Smartest Zodiac Sign – What the Science Says?

What is your definition of smart? You cannot fully classify who is the smartest zodiac sign. Yes, there are some signs that are more intelligent than others. For example, fire signs represent consciousness. But is super-conscious smarter than being super intuitive? Air signs have the energy of mental nature. They are very intuitive.

So, what is the best way to describe the smartest zodiac sign? Let’s take a look at a couple of factors.

Every Sign Biggest Strength

Every sign has its own strength in terms of intelligence and smarts. But which zodiac sign is the smartest? We have to look at the energies of each sign, the peak of the sign, and see where they excel.

  • Aries has the brilliance of raised consciousness
  • Taurus can create something out of nothing
  • Gemini has the intelligence of categorizing, specifying, and defining items
  • Cancer is the heart of the mothering the world with compassion
  • Leo is the among the most creative signs in the zodiac, he is a shine of creative self
  • Virgo is the practical genius, she can fix anything and knows trivia very well
  • Libra is library smart, she is interactive, can see the other side of things
  • Scorpio is the diplomat, he manipulates, he gets his own way, and he is as smart as they come
  • Sagittarius is the philosopher, the master, and the broad mind of the Zodiac
  • Capricorn can build the world and make a corporation
  • Aquarius s mentally brilliant, and if you count just knowing something as smart, this is the sign
  • Pisces know the whole thing when they know it, and they have the highest highs. They can fall to smartest to dumbest zodiac signs

What does the Science Say?

According to science, Aquarius and Scorpio are the smartest zodiac signs. But for two different reasons. As we said before, people born under the Aquarius have a high level of analytical intelligence. They have a high IQ and cognitive ability and can solve almost everything.

But Scorpios have the perceptive smart, and they can realistically assess and understand the world. They are the biggest manipulators in the world of the Zodiac. Part of that is because they are smarter than other signs. Even the Scorpio doesn’t know the full scope of his brainpower.

What makes Scorpio Special?

So, now that we have the Scorpio as a clever zodiac sign, let’s talk about what makes it special. For starters, it is nearly impossible to fool a Scorpio. He might manipulate you instead. Their mental strength and perceptual intelligence are out of this world. They can use the information they receive from their senses. Scorpios process and understand the information quicker than others.

And they pick up information other people miss. They are onto you immediately. And because intelligence is a broad term, we have to narrow it down. Scorpios are intelligent in terms of psyche intuitiveness and emotions. They read and react to emotions quickly. So, what makes the Scorpio the smartest zodiac sign?

Fact 1 – Scorpios find their way out of sticky situations

One of the best parts about Scorpios is they do not succumb under pressure. You cannot manipulate them. They know there is light at the end of the tunnel. And they manage to find a way out of the darkness. No matter how sticky the situation is, a Scorpio will find a way out. His steady control will get you out of everything.

Fact 2 – They are always honest

If you want an honest assessment of the situation, ask a Scorpio. He will give it to you, whether you can take it or not. Trust a Scorpio to tell you the truth. They will not backstab you. Some people view Scorpios as rude. They are not. They are only 100% honest.

Fact 3 – Intelligent and passionate

Scorpios are super smart. They always find a way to take things to the next level. As one of the smartest zodiac sign, Scorpio works as a surgeon, detective, or psychiatrist. He is very analytical but compassionate and patient. But the most important trait is their intuitiveness.

Their intelligence is a force to you have to pay attention to. But at the same time, they are down to earth and straight-forward.

Fact 4 – They rely on themselves

In nature, the scorpion would rather himself than die at the hands of another. People born under the Scorpio sign have the ultimate control of their destiny. They are independent and do not ask people for favors. You can say they work best alone.

Fact 5 – They make the difference between the good and the bad

Led by their instinct, people in Scorpio easily make the difference between the good and the bad. At least in most cases. They can easily read the mind of other people. Scorpios always trust their intuition, and in most cases, it helps them.

Talk with a Scorpio, and he will read you like an open book. He will smell a fake from a mile away.

Fact 6 – They are tactically brilliant

Scorpios make great strategic planners. They plan and make strategies. And while they seem calm, they are preparing their next move. Call them silent assassins. As good observers, they grasp the situation and adjust to the environment. Their planning and execution are precise and to the point.

Fact 7 – They can withstand anything

Scorpio doesn’t lose his sleep over disruptive times or failures. He will take his head on no matter how hard the situation is. Their determination will not allow them to quit. Scorpios have an amazing ability to focus. If they set their mind onto something, you cannot divert them from their path.

Famous People Born Under Scorpio

People born between October 23 to November 22 fall under the Scorpio sign. We said before, Scorpio is one of the smartest zodiac signs. So, with that in mind, let’s mention some famous people born under Scorpio.

  • Leonardo Di Caprio, actor, activist, and one of the most famous celebrities, born November 11
  • Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, philanthropist, and billionaire, born October 28
  • Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter, pioneer of Cubism, born October 25
  • Whoopi Goldberg, television personality and comedian, born November 13
  • Christopher Columbus, Italian explorer, first one to land in America, born in October
  • Tim Cook, industrial engineer, CEO of Apple, born November 1
  • Condoleezza Rice, American political scientist, and diplomat, born November 14
  • Aishwarya Rai, Miss World 1994, one of the most popular and influential people in India, born November 1
  • Shahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, one of the most popular Indian actors, born November 2

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