aging symptoms. With that in mind, here are some ideas for easily consuming bananas through the day.

1. Healthiest Vanilla Milkshake Smoothie

banana smoothie healthiest vanila milkshake smoothie oatmealwithafork.

The vanilla milkshake is one of the most popular milkshakes. Yes, some people prefer chocolate, but it is the vanilla one that is considered a healthier alternative. With that in mind, bananas can help you prepare your very own homemade milkshake smoothie that provides a ton of energy and nutrients.

2. Welcome Spring Smoothie

banana smoothie welcome spring smoothie sevenroses

Once the spring comes, the amount of fruits you can find on the market increases. Yes, many fruits are available through the entire season as frozen fruits. But nothing beats fresh berries. And with that in mind, we give you a combo of banana and some berries.

3. Rise And Shine Banana Peach Smoothie

banana smoothie rise and shine banana peach vanessabaked

We did mention that bananas are a staple on breakfast menus. This smoothie is just perfect for starting the day. You get all the vitamins, but also fiber and a small dose of protein. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning, and you will eliminate any sugar cravings and hunger through the day. And your energy will stay at a high level.

4. Five Minute Avocado Banana Smoothie

banana smoothie five minute avocado banana smoothie rachnacooks

While banana is not a superfood, avocado is. This pairing is perfect, because avocado provides everything that bananas lack. For example, avocado is an ideal source of healthy fats, and also, some protein. You can safely say this is a match made in heaven for people who want to lose weight or gain muscle.

5. Banana Date Smoothie

banana smoothie banana date hadiaslebanesecuisine

For those of you that want a bit of sweeter taste in your smoothie, here is a perfect idea. Dates are very high in sugar, yet, they are healthy. This smoothie will give you a ton of energy.

6. Anti-Inflammatory Banana Turmeric Smoothie

banana smoothie ani inflamatory banana turmeric foodielovesfitness

Banana smoothies can be medical as well as casual. Some people consume smoothies because they have to get relief from a certain issue. If inflammation is the problem, turmeric and banana is the answer. Turmeric is one of the best spices and foods for fighting inflammation, and works perfectly paired with a banana.

7. Vegan Banana Smoothie

banana smoothie vegan banana smoothei h foolproofliving.

In order to make a smoothie vegan, you need a milk that does not come from dairy. And that is milk made from nuts or seeds. Being that vegan smoothies are more and more popular, we wanted to give our vegan friends an option.

8. Pumpkin Banana Smoothie

banana smoothie punpkin banana adkitchenideas

We had some spring smoothies, and now we have fall smoothies. Once September comes, pumpkins are all over the place. Halloween doesn’t have to be just for big pumpkins. It is time for pumpkin smoothies as well.

9. Chunky Monkey Banana Smoothie

banana smoothie chunky monkey banana smoothie becominglola.blogspot

Vanilla and chocolate are on two opposite sides. Some people prefer vanilla, be it ice cream or smoothie, and others go for chocolate. Now that we had a vanilla smoothie, we have to give you the other option as well. For those that prefer chocolate over vanilla, here is one sweet and tasty smoothie.

10. Banana Chia Smoothie

banana smoothie banana chia smoothie cookitrealgood

You can safely say that chia seeds are one of the most popular foods right now. Since the past several years, chia seeds have become the new trendy and IT food to add to salads, smoothies, and more. Rich in protein, and other nutrients, chia seeds are also classified as a superfood. Here is one smoothie idea for how to consume more.

11. Almond Banana Smoothie

banana smoothie almond banana vessysday

If you want a more dense smoothie, and one that will keep your hunger cravings away for longer, it is a good idea to add some nuts. In this case, we go with almonds. Rich in healthy fats and fiber, almonds are also a staple on breakfast menus. After all, almond milk is perfect for oatmeal, or a smoothie.

12. Banana Green Smoothie

banana smoothie vegan banana green mindfulavocado

Diet experts will tell you that green smoothies are the healthiest smoothies. Some can argue about that, but we do not want to get into that dilemma. Be as it is, green smoothies are healthy, but they can also be sour. After all, green smoothies contain mostly leafy green vegetables with a bitter taste. Add some banana for a more pleasing taste, one that you can easily stomach.

13. Mellow Yellow Smoothie

banana smoothie mellow yellow smoothie forkintheroad

Melons are a summer fruit, and we all love it once they are in season. Melons are perfect because they are rich in fiber, and can help you completely replace a meal with a smoothie. We recommend this one as a snack between breakfast and lunch.

14. Banana Breakfast Smoothie

banana smoothie breakfast banana smoothei marshasbakingaddiction

Speaking of replacing breakfast, banana is one of the ideal fruits for that. Some people prefer eating solid foods for breakfast, and then there are others that would rather drink their breakfast. If you fall into the latter group, this smoothie is ideal for you.

15. Banana Bread Oat Protein Smoothie

banana smoothie banana bread oat protein smoothie theroastedroot.

Banana bread is a popular food. But not all of us want to eat bread, even if it is a healthy one. Instead, smoothies are the popular choice right now. So, with that in mind, we give you an option to drink your bread.

16. Sugar-Free Chocolate Banana Smoothie

banana smoothie sugarfree choco banana smoothie lifeisdelicious.

How do you make a sugar-free chocolate smoothie? We are sure that is a question you ask right now. Well, if you look further, you will see it is possible. After all, chocolate is made of cocoa, and natural raw cocoa contains no sugar at all.

17. Gluten And Dairy Free Banana Kiwi Smoothie

banana smoothie banana kiwi freefromfavourites.

We live in an era where more and more people find out they are allergic to dairy, gluten, or any other substance. That is why it is important to find recipes that are gluten-free and dairy-free. Well, luckily for you, we’ve got you covered, no matter what is the base food.

18. Banana Almond Flax Smoothie

banana smoothie banana almond flax gourmetwithblakely

We had some banana and almond combination, but we want to give you another one, because it is so sweet. Add in some flax seeds, and you have even more fiber and digestive health benefits.

19. Spirit Of Beehive Smoothie

banana smoothie spirit of beehive northcoasteats

It is hard to imagine beets and banana being a good pairing. Well, that is until you try this smoothie. We guarantee you will change your mind.

20. Spicy Ginger Banana Smoothie

banana smoothie ginger banana smoothie natalieshealth

Most people go for a banana smoothie because it is sweet. But then there are some people that want spicy food, even when there is a banana in the recipe. No worries, just a small tweak can help you get there. Being one of the more spicy spices, ginger is a great addition if you want a different flavor of your smoothie.

21. Banana Kale Smoothie Bowl

banana smoothie banana kale smoothie bowl cookinghealthy

Kale is one of the superfoods that work well in every smoothie. Versatile and easy to pair, kale can help you prepare a perfect breakfast bowl. Do not ignore it.

22. Apricot And Banana Smoothie

banana smoothie apricot banana weeattogether

In the end, banana is a fruit, and most people go for fruit smoothies when they choose banana. Bananas and apricot will deliver an extremely sweet flavor, and a smoothie high in sugar. Do not consume it too often.

23. Banana Split Smoothie

banana split smoothie with toppings

We would like to finish the list of banana smoothies with a fan favorite. After all, the banana split was the most popular dessert for a while. And now you can drink it. Hopefully, we helped you find a smoothie you haven’t tried, and inspired you to try it.

Give us your smoothie ideas in the comments section.

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